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  • Product Creator: Todd Gross
  • Product Category: Video Marketing 
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What Is Animation Studio?

Animation Studio is the best Animated Explainer Video Maker App to hit the market in a long time.

  •  All-in-one solution to create pro-quality 2D animated explainer videos in any language or niche
  •  Done-for-you templates from the hottest niches with  voiceovers included
  •  Open canvas for from-scratch-videos with built-in assets, props and characters
  •  Go global with life-like text-to-speech and one-click  translation
  •  Commercial license to create and sell unlimited videos

AnimationStudio is your “one-stop solution” to create stunning animated explainer videos in any niche or any language in minutes.

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Why Videos Work

Animated Videos Are Red Hot Right Now

Why? animation studio graphic

Because audiences absolutely love them. More importantly to us internet marketers, they convert your sales messages into sales. Tons of them.

Did you know that the average mobile user spends up to 4 hours per day watching videos. And the number of worldwide mobile users is steadily growing.

You can bet that a huge percentage of the videos being watched are animated

Marketers and content creators know that featuring animation in their videos increases watch times, and improves call-to-action rates. What’s more, animated videos are more than just a trend or passing fad. They are actually getting MORE popular over time

That’s why we’re seeing so many animated explainer videos.

And now, it’s time for you to catch the wave.

Just how hot are animated explainer videos, exactly?

Need you ask? Ok, here’s a good example…

In just over seven years, TED-Ed’s (the educational division of TED) YouTube audience has amassed almost 7 MILLION subscribers and over a BILLION total views.

And the reason?

They pulled this off with their ever-growing library of explainer videos, that cover a huge variety of subjects and topics…
YES… dynamic, fun, and engaging animated explainer videos.

Here’s another example…

Polymatter (a one-man outfit), has a YouTube channel that has logged over 20 MILLION VIEWS in just three years.

His content? 

100% animated explainer videos of course.

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