The Shortcut To A Killer Affiliate Website:

One of the biggest obstacles of getting started with affiliate marketing is getting your first website off the ground. Its not just the technical puzzle of building your site but also the all-important task of choosing the right niche and creating quality content you need to put on your new site.

Imagine if you could build a super affiliate, millionaire-quality website. Now imagine that you could make 5 of these – in just 2 days! By the end of this weekend, you could have 5 websites that are designed to make you money…

Want my secret to doing that?

Super affiliate millionaire, Mark Ling, has created a system where by the push of a few buttons, you have 5 ready-made websites for you, just like he makes. Now you can use the same system to create money-magnet sites FAST.

It is called AffiloJetpack. Do yourself a favor and go check it out yourself: Click Here

These are the same kinds of sites Mark uses to make over $118k every month, and the best part is…

* It includes ALL of the content you need for 5 websites in 5 niches.
* All of the research has been… DONE for you.
* Get 15 ebooks/reports over 5 niches… DONE for you.
* Get 400+ emails over 5 niches… DONE for you.
* Get the right keywords to target… DONE for you.
* Need Articles? That is right, DONE for you!
* Hosting? Guess what? DONE for you!
* Website… MOSTLY Done for you (small customization required, very easy to do)

Click Here To Learn More

Everything is DONE, DONE, and DONE for you. If you can follow some simple instructions and take action (and can copy + paste), then you have everything you need to be successful!

Mark Ling has SLASHED the price by $500 for a limited time. The doors are closing very soon. This receives my highest recommendation, get it as soon as you can.

One of the wisest quotes I have ever heard, was “do something that you would thank yourself for tomorrow”. Stop procrastinating and cutting corners. Go on, make 5 sites in 2 days.

You will thank yourself tomorrow.


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  1. Burak

    Hi Bill, considering you had added this link quite some time ago, do you still believe the system and tool is still effective and up-to-date (i.e. would you still recommend to invest in this)?

    By the way, I had sent you an email recently, would be great if you could take a look and let me know what you think…


    • bill

      Hi Burak: Yes, it’s still a great program if you don’t mind investing money up front to save time. And the program is constantly being updated. Could you please resend your email. I don’t recall seeing it. Sincerely – Bill

  2. Juan


    I clicked and it does not say it is a set of done for you sites.

    Did I understand wrong? What I see in the page is a course.

    • bill

      Hi Juan. Thank you for your message. You’re right, the link has changed on the other end. I’ll get an update for you and be back in touch. Sincerely – Bill

  3. Andrew

    Seems they aren’t selling this program anymore

    • bill

      Hi Andrew. Thanks for the heads up. The program has been updated and the links changed so I appreciate you letting me know. The links will work for you now. Sincerely – Bill

  4. quiggly

    If everyone is buying the same sites from the seller, aren’t we all promoting duplicate content? That will hurt SERPs.

    • bill

      From the site:
      How do I avoid duplicate content issues with AffiloJetpack?
      AffiloJetpack comes with a lot of content for you to use on your website and in your marketing. Whether you need to rewrite it to avoid duplicate content issues depends on what the content is and how you use it.

      Autoresponder series

      Duplicate content isn’t an issue for the autoresponder content as the search engines can’t read emails. If you want to, you are welcome to make your newsletter sequence more unique by rewording the first few emails, or by turning some of them into videos. But doing this isn’t necessary. They are perfectly fine as they are.

      Mini eBooks

      The mini eBooks are in PDF format to be given away or sold as a download to your customers. Because they are not online content, duplicate content won’t be an issue as the search engines can’t read PDFs.

      The 20 Content Cheat Sheets

      Duplicate content is definitely something to be thinking about when it comes to writing articles for your website. The 20 content cheat sheets that come in every Affilojetpack niche pack contain ideas that you can write about for your site. You can write your own articles, based on ideas from these cheat sheets, or hand them over to your writer.

      There is no need to re-write articles, or spin them to avoid duplicate content. You will be able to write your own with the help of these cheat sheets. You can give them to a writer too and they will be able to easily produce articles for you based on the ideas provided in these content sheets.

