Appliances Connection Affiliate Program Is A High Paying Gem

As a marketer, it’s likely that you have overlooked the income possibilities as an affiliate in the appliance niche. Think about it this way: every home has to have appliances. Having appliances in your home is not optional since your home wouldn’t be your home without dependable appliances. And its not just a one time purchase market. Look at these recent stats (from that show annual consumer spending on appliances in just the US:

Appliances Connection

Appliances Connection is a luxury appliance retailer that sells a lot of appliances. And I mean a lotIn fact, their website gets more than a million visitors each and every month. is a living catalog that showcases all of their products. Their remarkable website facilitates sales of products to markets that reach beyond their brick & mortar store. They use it (wisely) to announce and showcase new product launches so consumers can view all the key product features & specifications.

High-End Clientele

Appliances Connection’s main clientele is the high net worth demographic. Customers orders are typically valued in the 4-5 figure range. Since each sale they make is equivalent to that of an inexpensive automobile, motivated affiliate partners have the potential to make large commissions.

Appliances Connection Affiliate Program

Commissions are a flat 4% on referred sales. So when one of your website’s visitors or leads clicks through to their site and places a $5000 order, you’ll earns a $200 commission that one sale.

Until recently, the Appliances Connections affiliate program has been private and only offered to select entities. However, due to increasing online demand for their products that have now opened up this program to anyone who wants to join.

If you have content on your website related to home goods and major appliances, consider partnering with Appliances Connection to sell these items on a luxury scale. It’s an enormous, evergreen market that’s virtually untapped.

Affiliate Disclosure
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