Best SEO Strategies

I love Search Engine Optimization.

Nothing’s better than driving your website to the top of the search engines on page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and Bing and getting the hordes of free traffic that come from your efforts. Nothing will pump up your confidence (and your bank account) like getting the lion’s share of free traffic in your chosen niche.

Why I Dig SEO

The first major product I invested in when first starting out was an SEO product called StomperNet (Stomping The Search Engines). How many of you remember that launch?  That must have been around 2007 or 2008. It was a perfectly-timed launch (deliberately) that made a killing as many internet marketers were renewing their interest in SEO since paid ads were getting too damn expensive. 

What made StomperNet well worth the couple grand I parted for it was not just the SEO lessons and tutorials but watching the masterful launch conducted by the likes of Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern. It was a monster!

StomperNet became the foundation of knowledge that allowed me to start winning major SEO battles in very competitive niches. That success continues today. Here is proof that what I’m doing is working:

Best SEO Strategies To Get Your Site Found:

The best SEO strategy today boils down to only one word: diversification.

As the search engines evolve and morph to meet not only changing ecommerce needs but the burgeoning growth of mobile devices what works for successful organic search ranking is constantly changing. That’s why you must implement a strategy that is multi-faceted.

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