What Are Chatbots?

If you’re into internet marketing on any level I’m sure that you’ve heard of the terms bot and more recently chatbot being used.

Bot: The original definition refers to the larva of the botfly, which is a lovely parasite that lives in the stomach of an animal before passing through the caboose of that animal. Isn’t that nice?

When computers evolved they re-purposed that term bot to refer to a simple software application that runs automated tasks (very quickly) on the internet. 

Chatbot: Chatbots are bots that are designed to simulate actual conversations with us humans. What’s cool is that technology is making chatbots much smarter and lifelike using the power of A.I. (artificial intelligence).

 A perfect example of a smart chatbot is iPhone’s Siri which most of you use every single day. 

Marketing Chatbots:

When a few smart marketers saw the overwhelming success of Siri, they realized the potential of using this technology to engage prospects and customers to boost sales of products and services online. 

In fact, many industry experts now believe that chatbot-powered marketing is the future of internet marketing. But how do you actually use chatbot technology to boost your own sales?

Inboxr Marketing Chatbot

The Inboxr Solution

Inboxr is the world’s first and only marketing chatbot that works on powerful social media networks to help you:

  • Grow your following 
  • Make sales
  • Build your email lists
  • Respond to support questions
  • Remove the need for a social media manager

Watch How In This Brief Demo Below:

Build your email and mobile number list instantly: Inboxr allows you to grab each users Facebook emails without the user even having to type it. Just have Inboxr ask to send the fan a coupon, a discount, related information and when the user responds ‘yes’, Inboxr grabs the users email, adds it to your autoresponder and starts the follow up process.

Drip feed content to your users: Just like in email marketing, drip feeding content allows you to build trust and most importantly increase sales with your audience – have Inboxr create sequences for all new fans to create the ultimate funnel.

Inbox users who simply comment on a post: Ever see those ‘comment bellow to get X’ type posts? These convert extremely well and Inboxr will automatically inbox specific messages to users who comment on specific posts.

No restrictions on how many messages can be sent: For launch week members only, we are removing all limitations of Inboxr, making it the first chat bot to not charge you per bot, or per fan page. one-time investment, unlimited personal pages, unlimited messages – it’s that simple.

Follow up with past leads: Inboxr can differentiate from who you have messaged recently to who hasn’t been contacted for X amount of days – this is great to make cold leads warm again.

Analytic campaign manager: Track your results, your opt ins, which bots are working the best, when people drop off to know exactly how well your bot is working for your goal.

Complete step-by-step video training: You will learn step by step how to build your bots. The video training will take you through the entire tool from A-Z and includes a full 24/7 support team to help you with any question you may have.


  • Many other features work even when your computer is turned off
  • The worlds only tool that has proven 100% guaranteed results or your small investment back
  • 100% set & forget system (never need to worry about posting content again)
  • Cloud-based software (use on any PC or MAC)
  • Research / Upload / Edit / Monetize / Post / Schedule In Seconds
  • ZERO monthly fees (launch week only)
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