Why you must change your beliefs about money

Have you ever know anyone in your life who seems to make money almost effortlessly?  I’ll bet you know at least one person like this who seems to fall into money no matter what they do or how little they work.  Are these people just lucky or is there more to it than just luck?

The majority of people don’t attract money easily because their method of thinking actually repels money.  This is why so many people struggle financially and never seem to make the kind of life-changing income they desire and work so hard for.  Their limiting beliefs about money creates a roadblock that interrupts the flow of money to them.

To avoid this self-sabotage you must first align your mind with where you want to be financially before you actually make it there.  You must develop a rich mindset and truly believe that you’ll get there to dispel any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

Here are a few examples of the poor mindset vs. the rich one:

          • Poor people believe money is the root of evil
          • Rich people believe that poverty is the root of all evil
          • Poor people hope that one day they’ll win the lottery
          • Rich people take massive action to make their own luck and control their own fate
          • Poor people set low expectations to avoid being disappointed
          • Rich people constantly challenge themselves to get better and aim higher
          • Poor people live beyond their means
          • Rich people live below theirs
          • Poor people believe rich people are selfish snobs
          • Rich people align themselves with other success-minded people
          • Poor people constantly stress about money and bills
          • Rich people find the abundance of money comforting and allows them to make a difference for others
          • Poor people believe that they must do something to get rich
          • Rich people believe they must be something to be rich
          • Poor people focus on saving
          • Rich people focus on earning
          • Poor people want big TV’s to be entertained
          • Rich people want a big library to be educated
          • Poor people think they need money to make money
          • Rich people leverage other peoples money to make more
          • Poor people often feel trapped in jobs that they dislike
          • Rich people follow their passion and work in areas they truly enjoy and empower them
          • Poor people long for the ‘good old days’
          • Rich people are excited about what the future brings

Once you shift from poor mentality to rich mentality money will flow to you like never before.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.  Take out a sheet of paper and write down all of your limiting beliefs about money.  When you’re finished write down the opposite of these false beliefs and picture yourself having all of the money, success, and happiness you’ve always wanted in life.

Review these new rich mentality bullet points every morning to remind you of where you’re going and your new thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about money.  It will change you life.

Part 2 coming soon…

Photo Credit: Patrick Hoesly via Compfight cc

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