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Middle Eastern E-commerce: All Grown Up

Online trade in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region is skyrocketing.

After 15 years of 100% year-upon-year growth, MENA regional online trade revenues are expected to reach 69 billion by 2020 and with 62% of Arab Emirates citizens now shopping online, annual sales are expected to reach 23.7b by 2022 in just in the UAE alone.

Everyone is jumping on board. In 2018 alone, Amazon and Ebay respectively partnered with regional GCC e-commerce giants Souq and Noon in order to bring shoppers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain & Oman a localized experience for a global catalog of products.

And with 63 million daily internet users and 34m actively looking for product reviews and purchase opportunities online, the internet is quickly becoming the GCC’s most attractive tool for commercial engagement.

Increasingly, online retailers and global merchants alike are dedicating more budgetary resources to online advertising channels, but finding a suitable platform with the right amount and kind of traffic is difficult. Further, it’s costly and difficult to both merchants and publishers to manage a large network of marketing partners even once they are identified and contracted.

Affiliate Networking as a Game Changer

Affiliate networking provides a game-changing solution to such challenges. For local and global merchants, affiliate networks leverage strong relationships with leading online publishers and social influencers to deliver high-volume, high-quality traffic sources – while only charging the advertiser for actual sales made. This results in the most cost-effective advertising dollar spent in any possible marketing channel.

For social influencers, affiliate networks provide an opportunity to monetize YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Blog and other social posts. These networks support influencers in creating the unique and innovative online content which only they can produce – by delivering them a commision to promote top-of-the-line products which they already use and believe in.

Middle Eastern Affiliate Networks

Who are the affiliate networks operating in the Middle East? And which of these is delivering best-value solutions to address GCC/MENA market needs?

International Affiliate Networks

There are a number of international affiliate networks who allow affiliate signups from the GCC/MENA region including global giants ClickBank, AdmitAd, Commission Junction and Rakuten. But because they do not provide affiliates with relevant offers from regionally known advertisers and brands, these big international players are unable to properly address the needs of the Middle Eastern affiliate community.

Likewise, even if these big international players were to invest the time and effort on the ground necessary to negotiate mutually beneficial relationships with locally-known advertisers and relevant brands – they simply don’t have the strength in local affiliate partnerships to be able to deliver the volume of regionally relevant GCC/MENA traffic that their Middle Eastern advertiser and brand partners need.

Because with affiliate marketing, traffic sources and advertiser products must be a perfect fit, behemoth international networks simply don’t have the elements necessary to meet the regionally unique needs of either advertisers or affiliates in the Middle East.

Enter ArabClicks. With over 20 years of experience in online performance marketing and proven cutting edge technological arabclicks logo imageabilities, ArabClicks was founded to connect relevant GCC/MENA Advertisers with high-quality traffic from regional publishers and influencers – as well as provide a single go-to point of contact for both advertisers and affiliates to manage their online marketing activities.

Based in Dubai, and serving the greater UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman as well as other countries throughout the Middle East and North African regions, ArabClicks provides fully localized Arabic and English selling solutions for top regional and global brands engaging in online trade in the Arab world.

GCC/MENA Affiliate Networks

The GCC/MENA region is still in nascent development for top-tier affiliate networks that deliver innovative hi-tech affiliate marketing solutions with fully integrated Arabic & English support.

There is however, one network with an office in Dubai that has joined ArabClicks in the Middle Eastern affiliate network community. But regretfully this network, Digital Conversions Media, has yet to provide account management, training or support in Arabic, the language in which most GCC/MENA affiliates publish their websites and social content. Their English version is also poor.

By contrast, ArabClicks soars far ahead of the competition. A fully bilingual network, ArabClicks delivers fast, professional account management, training and support in Arabic & English. Upon joining the network, each publisher is assigned a local-Arabic-speaking account manager – available to them on-demand via Whatsapp, email or Skype.

When it comes to reporting, ArabClicks also sets the standard, with its in-depth toolkit of reporting tools for both publishers and advertisers.

Middle East Affiliate Marketing For Mobile

Now, Middle Eastern affiliates can promote from their mobile devices! ArabClicks recently released a new mobile app for influencers (iOS/Android) offering a simple 3-click solution for deep link creation – a savvy move, considering the reality that 80% of GCC/MENA online activity happens on mobile.

And this is just one of ArabClicks’ Solutions – a growing portfolio of simple-to-use hitech innovations saving publishers vast amounts of work and maximizing their income from affiliate marketing.

In developing these, ArabClicks has forged far beyond its closest regional competitors. 

Legal Status for UAE Affiliates

In 2018, the UAE passed a regulatory law requiring all web publishers and social media influencers to obtain a license before introducing commercial content into their channels, but for many micro and nano influencers, these licensing costs were prohibitively high.

Once again, ArabClicks rose to the occasion, supporting the Middle Eastern affiliate marketing community by allowing them to operate under the platform’s license – something no other affiliate network offered to do.


Affiliate Marketing in the Middle East is an idea whose time has come. In linking MENA product creators and media creators for the mutual benefit of each, the regional economy is strengthened.

Become an Advertiser or Affiliate

Are you a GCC/MENA-based advertiser or affiliate? Would you like to be?

Any of the networks mentioned above would be happy for you to join them. For our most solid recommendation, however, go to ArabClicks and join today. You’ll find it’s got the best of all worlds.


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