10 Content Writing Tools for Project Managers

The importance of content for online businesses is hard to overstate. Every day, thousands of them produce tons of content to share with their audiences, with the exact amount being difficult to calculate. However, it’s safe to assume that the amount is truly mind-boggling because, well, content is, and has always been, king in online business.

That’s why content writing and management have become desirable skills for many professions involved in online business, including project managers. They allow to complete many critical tasks successfully, including writing a text for a presentation, an article for a company’s blog, a brief for a team member, an email for a customer, or proofreading existing content.

Since some of team members may not have sufficient writing and editing skills, it makes a perfect sense for a project manager to possess them. Having a toolkit consisting of online writing and proofreading platforms is also a must to automate repetitive tasks, get professional assistance, enhance your skills, and improve both internal and external written communication.

1. Essayontime

This is a tool created to help you optimize writing tasks for project planning. Since you as a project manager have a lot of responsibilities involving writing – communicating deadlines, writing descriptions, and more – it can help you to deal with all of them quickly and effectively.

Essayontime employs professional writers with experience in digital marketing, online business, and, of course, project planning, so they will be able to help you make sure that your writing is clear and meet the needs of the stakeholders involved in your projects.

2. Assignmenthelper

Have a big writing assignment in your current project plan? Then Assignmenthelper can be a great addition to your toolkit. It provides fast, 24/7 writing, editing, and proofreading assistance to project managers and other professionals.

For example, you can use this tool to help with the creation of outline for your big assignment so you can structure your writing process and make sure that you’ve covered all bases. Also, you can enlist help of their writers for any questions you may have regarding different kinds of business and marketing writing such as descriptive and persuasive.

3. Bestessaytips

Although this tool provides a wide range of writing services, one area where it can really help project managers is training. It’s one of the most important areas of project planning that require excellent writing skills; for example, you may have to teach a new team member some new skills to ensure that they can perform their project-related roles and responsibilities.

So, if you have a question regarding writing training materials or would like a professional help with that, you can turn to Bestessaytips. Content specialists who work there will be glad to assist you with making sure that you deliver excellent training materials to team members. They can also help you with updating these materials and even personalizing them to specific readers.

4. College Paper

“I wish my project manager wasn’t as enthusiastic about sending me so many project updates.” Have you ever heard something like that from a client? Has anyone of your colleagues shared a customer story with you that involved a problem like this? Not likely. Clients appreciate regular and clear communication with project managers and team members involved in their projects.

As a project manager, you can use College Paper to improve the clarity and personalization of your written communication with your client and avoid bombarding them with tech terms they might not understand. Since regular written communication that adds more touchpoints to your communication with your clients means more solid relationships with them, improving it makes a lot of sense.

5. Essaywritinglab

The next tool on our list can be a huge help in improving your ability to “speak the language of your clients.” What does that mean? Well, some project managers are known for their habit of being intense and formal when writing updates and other messages to clients and other stakeholders, which is often not a good idea (especially if they want to improve customer experience).

Essaywritinglab and its professional writers can help you to set a good tone with your clients and personalize your written communication style. Remember, building good personal relationships is a great first step toward customer loyalty, which is something that your business can really benefit from.

6. Aussiewritings.com

Professional writers from Australia who know exactly what’s needed to get best-performing team members to stick around can help you to increase retention through personable and clear writing. For example, one of the reasons why project managers fail to deliver an effective team management is poor writing and communication, and you can prevent that by using positive feedback, clear and easy-to-read messaging, and concise and clear instructions.

7. Scholaradvisor

This tool specializes in teaching all aspects of writing a good email, including grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, formatting, and diplomacy. Academic writers employed by Scholaradvisor have years of experience in business writing, so they’re just the right persons to ask for help with that.

8. Bestdissertation

The writers from Bestdissertation specialize in complex academic, peer-reviewed, and project proposals. They know how to write clear, detailed, and concise project proposals so you don’t have to agonize over another proposal for hours.

9. Essaywritingland

Employee evaluations and feedback are an important part of a project manager’s work, and this tool can help to make this task easier. Despite a popular opinion, employees crave feedback and assessment of their performance – in fact, 65 percent of employees want more feedback, according to Forbes – so writing clear and useful recommendations is simply critical to increasing retention and job satisfaction.

10. Australianwritings

The last tool on our list is quite unique because it helps professionals, including project managers, to write tension-easing emails when things get complicated during a project implementation. Since keeping your business writing neutral and clear during high stress times takes talent, you can get some help with that from Australianwritings.


For project managers, their team members, and clients, effective and clear communication is simply critical. Being a poor writer and a poor communicator could result in negative project outcomes because team members could have lots of questions and other requests that managers have to answer. Besides, in order for a project to be successful, managers have to communicate clearly and effectively.

Hopefully, the tools described in this article will help you to ensure that your communication as a project manager is an interesting dialogue, not a one-way message.

Guest post by Tom Jager

Tom Jager is a professional blogger based in London. He covers topics related to digital marketing, blogging, social media and business in general. He is always seeking to discover new ways for professional and personal growth.

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