Boost Your Marketing Results With Anamorphic Video

Test after test proves that when you deliver a sales message online the most effective method, leading to the highest conversion rates, is video marketing. That’s old news.

Today most of the top digital marketers are using video marketing to deliver the best results in their campaigns. So with this being the case what can you do to make your videos stand out and grab more attention than the videos your competitors are using?

Have You Heard Of Anamorphic Videos?

In technical terms, Anamorphic is one of the cinematography techniques to shoot widescreen footage using 35mm film or other digital devices (DSLR with anamorphic Lenses), with post processing that can produce the same ratio. In layman’s terms, the “anamorphic look” will make your video look like the work of a professional.

Introducing: Decinema Anamorphic

If you want to produce your own Anamorphic Videos that will get you noticed this Anamorphic Video Template System will enable you to create high-converting sales videos in just a few minutes. It works with the Powerpoint platform and requires no design skill or copywriting prowess. And it won’t blow your budget either.

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Decinema Anamorphic:

  1. Quick and Easy To Use
    ​​​​​​​Make stunning professional videos in just a few clicks. You Could Quickly and Easily Make Anamorphic-Look Videos Using Only PowerPoint
  2. A Real Anamorphic Template
    You do not need to create a new size or resize to look super-wide (anamorphic look). All the templates that we have made are ready to use, including animation and its transition have adjusted by us.
  3. State Of The Art & Never Released Before
    The video template format from PowerPoint with this super wide dimension (anamorphic look) has never existed before. This is a template package with hard work and research for several months.
  4. 20% Of The Audio Is Made For You
    In some main templates, the audio used is original, we make from scratch. And you also have the right to use this audio for your sales videos.
  5. Bonus Dimensions 16:9
    If you are unfamiliar with the anamorphic format, we have provided an old format with 16: 9 dimensions that you can use without needing to resize manually. Everything is ready for you.
  6. No Monthly Fee
    Just Pay once and you become a lifetime member for this Decinema Anamorphic . And grab all template whatever you like
  • Newbie friendly with our help and support, you’ll be rocking your way to video expert today.
  • No extra plugin or additional software required everything has been covered using just Powerpoint
  • Step by step tutorials are unique and designed to help you have all the technique for creative and engaging videos.
  • Lifetime access and full support as required. You may hit hurdles, and so we’re here to help you with whatever you might need while following our training

Go See It In Action Here

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