Why SMS Marketing Is So Effective

The fact is as we approach 2019 that we’re still addicted to our smart phones. Most of us have a hard time putting them down even when were in a situation where it’s inappropriate (I’ve seen someone looking at their phone during a funeral) and even dangerous (while driving or crossing a street).

Statistics support the fact that today SMS open rates are over 80%. Yup.

If this stat doesn’t grab your attention as an internet marketer than nothing will. Email marketing is still very effective but the open rates for email sales messages are dwindling every year while SMS is still rocking.

Why SMS Marketing Is The Future

This is where it gets interesting…

Did you know that texting may replace email altogether in the near future?

Here’s why: people today own more cell phones than desktops and laptops combined.

Although we still use email quite a bit, there has been a largely unreported major shift of small businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs using texting.

SMS marketing works the same way how you would send a text message to a friend, but with a business goal or sales message in mind. 

Businesses that are currently leveraging text messaging as part of their marketing strategy are crushing it right now.

So how can you get on board?

Introducing SMSBot

The just-released SMSBot is literally a copy-and-paste simple app that automates the entire selling process for you using the power text messaging.

Here’s how it works:

To start, just upload a CSV file of your existing buyers or followers directly to the app and start sending them SMS messages directly. 

To capture new contacts you can grab them on your landing pages, blog posts, side bar widgets, popups, exit pops, or  anywhere that supports HTML. You can also just ask for their contact number in person (like in an networking event or any place) and add them manually to SMSBot. 

There is also a mobile lead capture widget, that takes two minutes to set up, that you can put anywhere on your website. This works with all popular page builders such as WordPress, OP2, Instabuilder, Profit Builder, Igloo, Clickfunnels, Convertr, and xFunnels.

Every time someone texts you, they are added to your SMS list. This is very powerful when used correctly. These are the people highly interested in your service and convert to buyers easily.

You can add your number on your website, blogs, emails, business cards, where ever you can think of. For example, for online marketers you can give away a freebie and ask them to SMS you to receive it. For offline marketers, you can ask them to SMS to receive a special discount or coupon code for your physical product. Use your creativity to come up with your own approach.

Follow Up With Your Subscribers And Nurture Them In 3 Different Ways:

  1. Intelligent Logic Bots
    Send them a Automatic message as they sign up or message you. Create your logic bot and build intelligent conversation that sells for you even when you are asleep. They talk to your prospect like a human do and close the sales for you.
  2. Take Over Live Chat
    You can take over the Bot response by responding to your leads directly from SMSBot “Messaging” dashboard. You can communicate with the user live and respond to their questions & close the deal right inside our dashboard without using your mobile.
  3. Broadcast SMS
    You can use this feature to send mass SMS or schedule a mass SMS. This can be used to ignite a new bot conversation or to inform user of new offers/news.
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