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Enter the essay niche and make $ 1,240 per week [Detailed guide to Facebook]

If you’ve advertised on FB and are tired of constant bans when pushing shady products, then boldly try yourself in the essay niche, it is not prohibited on Facebook.

Let me set one ground rule here – this case is not a magic “MONEY” button, you will have to use your brain to make it work.

Before I get the first results, I went down into negative balance, evened out to zero, and after the tweaks and optimizations came to a positive balance, the scheme works now.

I’m not afraid to put it out – the student audience is huge, this bundle can be used as is, but again use wisely.

Initial data:

Full information about clients from analytics to FB pixel data is issued upon request by the Affiliate Program (further AP) manager. Statistics are published with the permission of the partner.

Ad type: Facebook traffic optimization
What advertised: the March sale of coursework, essays and other academic works with a special promotional code. I used famous characters from the Pulp Fiction movie.
Affiliate Program: BestEduDeal.com>
Campaign duration: 7 days of the spring season.
Spent on the campaign: $ 50
Earned: $ 1240

Work with the ad
After a series of tests, the most profitable ad looked like this:

There’s a site-wide button with a 15% discount for all of the site visitors, and to motivate people to order instantly, I decided to ask AP manager for a custom discount.

Tests have shown that an odd discount significantly increases CTR and orders than an even one, so I chose a 21% discount.

CTA button:

Since the link leads directly to the calculator (registration/order form), I chose the Sign Up button, so that prior to clicking, people would understand where are they being led and would not be scared of the calculator.
In case of Learn More buttons, I would get more clicks, but this would drain extra money, should I choose to pay for clicks.


In the description I used the original title of the Pulp Fiction movie; it is very relevant for the target audience and their ability to independently write works. I mentioned several times the brand EssaysDeluxe and the need to fill out the order form when you visit the site.

It’s a precaution to avoid non-targeted clicks ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯.


In order to prevent visitors from crawling around for a promo code, I used the URL with the promo code in it:


After clicking this link, the promotional code will be automatically applied to the order total and the client will have less chance to leave this page without paying. Do not forget to test if the partner ID works as it should.


If, by any chance, you do not know how to use *gif in advertising campaigns – when choosing an image for the ad, simply select Single Video and upload your file.

In the *gif I put together Travolta’s recognizable character with the problem of student procrastination – an empty document editor.


To find out my target audience’s problems and pains, it was enough for me to open Twitter and read what they write with keywords like “hate essays”, “hate writing” and etc. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll find a ready-made content for caption or description, funny tweets always give good results.

If you really like personalization, you can change the background to a Word document for Windows audience or leave it as it is for Mac fans.

Target Audience for the Essay Niche
There are always some nuances that should be considered with targeting your audience.

Solid statistics data is ALWAYS better than guesses or tales of AP managers like: “Yes, Arabs are a regular audience, of course, get the traffic from the UAE and everything will be A OK.” Although, I used this AP, because the manager met me halfway and gave all the stats in the first place. I doubt this campaign would be profitable without the data provided.

Statistics, presented from BestEduDeal on the screenshots below is based on 11.000 conversions gathered from Google Analytics and 1000 from Facebook Pixel. Conversion is considered a visit of the “Thank you page”, thus a successful payment.

Geo targeting:

If you do not have custom audiences (I’ll tell you later how I did it below) – there is no sense to run advertising in countries other than the USA.

In the USA, not all states have large colleges, so it’s obligatory to target individual states and cities.
Google Analytics proof of this:

For the sake of interest, I asked to show me the TOP percentage of conversions by countries and received the following screenshot:

WAT NOW? Where are these countries?

In the USA, the distribution of orders by state looks like this:

By city:

Ad Target by the place of study:

The list of colleges from the AP dashboard was very helpful here.

When sculpting you audience, you need to be careful and consider the age of students to avoid graduates.

Education level and marital status of clients can be divided as follows:

There is nothing surprising that 70% are college students.

Here are several of them:

-Barry University (Miami)
-Auburn University (Int.)
-Texas Tech University
-Liberty University
-The American University in Cairo

The remaining 100+ can be downloaded from the AP dashboard, as mentioned above.

To study the target audience, I performed the following steps.

Facebook has a lot of groups where current students reside – you can find them using the following keywords:

[College name]

[College name] + class

[College name] + class + [year of graduation].

Standard search tips are helpful for finding variations and abbreviations of colleges.

Here is an example of a group you can find by searching for “Texas Tech”. To join this group, you will need an .edu mail, therefore, you will not be able to grab participants by using just the fb interface. I used a special parser based on the popular ZennoPoster software, using which I collected info about the group members.

In other groups (even closed ones), you can freely study the audience and make conclusions for yourself.

The algorithm for creating a custom audience is as follows:

⦁ Collected all the groups for a particular university (watched closely to avoid graduates)
⦁ Parsed the participants
⦁ Parsed information about the participants
⦁ Customized the file up to the format for uploading to the advertising panel
⦁ If necessary, applied “lookalike”

Gender and age targeting:

Statistics shows that men older than 34 years almost do not order by using FB but women continue to study after 34 years, although they study at online colleges and are not very easy to locate.

I do not advise spending money and efforts on a wide range of ages, for starters use ranges from 20 to 25 years, +/- 1-2 years.

An interesting fact: if you compare visits and conversions, the conversion graph turns out to be the opposite: more women come in, but they order less often.

Target by interests:

You need to be careful when targeting using interests: if you set an interest like “Texas Tech” there’s a big chance you will fall on graduates, professors, nerds or students’ parents.

Audience can be verified in two ways.

The first experiment with interest targeting cost me a decent amount of money and I collected just a bunch of negative comments about the service.

The second time I decided to parse all who were interested in Texas Tech. Having gathered everyone who was active on the page of the college for the last six months, I began to look who these people were.

It turned out that 30% were the parents of students, 30% – college employees and teachers. Around 20% were similar to students, but that’s not sure. The rest are incomprehensible personalities and bots. I do not advise spending money by targeting such an interest.

In my opinion, all interests related to study, writing, universities are not our target audience’s interests.

Obviously, if a student is interested in studying, he will NOT order an essay or term paper for money. Customers’ interests in Google Analytics confirm this.

Audience can be divided by affinity as follows:

By belonging to the In-Market Segment:

Dating services – no comments, dating traffic owners will definitely find how to use this information 🙂

Other categories:

Before setting a targeted interest, I recommend to check the following.

Check your advertising interests, preferably from your personal account. This will allow you to understand some of the criteria by which Facebook will select ads for you. Sometimes you may find interests there that are very far from reality.

For example, Texas Poker is displayed to people who have never played it, or Interior design for those who are not interested in redecorating at all.

When choosing targeting by interests, you need to be careful and surely test each hypothesis on a small budget.

Targeting devices and placements:

I only used the news feed. With mobile targeting, it makes sense to deactivate the old devices and OS’s. If the client can pay $ 100-1000 for the abstract, means he can afford a new phone.

I decided not to use the right column, audience network and Instagram in order to save money.

Here’s the statistics by devices:

Desktop dominates the chart and it’s not surprising – it is much easier to pay for the order from the desktop, attach the assignment from the professor and clarify the details with the support.

Here’s how orders are divided by type of mobile device:

I hope this guide will help those who are not familiar with the essay niche, start quickly and painlessly. Hurry up, the high-season will end in about two months (August)!

High profit for everyone!

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Affiliate Disclosure
Disclosure: The operator of this website is a 3rd party marketer with a material connection to product/service providers appearing on this site in that we are compensated for sales made through our affiliate links.

If you have any questions please contact me (Bill) at beachroulette @ gmail.com.