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Nowadays, many companies and platforms, which work with cryptocurrencies, offer their clients different affiliate programs. They can provide you with the opportunity to earn money. Basically, all you have to do is just invite people to affiliate companies’ websites and obtain a reward. The concept behind such programs is as follows – once the company gets new customers, you get your money. Thus, it’s a no-brainer that becoming an affiliate partner right now is a sound decision.

However, there’s a catch. Take into account that you will be paid only after the invited person registers and starts trading. In addition, every company sets its own terms and conditions for affiliate programs. Some of them might even include lavish bonuses. Usually, they are of two types:

  • One-off referral bonus. You will get a one-off payment once your referred user registers and spends a certain sum of money.
  • Commission. In this case, you will be getting money from every trade made by the person who has signed up through your referral link.

And it doesn’t matter which type of bonuses you prefer, affiliate programs can help you create a source of passive income.

The List Of The Best Affiliate Programs In Crypto

It may be difficult to choose the right affiliate program, as there are loads of them. That’s why this list can educate you on the highest-paying ones offered by reliable trading platforms.


CEX.IO was founded in 2013. Nowadays, this is one of the most popular online services for cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, it’s the first online platform, which provided cloud mining. Now, millions of people worldwide use this service
every day.

It offers a 30% commission for its affiliate partners. And the killer feature is that you can earn fees from your referred users’ transactions within an unlimited period of time. It means that this is a perfect source of regular income.

Also, you will be provided with the opportunity to use promo codes, widgets and referral links to attract a larger number of clients. What’s more, you will be able to withdraw your money whenever you want. So, unlimited payouts may become a
pleasant bonus for you.

2. Paxful

This marketplace offers a commission rate of 2% on every transaction that your referral conducts. Once the sale is made, you will get your money into your Paxful wallet immediately. However, you will be able to get earnings from your referrals’ deals up to one year. The Paxful affiliate partners can withdraw their money whenever they want and there is no minimum amount of payout.

Additionally, you will be provided with custom referral links, banners and widgets to engage new users. Also, every month you can win money as ‘a lottery bonus’ if you become one of the three top affiliates. So, invite as many clients as possible and receive attractive rewards. This platform is a good option for people, who already have a steady source of income, and want to earn extra money.

3. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the best Bitcoin services out there, which offers great affiliate opportunities. Previously, you could get $10 for every referred user that made a purchase or sold cryptocurrency for $100. Recently, the exchange has updated its terms and introduced a new affiliate program.

Now, you can easily earn 50% from the referrals’ trading fees. There are no restrictions on the number of people that you can invite or the amount of payout that you can get – so it’s a win-win scenario for everyone. However, keep in mind that this program is valid for the first three months that your referral spends within Coinbase.

This service is a great way to gain solid income if you have many referred users, who make regular transactions on the platform. As Coinbase becomes more popular, there will be more traders eager to join it.

4. Changelly

This well-known platform helps people exchange cryptocurrencies almost instantly. Furthermore, the service completes a sale at the best available market rate and charges low fees. Also, the users are able to trade cryptocurrencies against fiat currencies.

The platform offers one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet. It allows you to get 50% of every transaction your referred user carries out. You will get your reward in Bitcoin. Usually, the payout is made within a day after your request. But the most attractive feature is that the affiliate program is lifetime.

Every partner is able to add a special Changelly widget to their website to increase the number of referred users. Among the affiliate partners of Changelly are such popular services as Coinsutra, WorldCoinIndex, The Cointelegraph, etc.

5. Livecoin

Livecoin was founded in 2013 in London. It’s a cryptocurrency exchange platform trusted by many users the world over. Livecoin offers 3 types of affiliate commissions:

  1. You get 10% of fee from each transaction conducted by your referred user. You will be getting your rewards on a permanent basis
  2. You get 20% of the order fee. This type of commission allows you to earn money for 6 months
  3. You get 50% of the transaction fee. The program is valid for a month

The main benefit of Livecoin’s affiliate program is its flexibility. Thus, it’s up to you to decide which type of commission you’ll choose. Moreover, there is no minimum payout limit and daily withdrawals are available. All these benefits, as well as the excellent reputation of the platform, make Livecoin’s referral program one of the best in the Bitcoin community.


As you can see, affiliate programs can be profitable for crypto traders. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your purpose. Don’t forget, however, that your profit depends on the number of active referrals.


Guest post by: Julia Beyers