Affiliate Networks Report Strong Growth In Luxury Segment

Happy New Year Fellow Entrepreneur:

The holiday season has come and gone and we’re already into a new year. All signs are pointing to a record year in online sales to the affluent market.

This is great news for us affiliate marketers who are targeting wealthy buyers. The affluent are making more and more purchases online every single day. And they need our help to find what they’re looking for. We will get paid very well for our efforts.

One major factor is an increase in the amount of time affluent consumers spend online. Ipsos MediaCT found that among US affluents with household income of more than $100,000 per year, the amount of time spent online grew nearly one-quarter from 2011 to 2013, at 32.8 hours per week to 41.6 hours per week, respectively.’

“These aren’t the idle rich,” said Skip Brand, CEO of affluents-focused digital advertising and content platform provider Martini Media. “These are people who use online resources to save time. And they will spend money to save time.”

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‘Along with an increase in affluents’ time spent online is an increase in their spending online. Martini Media reported that among affluent shoppers, the average spending on luxury sites was up 20% year over year in Q2 2013.’

‘In a Q1 2013 survey by American Express Publishing and Harrison Group, 48% of US affluents with income of more than $100,000 said they discovered new luxury products while shopping online, a rate almost equal to the 50% who said they discovered new products while shopping in-store. Even though consumers are still making more purchases in a physical store, they are discovering products, and therefore being exposed to more marketing messages, online.

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2014 will be a record-setting year for marketing to the affluent. Thanks to for the charts and data.


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    I found your site and I plan to explore it. I am a long time serial entrepreneur and been involved with Internet Marketing for over 17 years. My partner Paul Miller and I have combined 35 years of experience. We are coming out soon with our new ebook Shirt Pocket Millionaire where we show people how use just a smartphone or an Apple iPod Touch which is all I use now to run current businesses and my new drone manufacturing company coming on board this spring.

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