      If you are more interested in driving paid traffic from sources outside of Google and Yahoo to the squeeze pages, you won’t have to worry about duplicate content, as quality score and duplicate content isn’t much of an issue.

      In this case, you can easily slap up your website and let your autoresponder sequence do the heavy hitting for you.


      • ibrahim

        i am relay impress and motivated with the content on this gives me a driving force to want to start.thanks ,bill.

        • bill

          Thank you Ibrahim. I’m thinking about creating a 30 day action plan for newbies to get started. Would this interest you? Sincerely – Bill

          • ibrahim

            it will be nice to have an opportunity of such,so that i can be productive even while i am a student at the university.
            please how do i get involved in this so called 30day action plan.

  5. James H. Modisette

    Thanks for your time and insight

    ….. for what its worth,……

    my opinion:

    All of the content your share; truly provides upfront value but most importantly your attitude is perfect!

    Keep up the good work

    Busy learning

    • bill

      Thank you James. Very much appreciated! Bill

  6. Joao Fernandes

    Hi Bill, congrats for yr site. It really helps who is lost ( and is not difficult) in affiliate marketing. Joao,Portugal

    • bill

      Thank you Joao. Bill

  7. Gary

    Oh didn’t see anything about a 2.0 version on there. I just clicked the link you have on your site and read all the way to the bottom. I didn’t press order though, not sure if the 2.0 version is behind there or not.

  8. Gary

    Hi Bill,

    About the RockJetPack. Your comment above (“Need Articles? That’s right ALL DONE for you”) is misleading. After checking out the site I noticed that you get “cheetsheets” not the content, you still have to write the content yourself. Just saying

    • bill

      Thanks Gary. Are you sure about that? I think the 2.0 version comes with finished articles. I’ll doublecheck. Thanks Gary – Bill

  9. Sherry

    What is your opinion of CJ and clickbank.

    • bill

      Hi Sherry: For whatever reason I’ve always had much more success with Clickbank than CJ. Thanks – Bill

  10. Isa

    very informative man! i think i’ll needing your help. right now my problem is i am undicided as to register with CJ or clickbank. But as a nigerian, I understand clickbank does not pay us directly. I hope CJ pays nigerians directly, pla can you confirm.?. Your writeup has really cleared a lot of confussion i had and is propelling to take action.
    Thanks, Isa, Jos,Nigeria.

    • bill

      Hi Isa: I’m not sure about CJ. You’ll have to contact them to ask Isa. Please let me know what they tell you. You may also want to look to see if there is a reputable affiliate network in your country. Sincerely – Bill

  11. bebal consulting

    I have just got out of emobile code as all we got was talk talk video talk and no action.

    I am not looking ofr the same again to pay money and be lead the garden path.

    Im looking for real income makers and generators.

    Can yo upfront with us?

    • bill

      Bebal: I’m always up front so thats never a problem. Affilojetpack is very good if you’re looking for someone to take care of the content for you so you can spend all of you time on the marketing part of it. I like creating content but many other people do not so this is the best option. Its a great product. Its not cheap but it will give you a high return on your investment as long as you follow thru. Good luck – Bill

  12. Sola Taiwo

    Locating your website is a blessing to me cos I have been swimming in the darkest water of affiliate marketing, but your site throws light clearly to the business.
    It is also a bridge linking the newbies and the gurus.
    Pls tell us some ad-site that are genuine and not expensive.
    Carry on with the good work.
    Sola Taiwo,

    • bill

      Thanks for your kind words Sola. Can you be more specific on what you mean by ad-site? Are you referring to traffic generation?

      Sincerely – Bill

  13. Vicky

    Hi Bill, Is the affilojetpack really as good as it sounds? I’m new to affiliate marketing and the jetpack seems like a good way to jumpstart a business. I’m glad I found your site, lots of useful information.

    • bill

      Hi Vicky: Its really good especially if you would rather have the majority of the work done for you so you can focus primarily on the marketing aspects. And it comes with a money back guarantee. 🙂 If you do give it a try I would really appreciate if you use my affiliate link since thats what its all about! Sincerely – Bill
      My link:
      P.S. Keep me posted on your progress Vicky and let me know if you need my help