Content creation is a critical element to your success. Simply put, if your content sucks people will click elsewhere to read content that doesn’t. The site with the best content will most likely get the click-through to the commission-earning affiliate sale when one occurs. Give your readers what they want and they’ll reward you with links, social shares, referrals, comments, buzz, and most importantly – sales.

Your goal should be to become the go-to-person in your niche. Find the most relevant, timely, and compelling information about your topic that you can and write about it on a consistent basis. That will keep your readers coming back again and again for more.

There will be times when you get stuck trying to figure out what content to write about and include on your site. Luckily there are some good tools out there that can help you determine what kind of information your market is interested in reading about.

“One of the biggest challenges for content marketers is idea generation. Content marketing relies on quality and volume; you can’t sacrifice one for the other.

Generating good quality content alone doesn’t get the job done. A robust content marketing campaign needs a steady stream of publication-ready ideas that resonate with your customers.

If you’re feeling like you’re about to run out of ideas, it’s time to look at some tools on the market. Here are 9 different strategies for writers and content marketers to quickly discover, develop, and test content ideas.”

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