AffiliateMarketer.Club Review

The New Social Network For Affiliate Marketers

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What Is Affiliate Marketer Club?

AffiliateMarketer.Club is a new social media platform similar to FaceBook but without all of the restrictions and community standards FaceBook imposes which drives people away:

  • All posts are seen on the timeline
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Friend requests you can make per day
  • There is no limit to the number of posts (that include links) that you can share each day

AffiliateMarketer.Club is the only social network specifically targeted to the world of affiliate marketing.

It’s free to join and only takes a few minutes to get started:

Affiliate Marketer Club is a great community to join to make new friends, share ideas and content, learn marketing strategies and form valuable partnerships.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it has the same look, layout and feel as FaceBook:

AffiliateMarketer.Club screenshot image

Affiliate Marketer Club Benefits

Why should you join the Affiliate Marketer Club? 

Not only is it free to join, but you’ll get some valuable tools that you can use to build your business that you would normally need to pay for:

  • Audio-Video And Real-Time Content Sharing. This gives you the ability to open dialog with others and make webcam calls exactly like FaceBook and Skype Video Chat.
  • A Sticky Sidebar. A sticky sidebar that keeps it permanently visible while scrolling. Since the sidebar is always visible it increases website’s usability, accessibility and therefore gets better click through rate for your content.
  • GIF Commenting. Allows you to search or browse via tags to find GIFs. Once you’ve found the GIF you want, simply click the on the GIF and it is automatically inserted into your Feeds or Comments.
  • Virtual Gifts Feature. Send Virtual gifts for special occassions.
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips Feed. Live news feed for all the latest and greatest affiliate marketing tips, tricks and hacks.
  • Blog Platform. Create a blog and submit it to more than 180 social media and/or bookmarking sites.
  • Visibility. All your posts go directly to the top of timeline where everyone who visits our platform will see.
  • Rewards. Active users get featured at top of home page
  • Bookmarking. This saves bookmarks for feeds and items on the social network to view later. You can bookmark activities post at main feeds, group activities, blog posts and events.
  • Emoticons. Access to reaction emotion feature for your timeline posts.
  • Surveillance. Know when and who visits your profile.
  • Twitter and Facebook Login.

Affiliate Marketer Club Review Conclusion

As a new free member of Affiliate Marketer Club myself, I’ve been touring around this platform and really like what I see. I predict this platform will take off in a short period of time as word gets out.

AffiliateMarketer.Club logo image
If you join now, you’ll be able to position yourself nicely as an early adopter giving you an advantage over those who join later.

The free tools alone makes this very well worth your time to join and participate. See you over there!

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