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Affiliate marketing in the last decade has gotten much more complicated. Luckily, automation tools that make affiliate marketing easier have gotten much better too.

If you want to be competitive in today’s internet marketing game you better be using some of these automation tools. Choosing a few of the right affiliate tools will reduce your operating costs while improving your productivity, performance and income.

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I’m sometimes asked.. “What are the top affiliate marketing tools?”

This is a great question, especially when you’re just getting started online. An even better question is “Which affiliate marketing tasks should I be automating?”

4 Affiliate Marketing Tasks To Automate

There are affiliate tools available today that can automate almost any task involved in internet marketing. But if you want to narrow down to automating only five of the most important tasks I would start with these:

  • Website Creation
  • Traffic Generation
  • Video Marketing
  • Performance Analytics
  • Email Marketing

Let’s examine the best tools in 2019 to handle these five affiliate marketing tasks:

Best Affiliate Automation Tools Of 2021

1. Website Creation

Many beginner internet marketers get stuck at this initial step before they even get started. Sure, there are methods to make money online without a website, but the website marketing method is the easiest to learn for beginners. If you’re worried about the technical challenges of creating your first affiliate website, this is the first task you should automate.

AffiliRocketAffiliRocket logo image

AffiliRocket allows you to complete a fully-monetized WordPress affiliate website in minutes with a few clicks of your mouse. Even if you have zero technical knowledge or website building skill.

AffiliRocket will save you hours of tedious work and frustration by:

  • Automatically adding posts, content and images to your new site
  • Automatically adding affiliate products to all of your pages
  • Completing your required legal pages including GDPR compliance
  • Performing essential SEO tasks to get your website found in the search engines
  • Take care of the initial WordPress tweaks to eliminate demo mode content
  • And more…

2. Traffic Generation

Once you have your own affiliate website, eCommerce store, blog or social media property – nothing happens without a nice steady stream of traffic to it. Traffic generation has gotten much more competitive in the past decade, but so have the methods and sources to driving it. Traffic generation is the second task that you should automate using affiliate marketing tools. 

Traffic IvyTraffic Ivy logo image

Traffic Ivy is truly unique in traffic generation. It’s equivalent to a traffic ‘club’ that consists of a community of like-minded marketers whose collective purpose is to get everyone in the group more traffic. Pretty cool concept.

With Traffic Ivy you can:

  • Drive traffic to your websites and offers from a growing network of blogs that cover several dozen categories
  • Upload your videos to hundreds of active YouTube accounts for targeted traffic back to your offers and sites
  • Post your content on 1,000’s of active social media accounts on all of the major social media platforms
  • Increase the chances of your content going viral with multiple people sharing your content on several different social media accounts. This is also a huge SEO benefit
  • Be a valuable part of a community – including a rating system (contributed by everyone in the group) that will ensure you receive only the highest quality traffic

3. Performance Analytics

With today’s uber-competitive environment, you can’t just throw stuff at the wall and hope to make big bucks as an affiliate marketer. That’s what most people do and most people fail at this. Instead, you must do your homework; and do it quickly and efficiently – thus the need for automation. Free tools such as Google Analytics are essential. But you must go even deeper than the free data that you’ll get there.  

After you choose your niche, you need to know:

  • Who your ideal customer is
  • Where they hang out on the web
  • What websites they visit frequently and why
  • And how to reach them in the best possible and cost-effective way 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most important and lucrative segment of your online income. Unless you’re doing it wrong. That’s where automation tools come in.

ChatterPalChatterPal logo image

ChatterPal has changed the entire email marketing game. It merges 3D animation with smart chat automation including some of the industry leading features
to delivery results unlike any other app in the marketplace.

Using ChatterPal you can:

  • Boost your leads, engagement, conversions, sales and results on any website and every offer
  • Build your email list without using traditionatl optin-forms or landing pages
  • Increase your customer retention & satisfaction
  • And drive repeated sales

Better yet, you can create SMART chat agents for local business and charge them a nice fee with the commercial license that is included.

More Affiliate Marketing Tools

I believe affiliate automation tools are so important that I built an entire site dedicated to just that. You can find dozens of other online marketing tools on that website located: here

Still Not Sold On Tools?

Think of it this way…

Would you build a simple structure like a backyard wood shed without tools? You could I guess. But it would be a heck of a lot easier if you had some simple tools like a saw, hammer, nails, tape measure and work gloves. Not only would you save valuable time but the finished product would look a whole lot better.

This analogy applies to affiliate marketing too but with an added twist. There are thousands of other people just like you trying to build a better shed in the shortest amount of time.  And only the best and most efficient shed-builder will get the sale. Think about it.

Affiliate marketing tools will make your job easier and your bank account fatter – without having to spend every waking moment online to get there. 


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