CBS Method Review

Product creator: Precious Ng and Damon Nelson
Product release date: January 16, 2017

Rating: 5 out of 5

This product is so under priced it’s ridiculous 

What Is The CBS Method?

The CBS Method is a fully automated internet marketing business suite that includes ready made products, opt-in pages, sales pages, email swipes and training videos that will allow you to setup a new marketing brand and become profitable in as little as 24 hours.

Here what’s in the suite:

  • Tons of training videos & tools that show you how to succeed step-by-step! 
  • 6 Figure internet business setup
  • Pre-made funnels
  • Internet business automation tools
  • Ready made products to sell. Yes, you’re getting things ready to sell! 
  • Powerful lead generation machine
  • Live coaching and hand-holding
  • 4 – 5 figure per day scaling

Here Are The Training Modules Included In The CBS Formula:

Training Module 1: How To Create A Product

VIDEO #1: Sell or be sold

Before you think of making money online through a particular method, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind that method. And that’s what this training is all about, we need you to know why CBS Formula? Why you must apply our method and what will mostly happen if you don’t.

VIDEO #2: Your Own Digital Product, Why?

They’re many types of products you can create and sell. Heck, you can even create services but when you go through this training, you’ll discover exactly why you should focus on digital products and the best ones to create.

VIDEO # #: Discovering Your Niche & What to Sell

Don’t just jump into a niche without a game plan except if you had no plans to succeed anyways. Go through this training and learn how to unearth what crazily profitable niches with zero competition. Most importantly, this training will show you how to recognize exactly what you need to sell in every niche you enter in other to be profitable.

VIDEO #4: Creating Your Product Model

All fingers are not equal same way all product types are not equal. Depending on what you want to sell, the creation and packaging of your product may differ so watch this training to learn this.

VIDEO #5: Create Your Products

Creating amazing hot selling and high quality products in under a week? What of in under 1 day? Think it can’t be done? Learn how in this training

Training Module 2: How To Build Your Audience

VIDEO #1: Email Marketing: Why It’s Better!

Of course, there are many methods you can apply to sell your products online but you’re about to find out why we use email marketing above others and why you should switch too.

VIDEO #2: Building List Vs Viral List Building

Ready to start building your list? Watch this before thinking of setting up your squeeze page or running a list building campaign. You’ll see why many people fail and the one way you can avoid that failure.

VIDEO #3: The Real Viral List Building

This is the 100% proven method we apply to build our own email list (other than product launches where we gain new customers from when affiliates promote us), this is the fastest way to build your email list. It requires cost but also gets a lot of leads FREE making it one of the cheapest

VIDEO #4: Winning in Fish Scale

Fishscale – a secret method killing it online and collecting massive amounts of FREE leads using physical products that you’ll give away 100% free yet make profits doing it without selling a damn thing – amazing strategy!

Training Module 3: How To Start Selling

VIDEO #1: A Funnel? What is It & Why You Need it?

If you really want to sell products profitably online, you can’t do it without a funnel. Watch this training now.

VIDEO #2: Funnel Mapping: Make a Choice

Discover how to create a profitable funnel for you new product so it will get you lots of leads and sale in this training.

VIDEO #3: Overview Everything You Need

Lets recap to make sure we’re together on this program, watch this video to make sure you’ve got the whole plan we’re laying down for you. Please don’t skip this video – very important!

VIDEO #4: Initial & Emergency Traffic

Ready for that traffic wave? Watch this training to see all the sources we use for traffic especially a platform we’ve never shown anyone else before. Also, see where we buy reliable email traffic and get huge results fast

VIDEO #5: Sales Mailing Formula (Part A)

Watch this training and see step by step how we sell our products using the email… we go over the exact sequence from our last case study which generated over $50k so you know this works.

VIDEO #5: Sales Mailing Formula (Part A)

Watch this training and see step by step how we sell our products using the email… we go over the exact sequence from our last case study which generated over $50k so you know this works.

VIDEO #6: Sales Mailing Formula (Part B)

Watch this training and see step by step how we sell our products using the email… we go over the exact sequence from our last case study which generated over $50k so you know this works.

VIDEO #7: Product Value Hacking

Want to see how we take a simple eBook that feels overpriced at $9 and then sell it for $99 to customers who’ll now be thanking us for over-delivering with insane value for a very low fee then watch this video. Most people selling online don’t know how to do this but if you master it, you can take the same product that someone else can not sell for $5 and sell $50 day in day out and still make more sales than the other person struggling to sell for $5… this strategy is very powerful!

VIDEO #8:Sales Closers & Hooks

See the simple tweaks and hacks we add to our sales pages that help us close 300% more sales every single time. We don’t just show them to you, we teach you the secrets behind them so you can become a master at it…

VIDEO #9: Post Funnel Money

Let me put this to you simply… you see that $4 million+ we generated in 2016, over $2 million of that was from post funnel sales, 90% of the marketers out there don’t do this and they end up leaving a lot of money on the table. Inside this training, we’ll teach you what is post funnel and how you can start raking in mad money with it right away with zero work.

Training Module 4: X Training

VIDEO #1: The Power Presell – key to mad selling!

If you want to sell a lot of your products fast and get super high conversions on your sales pages, the solution is simple… PRESELL! Watch this training to learn our 3 presell strategies that are killing it right now.

VIDEO #2: Upsell (Triple Profit Formula)

Discover how to get MORE money out of every customer that buyers your products instantly… no waiting. This simple strategy has turned ever $47 sales into $200 sale for us immediately on same customer all the time. Effortlessly double & triple your profits with this method.

That’s Just The Training!

Here Are The Tools You Get As Well:

  • 18 ready-to -sell information products 
  • Ready-to-use product funnels
  • A killer lead app with video training
  • Plus other goodies that I don’t want to reveal yet! 

My CBS Formula Bonus Package

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