Content Curation vs Aggregation

We’re all busy.  It’s often challenging to find time to run your online business, along with any other job you may have, and still come up with ideas for original content to share with your readers on your topic.  The good news is not only do you not have to, but your audience doesn’t expect you to either.  

The answer is through OPC (other peoples content) and there are two primary ways to do that.  Content curation and aggregation are two marketing strategies that often get confused with one another.

Content Curation:

Curation is the process when you manually search the internet for select content that is relative to your marketplace and share it with them.  Articles, case studies, reports, and training that your audience finds informative, interesting, and valuable.

Content Aggregation:

Aggregation is done in an automated manner in which you syndicate other marketers content feeds or streams usually targeted by keywords relevant to your marketplace.

In my opinion the best of these two methods, and the one you should focus on, is content curation. The way to use content curation effectively is to add your own analysis, opinion, critique, or insight to the content that will appeal to your audience. That’s where just automating the process with content aggregation fails.  We’re inundated by information on the internet 24/7 and the last thing we want to see is the same exact information posted twice.

You don’t have to come up with all of the original ideas in your marketplace.  You can become known as an authority by just getting good at finding the best content out there and including your own unique spin on it.  Your end-game goal is to become the go-to person in your niche or field.       

A perfect example of this is the classic success book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Mr. Hill was not the expert in the success arena.  Andrew Carnegie commissioned a young Napoleon to interview some of the most successful businessmen of his time (including Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer R. Gates, Thomas Edison, and Luther Burbank) and curate their strategies on success.  He did just that and included his own thoughts and observations on the content.  Through this process Napoleon Hill became an expert and an authority on success principals himself.  If you’re reading this I assume you’ve read this book before but if not go to Amazon right now and get it.  It will literally change your life!     

Spend the time necessary to find only the best content to share.  You can do this by following other people in your niche on all of the social media platforms and setting up keyword alerts in the search engines.  Then take time to read through it and present your own take on the content and be sure to demonstrate your expertise on the topics.  Do that and you will begin to attract your own following who will in turn share your content and bring you and your site more traffic along the way.  




Photo Credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML via Compfight cc

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