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How To Track Key Metrics To Increase Your Conversions And Profit

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business” – Marcus Lemonis

When you break affiliate marketing down to the basic fundamentals what you have left is simple math.

  • Do you know what your conversion rates are?
  • What are your click-through rates?
  • Is your affiliate model making you the maximum profit possible?
  • Are you even tracking your metrics? Do you know where your traffic is coming from?
  • Do you know which ads and campaigns are converting?
  • Etc, etc. 

If you don’t know the answer to these questions then you need to find out as soon as possible since these numbers determine how much money you’re going to make (or lose) and at what rate. Affiliate marketing is all about the metrics. You have to know your numbers.

Now, I don’t know about you but I suck at math. Luckily (for me anyways) there are tools available that will track and count these key numbers for you so you can tweak your campaigns like a finely tuned engine. One of my favorite tools is a killer new service called ClickMagick.

Clickmagick is a next-generation click tracker, rotator, and link manager that not only tracks all your clicks but makes them an average of 56% more profitable.

But that’s not all it does; it also:

  1. Cloaks & tracks all your links, traffic & conversions
  2. Has 3 different kinds of advanced link rotators
  3. Lets you setup and do A/B split tests in seconds
  4. Does some real “ninja” geotargeting stuff to help maximize the value of ALL your traffic
  5. Provides insights into your traffic “quality” & helps combat clickfraud and “scammy” traffic sellers

And now you can try ALL of its features for free with absolutely zero commitment:

It also lets you add custom pop ups, timers and other content TO ANY PAGE to help you make more money.

Even affiliate links and sites you don’t control!  Whoa! 

There’s nothing else like this out there. Check out this list of features compared to similar trackers:

Not enough for you? How about a $250 cash guarantee meaning that if you don’t make more money with ClickMagick after a full 30 days they pay you $250.

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  1. John

    Hey, thanks for sharing this info!

    Another useful tool I have found recently is, similar tracker/shortener/rotator with a better pricing. Could be useful for smaller marketers though.