Best Times And Days To Get Your Emails Read

Hopefully, if you are reading this you’re already doing some form of email marketing. If so, please skip right down to the middle of the page to learn when to send your emails to get the highest open rate and response. 

If you’re involved in online marketing and haven’t gotten involved in listbuilding and email marketing please pay attention…

The single largest source of income for the most successful internet marketers comes from emails. Period. And yes, that includes me too.

Even if you’re new to internet marketing it’s best to get started immediately, even before you think you’re ready, rather than putting it off until you get a solid footing in your niche. Why? Because building your email list from day one will shorten your learning curve and accelerate your income generation online.

I’ve personally had many internet marketers tell me that their biggest regret by far was not building their email list from the very beginning. Please don’t make the same mistake.

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Email marketing only works if your message gets:

  • delivered to the proper inbox of your recipient without getting screened by SPAM or promotional filters
  • noticed by the recipient through the clutter of other emails including SPAM
  • opened by the recipient through curiosity or greed or any other action trigger that works
  • read by the recipient before they lose interest or get distracted by something more enticing
  • acted on (clicked through to your post, offer, training, etc) by the recipient 

I won’t go into all of those elements in this post because that would take more time than I have today. Instead lets focus only on the first three elements. Getting your emails delivered, noticed and opened.

Are there better days and times to send your emails to ensure maximum deliverability? There is lot of conflicting information out there about when and how to send emails in order to get the best results. Literally, dozens of studies have been done and almost all of them offer up slightly different conclusions.

This fine infographic should help shed some light on the subject for you:

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Infographic source –

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