As The New Year Approaches Is It Time To Change Things Up?

The difference between success and failure is smaller than you may believe. I’ve seen so many affiliate marketers quit when they’re just a few simple tweaks or steps away from achieving success success.

Below are some quick-hitter mind-dumps I created for you that can help you find the success that you work so damn hard for. Pick and choose what points work for you and make 2017 your most profitable year ever!

Change Your Work Space –  Move your desk, organize, change colors, change pictures on the walls, and decrease clutter in your work space. Sounds trivial but changing your view can help you change your perspective. This change in perspective  stimulates new thoughts in your brain and brings about a sense of excitement, momentum, and achievement.

Post Your Goals And/Or Action Plan – Surround yourself with a few one-page summaries of your goals and the action steps that will take you there. Looking at these several times a day will keep them fresh in your mind and keep you on track to get there. Personally I focus on actions, not goals, to stay on course – but use what works for you. Just do SOMETHING!

Plan Your Success Proactively –  Opportunity does not knock. YOU must knock. Stop waiting and hoping for your ship to come. Sorry but its not coming. You must go get it. If you’re not sure what you want, sit down and figure it out, write it down, and commit yourself to getting there. 

Be An Earlier Riser – Get up an hour earlier and use that time to better yourself. Reading your action plans, goals, and motivational materials before getting started will fire you up for the new day every time. Hey that’s what great coaches do in sports. Be your own coach, or get yourself a good mentor. 

Separate Work From Your Personal Life –  Leave your work at your desk and don’t dwell on your job 24/7. Family time is family time, work time is work time, play time is play time.

Put An End To Distractions –  Do one task at a time and know exactly what you’re going to do next when you complete each task. Deal with emails and return phone calls only once per day.

Read More And Watch Less –  If you’re a television watcher think about how much of time you spend watching TV every week right now.  Spend half of that time reading books this year. You’ll quickly boost your brain power, awareness, and creativity. Personally I read a new book cover-to-cover every week. I accomplish that by simply dividing the number of pages per book by seven to know how many pages a day I need to read to stay on track. If you read 52 books a year you’ll be amazed by your personal transformation over that period. 

Take A Break From Bitching And Moaning –  Life’s too friggen short. It really is. Give all of your relationships a boost by improving your attitude. You’ll find yourself invited to a hell of a lot more activities and parties -trust me. Nobody likes hanging around a buzz-kill. Shit happens. Get over it and keep moving!

Tone Down Your Perfectionism –  You want to do great work but there are times when you must accept that good enough is good enough and move on to the next step. I’ve been cursed with perfectionism my entire life so I know firsthand how costly it is. 

Get Yourself Back In Shape – It’s not only healthier in the long run but will boost your energy levels that will get you through the long days in the short run. Don’t tell me you’re too busy either! That’s a lame excuse and you know it. I own and operate 2 separate companies single-handedly (full-time) and still find time to go to the gym five times and play competitive hockey twice every week. 

Share To Make Ideas Happen – Many entrepreneurs tend to jump from idea-to-idea-to-idea and the majority of them end up dying on the vine. Organize a mastermind group of trustworthy individuals to bounce your ideas off of and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to collaborate.

Never Multi-Task –  True multi-tasking is a myth. It doesn’t work; ever. It only makes you do several things in a half-ass manner.

Explore The World Outside Your Comfort Zone –  Push yourself to try some things that you never thought you would or found time to do. You may surprise yourself!   

Boost Your Intelligence –  Learn a new language, read a book on a topic you know nothing about, or attend seminars. Immerse yourself in material that challenges your core beliefs and makes you think. 

Have Fun –  Life is short man. Work hard, play hard, and try to be as fun to be around as possible. Make yourself happy, be outgoing, do good deeds for others, and count your blessings! Every single day. 

Good luck to you in 2017.

Photo Credit: symphony of love Flickr via Compfight cc


  1. Tiffany

    The greatest advice I’ve learned from reading this site blog is . Don’t chase the butterflies. Stay focused on one project at a time. There’s always something you can do to change or improve something. Just stay focused. Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!!

  2. Efoghor Joseph

    Hi Scott, sorry to talk about your marriage. I notice you’re a grand father already, meaning you have been married for a long time. I would advise you settle with your wife instead of trying to go it all alone.

    However, if you are looking for a way of improving your income, I would say that depends on your skills. Freelancing, affiliate marketing, running a membership site, creating and selling software, doing online tutorials, etc. are some of the ways you can earn huge incomes.

  3. Efoghor Joseph

    Hi Bill,
    Thanks for this inspirational post especially as we prepare to go into 2017. Your tips will make a great difference if judiciously followed.

    I would say I am a victim of some of the points you raised. For instance, I multi-task sometimes, but like you rightly said, multi-tasking hardly produces any tangible results.

    Another area I also need a change is in the area of distractions. If I remain focused and don’t allow anything to distract me, I am sure I will achieve more results in the coming year.

    I read a lot but for some time now, I have not been studying as I should. This is partly due to my freelance writing and also because I have to update my site with fresh content regularly. I will also improve upon that.

    As for being an early riser, I think I would need some break because I sleep late and still rise up early. Maybe I have to outsource a lot of my jobs to create time for rest.

    Thanks once again for a nice job. I wish you Happy Christmas

  4. Scott L Pollock

    I truly want to find a way to make additional income. I have a full time job but it does not pay enough now that my wife and I are separating. I like what I do and have been told I am good at my job. Still I have considered leaving this job to try to make more money. I need something I can do, in addition to my current job, until I can make enough at my second job to support myself, my daughter and 2 grandkids. It has become such a struggle in so many ways. I am not afraid of working hard but want to see if I can find a second job that can become my permanent job where I have control over my income.