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As you know Facebook Ads are fast becoming one of the best ways to get laser targeted website visitors to your online business fast! In fact many entrepreneurs are exclusively turning to Facebook Ads as their only traffic source!

The one problem with Facebook Ads is that they can be complicated to get started with unless you have the right plan, and that is where Facebook Ads Essentials fits in!

This course is so easy that anyone, including a child or someone’s grandmother, can get started with creating winning Facebook ad campaigns with the perfect targeting!

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Course Outline:

You are in for a real treat because inside of Facebook Ads Essentials you will discover exactly how to setup simple Facebook ad campaigns that are focused around generating you email subscribers, and more customers.

Below is an actual example from one of our affiliate accounts so you can see the power of generating leads and email subscribers online! Your commission payday is waiting for you!

If you can control the amount of leads you generate online, than you can control how much money you end up making. Thanks to Facebook ads many Internet marketers are powering their entire six and seven figure businesses.

The secret of the best marketers is that they use Facebook ads to build highly targeted lists of prospects, and then they sell their new leads on related training, coaching, software, services, and more.

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Why Advertise On Facebook?

  • Your customers are here
  • Two billion+ people use Facebook every month
  • 1 of every 5 minutes people in the US spend on mobile is on Facebook or Instagram
  • 500 million Instagrammers use the app each month.
    Facebook ads for any budget
  • Find people easily – choose your audience based on demographics, behaviors or contact information
  • Get their attention – the ad formats are eye-catching, flexible and work on every device and connection speed
  • See the results – their ad reporting tools show you how your ads impacted your business in visual, easy-to-read reports
  • Extending your reach has never been this easy