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One of the most important decisions to make as affiliate marketer is which affiliate network to promote. In the past there were only a few networks to choose from; now there are thousands.

The best way to go about making your choice is to consider the most important factors that go into choosing the right affiliate network for you:

  • Is the network reputable? With a good track record?
  • Do they provide fast and responsive support when you need it?
  • Do they have a wide range of high-converting offers to choose from?
  • Do they pay out high commission percentages compared to their competitors? 
  • Do they always pay their affiliates on time?
  • Do they offer quality creative tools (banners, swipes, etc) to help me sell more online?
  • Do they have a well-organized comprehensive dashboard that shows me my stats, trends and campaign performance?

With the CrakRevenue Network, the answer to these questions is a resounding YES.

So Who Is CrakRevenue?

CrakRevenue is number one CPA network in the world and has the statistics to back that claim up. CPA, or cost per action, pays you whenever your referred visitor takes a specific action such as clicks a link, fills out a form or checks a box. CrakRevenue is extremely strong in the always hot (pun definitely intended) adult vertical market. 

Since 2011 when they launched, CrakRevenue’s revenue has grown by over 2000% and their workforce by nearly a 1000%. CrakRevenue also earned the prestigious Mthink’s Blue Book ranking of being among the best CPA networks worldwide since 2015. 

Their young and energetic team of more than 100 employees is composed of skilled marketers, inspired designers and IT experts. Diversity is on display in the CrakRevenue house because they recruit talent from all of the world, making the their talented team a truly international one. If you like stats here are a few more to show you the scope of their online platform: 

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CrakRevenue Offers:crackrevenue logo 2

Back when affiliate marketing was just getting started, you would literally have to join several different networks to gain access to all of the affiliate programs you need to fit your chosen niche.

CrakRevenue has solved that problem by putting together a wide variety of offerings all under one platform ranging from health product offers, cams, VOD, dating,  surveys, beauty creams and many more money-earning opportunities. Having all of these great high paying affiliate programs choices under one roof will ensure that as lease one their offers (probably more since their are over 1000 now) will be the right fit for you and your traffic.

CrakRevenue Verticals:

Dating:  CrakRevenue has over 700 offers available to you (for both desktop and mobile targets) in the always hot dating market. With millions of people eager to meet one another around the world, online dating has exploded in recent years. And this explosive growth is evidenced by our vast selection of affiliate programs tailored to this very vertical.

CrakRevenue provides a satisfying selection of dating affiliate programs for both straight and gay markets. Every landing page of theirs is tweaked and optimized so your traffic has the best chance of turning into a conversion, lead or sale by being responsive and intuitive to your traffic’s location and demographic. They offer a vast selection of competitive program pay models such as pay-per-lead offers, pay-per-sale offers, and even lifetime revenue share offers for the ultimate source of long term passive income.

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Adult Market:  CrakRevenue has long been known to be the leader in adult marketing and adult affiliate programs.

One such adult niche served by CrakRevenue is the always sexy Cam offers. They host a wide variety of the leading webcam affiliate programs available today.

It’s no secret why Cam sites are the success that they are today. The live interactive Webcam sites of today offer an unparalleled, interactive experience for users around the globe. Webcam models, frequently referred to as “Cam girls”, provide various means of live entertainment for a chat room full of users. Some things are done out in the open for free; some things are done on cam only when a user tips or some kind of goal is met.

Because users have the ability to chat with the model on cam and interact with them, it’s not uncommon for relationships to develop between return regular users and the cam girls themselves. This often leads to one time free registered members to purchase a number of token or credit packages to tip their favorite models.

CrakRevenue has paid out more than $38M so far to their affiliates promoting the most popular free Webcam sites and affiliate programs.

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Other Vertical Markets Include Served By CrakRevenue Include:

  • Nutra Supplements
  • Surveys
  • Gaming

As an affiliate you’ll have access to one the most beautifully laid out affiliate dashboards I’ve seen showing your analytics, stats, rankings and earnings to help you dial in your success:

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CrakRevenue Affiliate Tools

The affiliate toolbox offered by CrakRevenue is truly second to none:

CrakRevenue’s Survey Machine. This is an exclusive tool that allows you to create customized surveys based on your specific needs. Here’s how it works:

  1. The user is invited to complete the survey by answering a few short questions
  2. The user completes the survey after answering all the questions
  3. For the user’s participation in completing the survey, the user is offered a series of ‘rewards’ as a thank you and incentive. There are typically about 4 ‘rewards’ and all of them are CrakRevenue related Offers/Offerings. Your user gets to pick which one he or she wishes to take advantage of/redeem.

Of course, your affiliate tracking link is included in each offer that appears at the end of the completed Survey. So, if the visitor signs up or registers for any offer, you will of course earn income based on the payout model for that corresponding offer.

SmartLinks: The smartlinks work by sending your traffic to the offer best suited to them, based on user device, location and the vertical of your choosing. To maximize conversions, smartlinks utilizes creatives and landing pages that have proven to have the highest CTR. Not sure which offer is best for your traffic? This offer & smartlink tool is your best ally.

Smartlinks are available in the following verticals:

  • Dating (18+)
  • VOD/Paysites (18+)
  • Cams (18+)
  • Adult (18+) (A combination of all 3 verticals mentioned above)
  • Gaming (G)
  • Gaming (18+)
  • Gay (18+)
  • Mobile Carrier (18+)

Oh, and all smartlinks are optimized on a daily basis.

Live Cam Widget: Their exclusive live cam widget tool is the perfect way to generate an additional revenue stream for your adult sites with MyFreeCams.

The widget shows only live cam performers who are the most likely to convert and deliver a fresh, unforgettable experience for your traffic. Choose from a wide variety of niches and customize the widget to suit all your needs, all achieved through a simple yet very user-friendly interface.

The MFC Live Cam Widget is a dynamic and interactive tool that will help you achieve greater conversion rates. 

Additional Tools:

  • WordPress plugins
  • Native Ad Generator

CrakRevenue Conclusion:

CrakRevenue is a great choice if you’re looking to earn a high income online in the dating, adult and other markets.

Not only are the payouts high compared to other CPA networks, you will receive them in a timely and efficient manner. There are two payment periods each month and you may receive them via Paxum, wire or check.

Affiliate Disclosure
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