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BlueChew Affiliate Program Review 

Affiliate marketing success often comes down to picking the right products and services to promote. When you pick a hot product, create a compelling and attention-grabbing marketing plan and target the right audience to sell to, your business (and commission payouts) will explode in a relatively short amount of time.

The BlueChew services offers you such an opportunity…  

What is BlueChew?bluechew by crakrevenue image

An Exclusive Alternative to Viagra™ & Cialis™

BlueChew is a brand new service for men of any age who suffer from temporary or recurring Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Blue Chew is a proven and affordable chewable tab with the same FDA-approved active ingredients found in both Cialis™ and Viagra™.

BlueChew is currently available in 90% of U.S. states and users can easily purchase it through a prescription written online by real doctors. The product is then mailed in discreet packaging to the user by postal services for both their convenience and privacy.

What makes this service so hot is that it solves a problem that cannot be ignored. ED is a serious problem and sufferers will go to almost any length to find a solution that allows them to live normally again. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) represents a $5 billion market (in the US alone).

For affiliate marketers, this is a golden opportunity that directly targets american male traffic both straight or gay. BlueChew services drum up far more curiosity and user interest than the market’s traditional, highly-stigmatized E.D counterparts. The ED vertical market has made huge waves in online sales recent years, representing a stable and promising revenue stream going forward.

The BlueChew Affiliate Program:

BlueChew Affiliate Program

How about earning $80 per sale with high CPA payouts and an average EPC of $1.12?
BlueChew’s affiliate program is managed by the CrakRevenue team – which is great news since they’re partnering with you to ensure your success in promoting this amazing offer.crakrevenue logo

Their team has built optimized, high-converting funnels for BlueChew for each of the following male segments:

  • Young adults
  • Middle aged
  • Senior

And since this offer is open to all kinds of traffic (with the exception of incentive), CrakRevenue provides access to optimized funnels that will best fit your promotional needs, whether that’s social, email, or display traffic you’re working with. Additionally, they’ll also provide access to custom landers, iframes, pre-rolls and any ad-tools that you need.

BlueChew is a brand new affordable product in an unsaturated market. Its exclusive affiliate program hasn’t been open or made available to a lot of web marketers yet and – if you have reached this page – it means that your traffic may have true potential at converting extremely well with this product. As a real product that costs only $20 per month for your end users… BlueChew is one surefire way to make a lot of money – and fast.

The Sales Process:BlueChew package graphic image

Once your funnel has attracted the right audience, BlueChew’s Affiliate Program closes that sale with a simplified process made easy for just about any kind of user, in 2 easy steps:

  1. Pick your plan (number of pills)
  2. Complete the medical form

It’s that simple. The product is prescribed online and delivered to the buyer’s door without any hidden fees.

All plans include a digital physician consult, Rx-only chewable tablets, monthly refills, and medical support. There is no other equivalent on the market.

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