The Birth Of The Facebook Messenger Autoresponder

The latest Facebook Messenger update has become a dream come true for internet marketers and list builders.

What Is ChatResponse?

ChatResponse is a simple cloud-based software that is integrated with Facebook. It uses a new technology called the Messenger Bots allows you to send automated messages to users in Facebook Messenger.

It allows access to millions of Facebook users. Each subscriber you gain becomes a FB Messenger Lead. Then every message you send thru the Messenger dashboard goes directly to every subscriber without needing to send them individually.

Now if you’re not a technical-minded person (like me) don’t worry about HOW all this works because the software does everything automatically for you. Here’s what it will DO for you…

How ChatResponse Works:

When a fan on your Facebook page messages your Facebook Page the software automatically captures them as a “Facebook Messenger Lead” or also known as your subscribers.

You can then send or broadcast automated messages through the software to one or many subscribers. Let’s look at it in action..

ChatResponse Video Demo:

Who Benefits Most By Using ChatResponse?

  • Complete beginners
    Build lists from scratch and promote affiliate offers with no products of your own or previous experience.
  • Affiliate Marketers
    Send updates and promo offers from ANYWHERE in the world, never be tied down to your desk again to cash in on an offer.
  • Business Owners
    Instantly reply to support questions, send follow-ups and direct users to your next special deal.
  • Online Marketers
    Drive more sales and create lists of engaged buyers hungry to hear about your latest offers.
  • Facebook Page Owners
    Instantly create targeted lists built from raving fans already engaged with your content.
  • Social Media Marketers
    Turn your posts into list generation machines that attract targeted fans to your content, posts and promos.
  • Freelancers
    Instantly create targeted lists built from raving fans already engaged with your content.
  • Mobile Marketers
    Never miss a promo opportunity again – with Chat Response you can send special deals and offers to your entire subscriber base from your phone, from anywhere at anytime

Who Else Uses ChatResponse Now?

Every day internet marketers like you. But also the big boys…



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