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One of the very best vertical markets in affiliate marketing is without question the dating niche. Over the last several years the dating niche has exploded into $2B dollar per year market and there is plenty of room for you to get your fair share of that pie as an affiliate.

And when it comes to dating offers, CrakRevenue is your dating affiliate network of choice with over 700 highly profitable offers and dating affiliate programs. These dating and hookup offers are HOT and allow you a surefire way to generate steady, consistent streams of income each and every month.


CrakRevenue Dating Vertical Offers:

When it comes to the dating niche, CrakRevenue has you covered. They’ve had a long-term relationship with the dating market as evidenced by their 700+ dating affiliate programs now available for both desktop and mobile. The dating and relationship niche is considered one of the ‘Big 3’ best niches in affiliate marketing that include:

  • Money
  • Relationships and dating
  • Health

Dating has proven to provide consistent revenue streams year in and year out. It almost seems immune to the typical fluctuations one can come to expect over traditionally slow periods of the year, such as summers and the holiday season. It’s also dominating the mobile market year round too. CrakRevenue provides a satisfying selection of dating affiliate programs for both straight and gay markets. Every landing page of theirs is tweaked and optimized so your traffic has the best chance of turning into a conversion, lead or sale by being responsive and intuitive to your traffic’s location and demographic. CrakRevenue offers a vast selection of competitive program pay models such as pay-per-lead offers, pay-per-sale offers, and even lifetime Revshare offers for the ultimate source of long term passive income. Since the dating and relationships niche has grown into a $2B dollar a year market, this is the vertical that could turn you into a true super affiliate.

Perhaps the best benefit of promoting CrakRevenue’s dating vertical is that their offers convert.

  1. The Hottest Hookup Sites: They host the largest selection of offers in the dating vertical (over 700).
  2. Great Revenue Opportunities: The dating and relationship industry generates nearly $2B a year in revenue. You deserve a share.
  3. Personalized Marketing Products: They will tailor and get the sale flow just right for your traffic.

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So Who Is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is one of the top CPA networks in the world.

Since 2011 when they launched, the network’s revenue has grown by 2000% and their workforce by 950%. CrakRevenue has also earned the prestigious Mthink’s Blue Book ranking of being among the best CPA networks worldwide since 2015.

Their young and energetic team of more than 100 employees is composed of skilled marketers, inspired designers and IT experts. Diversity is on display here where they recruit talent from all of the world, making the Crakrevenue team a truly international one. If you like stats here are a few more to show you the scope of their online platform:

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As and affiliate of CrakRevenue you get access to a beautiful and functional affiliate dashboard showing your analytics, stats and earning to help you dial-in and succeed:


CrakRevenue is a great choice if you’re looking to earn a high income online in the dating and relationship market.

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