Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online as an affiliate marketer. As long as you blog about a subject you like and/or are passionate about its really quite easy. That said, too many people make simple mistakes that end up costing a lot of time and money.

I could write about dozens of mistakes but instead I’ll focus only on the three most common and costly blogging mistakes:

Five Blogging Mistakes You Cannot Afford To Make

1. Not Building On Your Own Land

Do you remember Myspace? If you’re old enough you probably remember that before Facebook came along Myspace was the place to be. Many people invested a ton of time and effort building their personal Myspace page. And then one day it all came to an end. Facebook came along and nearly everyone left Myspace. The Myspace party was over because there was a better party across town. All of that time and effort was spent on a house that was abandoned almost overnight.

Someday a new idea will show up and the same thing will happen to Facebook. It happened to Blockbuster Video, Radio Shack, and many other iconic brands just in the last decade.

The point I’m making is that things in the business world change and evolve; which is a very good thing. In our world (the online world) things change so fast that three months in cyberspace is equal to a year in real world time. This is a key concept to understand for any internet marketer to succeed.

All of this leads to why I highly recommend that you build your websites on your own self-hosted account. This will ensure that you don’t wake up one morning with your website MIA. You’ll remain in control of your own assets; which means you can actually sleep at night.

It may cost a bit more upfront to buy the domain names and rent the server space (the WordPress platform itself is free) but the security and control you have makes it worthwhile. You can learn how to build your own affiliate website step-by-step. It’s so easy too.

2. Being Inconsistent

The blogs that make the most money have the largest audiences. Duh. But they get the largest amount of visitors because they constantly update their content and ideas to keep their readers coming back again and again.

To be a successful and lucrative blogger you must put out new, exciting, and shareable content on a consistent basis. You really should update your blog at least once per day. It will keep the search engines happy (who’ll probably reward your with a higher ranking) and keep your readers coming back.

If you cannot stick to consistent posting look for guest writers, PLR articles (rewritten if possible), or outsourced content. What’s nice about WordPress is that you can write several days worth of content and schedule it to go out whenever you want to so you don’t have to worry about being a slave to your blog.

3. Not Regularly Backing Up Your Work

One of the most important tasks as a website builder is making sure you don’t accidentally lose any or all of the information or settings on your site. Periodic database backups are a must to make sure you protect your valuable intellectual property. The problem for many bloggers and affiliate marketers is they’re not sure how to backup their sites properly.

That’s why WordPress is so awesome. It’s by far the easiest platform for beginner internet marketers to use while building new websites. What makes WordPress so simple to use is its use of plugins which can be added with a few simple clicks that can enhance the functionality, security, and appearance of your site.

I found a great free WordPress plugin that will allow you to literally automate this task so you don’t have to remember to do it periodically. You can just set it and forget it. You can get that plugin and learn a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it by clicking here.

If you don’t use WordPress just make sure you know how to backup your sites on a regular basis to avoid disaster. 

4. Not Having Valuable Information About Your Topic And/Or Not Understanding Your Target Audience

This mistake is the kiss of online death. You can blog about any topic but you better understand that topic and either have or be able to share information your audience is looking for. If you don’t, they’ll move on to another blog that does.

That’s why I recommend only choosing topics that you’re knowledgeable in or have a passion for. Anyone interested in a topic enough to find an online blog about it will be able to sniff out a phony expert in minutes. Another problem is understanding your topic but failing to connect to your audience with your content. If you don’t know what information they’re looking for simply ask.

As a blogger and content creator, you must understand the problems facing your audience and how to get them the answers to those problems that they’re looking for. It’s also important to find information that few other discuss on your topic. You want to become the go-to person in your niche or market. 

5. Not Being Yourself in Your Posts

This occurs more often than not. You don’t have to assume another persona or try to be someone else. Just write like you’re talking to your best friend and be personable. You don’t have to get too personal but share some interesting stories on your topic to allow your audience to bond with you a little bit. Show your real personality and always be honest and sincere with your audience.

Depending upon your topic there are thousands of other bloggers out there writing about exactly the same thing as you. You have to do something to make yourself stand out from all of the other people. Don’t be like everyone else.

One good way to set yourself apart is to keep it real and make yourself likeable and responsive to your readers. Encourage participation and ask lots of questions. Start conversations on your topic on social media and lightly moderate the discussion. 

Think about the coolest sites you hang out on and model the likeable elements of that website on your own. 

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