A Quick Look At The Best Keyword Research Tools 2020

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important concepts of the digital era – and for good reason. Studies show best keyword research tools 2020 wordcloud imagethat over 90% of all traffic comes from Google and other engines, while 60% of clicks go to the top three websites in search results. In such circumstances, not investing in SEO strategy basically means not caring for website performance.

If we had to name a single most important SEO factor, we would definitely say ‘keywords’. A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes the content of a webpage, thus acting as a shortcut that sums up an entire page.

But the problem with keywords is that you cannot brainstorm different ideas on your own. Instead, you need to use digital platforms in order to make data-driven keyword decisions. We are here to help you out with this, so keep reading to see the best keyword research tools for 2020.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s native platform is not a novelty for experienced SEO professionals, but it still plays a major role even in 2020. Google Keyword Planner is not as complex as most of the other tools on our list, but it has a big comparative advantage – all of its information comes directly from the most dominant search engine in the world.

For instance, Google Keyword Planner can help you distinguish between seemingly identical options such as essayshark review, essay writing services review, essay mama reviews or bestessays review and essayninja. The platform guarantees data accuracy, so you can always identify the most relevant search terms.

Google Trends

We don’t want to suffocate you with Google’s products only, but we must mention one more of their tools and that is Google Trends. Of course, most content creators use it to learn new trends and find interesting topics, but you can take a leap forward and use the platform to detect quality keywords.

First of all, Google Trends displays related queries for each search phrase you want to analyze, which often turns into a valuable keyword resource. Secondly, this tool can help you to decide which way to go if you have two equally powerful options. The idea is simple – choose a keyword that grows faster.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs is one of the most popular names in the SEO universe, so you should definitely test their Keyword Explorer. The platform is designed for ultra-demanding webmasters who loves to keep things under control and plan each step very carefully. How come?

Well, Ahrefs Keyword Explorer offers you in-depth analytics with a broad scope of SEO indicators. Using this tool, you can discover features like traffic potential, number of clicks, cost per click, search volume, keyword difficulty, and many more. Of course, such a high level of quality comes with a price, so the light version of Ahrefs Keyword Explorer costs $99 a month.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is yet another highly comprehensive research platform that wins over the audience with its sheer simplicity. They claim to be the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner, which is not far away from the truth.

Namely, Keyword Tool is a free platform that generates a staggering number of keyword ideas regardless of the topic. They literally guarantee hundreds of longtail keywords for every search term you can imagine. Besides that, you can always use Keyword Tool to analyze competitors and learn how and why they rank so highly in engine results.


Speaking of competitors, here is the tool designed primarily with the purpose to analyze the biggest niche rivals. SEMRUSH allows you to check competitors’ performance by entering their website domains in the search box, but you can also set location preferences if you are interested in a specific market.

Doing so, you are only a click away from a general domain overview that includes organic and paid search. You should focus on the first section and analyze top organic keywords in particular. Keep in mind, however, that SEMRUSH is not cheap – the basic version starts at $99 a month.


SECockpit may not be as popular as Ahrefs or SEMRUSH, but it performs just as well. It’s a professional keyword research platform developed for webmasters who know what they want and know how to use an all-encompassing platform.

There are no secrets for SECockpit, so you can quickly decide to go for paper writing service to papers owl reviews or academized reviews. This will give you tons of inputs such as traffic, monthly searches, CPC, first page competitors, and so on. The platform covers almost everything an SEO professional needs and it is fairly affordable starting at $39 per month.

MOZ Keyword Explorer

MOZ Keyword Explorer administers a comprehensive database of over 500 million search terms and phrases. As such, it is extremely efficient in finding keywords that have the highest potential to generate website traffic.

MOZ is not only a finder of directly correlated keywords but it also does miracles in terms of longtail keyword options. At the same time, it gives you an accurate evaluation of traffic volume needed to rank among top 10 search results. However, MOZ does not come free of charge so we definitely recommend you to take a 30-day trial and test it before buying.


We close the list with Jaaxy, a simple but very productive keyword research platform. This tool gives you hundreds or valuable keyword alternatives, some of which you won’t ever find using other platforms. What makes Jaaxy so interesting is the fact that it is built for affiliate marketers. The platform is so efficient that anyone can use it, but affiliate businesses will definitely find it even more productive. Jaaxy is free for a limited number of searches, while the basic package costs $50 a month.


The performance of your website strongly depends on the keywords you use to increase the discover-ability of the content. Keyword selection can make or break your hopes of ranking highly in engine searches, so we discussed the best keyword research tools that you should use in 2020. Make sure to give these, and other solid affiliate marketing tools, a try as they can boost the ranking of your website very quickly.

Guest post by Tiffany Harper.