If you’re into high-tech stuff like I am, this is a glorious time to be alive.

The tech toys that I like most are the ones that make everyday tasks much easier to perform. You know, the little apps on your phone for example.

There’s one such app, called Blabeey, that was just developed that I believe is going to change the marketing world forever. Instead of trying to explain it what this quick 4-minute video and see for yourself:

Blabbey Review

Blabeey Review 

Blabeey is a game-changing Intelligent Human Voice Messaging App that has both personal and business applications that will blow you away. In fact, after personally viewing the wide range of applications with the creators, I believe this is going to be the next must-have app that takes the world by storm. 

Blabeey uses the power of augmented reality to create a virtual Pokemon-type experience. 

The best part is that there is a new affiliate program that will pay you handsomely to help you get the word out. 

Blabeey Applications:

Blabeey can bring your customer’s products and services into the real world by helping them:

  • Stand out from their competitors by showing their products & services in a way they’ve never seen before
  • Interact with their customers using attention-grabbing content that is relevant to them 
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with dynamic surrogate communications
  • Add a real-world experience through their own applications or through Blabeey’s API White Label offering
  • Connect their products or brands seamlessly together with their customers with no restrictions on time & location
  • Create multi-dimensional experiences with unrivaled real world content 
  • View and track valuable insights into who is engaging with their product or brands with graphically displayed data
  • Collect valuable intel in an intuitive control panel for all creation, set up and distribution

Blabeey Tags

One of the most powerful marketing tools that has emerged over the past few years is the QR Code.

It’s likely you’ve seen them before and they’re becoming more and more prevalent on products of all types.

Brands are using QR Codes to create a more enhanced experience for their customers, but most are still falling short of the full potential of these magnificent offerings. 

Blabeey has taken this offering to an entirely different level with its introduction of its Blabeey Tags.

Blabeey Tags give advertisers, brands, marketers and marketing agencies the ability to create the most advanced user experience to date.

Blabeey Tags create a “real world” experience using enhanced QR Codes that essentially bring their products to life. When companies learn what Blabeey Tags can do for their branding, they are sure to change the current QR Code marketing strategy forever.

Become A Blabbey Affiliate

Blabeey Affiliate Program

Blabbey is looking for serious affiliate marketers like you to help them spread the word about this incredible offering. Here is how the affiliate program commissions will be broken down:

  • 1st Tier: You’ll earn 20% recurring monthly commissions on all direct sales that you generate 
  • 2nd Tier: You’ll also receive 10% monthly recurring commission on the sales of your directly referred affiliates

Affiliate Disclosure
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