Nouvelle Niche – Alternative Affiliate Markets

Everyone knows about the main affiliate markets – however, traders of all types should be looking to the historic users of affiliate marketing, small niche businesses, and paying close attention. With affiliate marketing growing 10% every year, that means $6.8bn is being pumped into the system. The problem is that with small purchases and mass-marketing of affiliation, the bottom line can be pushed down and you won’t be getting a taste of that success. Niche markets offer a way to get great affiliate commission through high-value, frequent purchasing with low overheads.

A savvy modern business knows how to market to millennials and affiliate markets tie in with this ethos. These are some of the best money-making opportunities off the beaten track of affiliate marketing.

Psychics and clairvoyants

Far from the most common stereotypes, psychics are a highly valued and reputable profession that have found use across North America. Top level psychics charge upwards of $800 a session and many big business users rely on them, including – reportedly – Google executives. It’s clear that there’s a huge market there for psychics. For individual users, there is a burgeoning market in spiritual goods and using psychics for life guidance on smaller amounts. The result? A great opportunity to grow your wealth through affiliate links.

Luxury pet care

Animal companions are big business in the the US, with the pet market reaching $70bn in 2017. With the market growing to such a huge size, it’s no surprise that accessories and peripherals have followed. However, the real niche market finding a lot of traction is luxury pet care. Research by the University of North Carolina has found that an explosion of luxury animal products has driven the market, as owners are found more likely to spend on flashy items for their companion. With many modern animal owners ethically minded and more likely to use digital technology, it’s a great niche market to setup affiliate marketing with and something that can really pull traffic to your website through interesting and wonderful pet accessories and accommodation.

Steampunk costumes and gadgets

Steampunk, if you’re not acquainted, is a subgenre of science fiction that marries together medieval elements and technology from the era of steam. Wildly popular in the modern day, people frequently wear costumes inspired by the genre as a testament to their favorite fantasy stories and universes. Where does this tie in for affiliate marketing? Many retailers are starting to pick up steampunk designs and the products are often expensive – but find sales given the dedicated nature of the fanbase.

There are, of course, a thousand and one different affiliate markets that you can branch in to. That’s the beauty of the internet and affiliate marketing. That being said, you might find a good profit in these three.

Contributed article by freelance writer Jane Samson.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash