6 Affiliate Marketing Trends You Can’t Longer Ignore in 2019

Affiliate marketing has been constantly evolving for years. It is a vital reason behind the growth of various marketing trends in terms of SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing and much more. In the coming year 2019, it is predicted that there will be a dramatic shift towards the affiliate marketing programs. In fact, it has been observed that some new trends will introduce themselves in affiliate marketing. .

Some of those expected trends are explained in detailed here.

Read on and find out what is the upcoming new year have in its store for the affiliate marketers like you.

1. Individual Marketing is going to rise

Influencer marketing is a vital reason behind such a huge extent of marketing and promotion that we can see nowadays. Studies have shown that keywords are gettting searched more, than before and it will keep on increasing with the passage of time.

Moreover, Influencer Marketing has become an important part of Affiliate marketing. For example, 80% of people are likely to buy a product if it is used by real customers. It is expected that the scenario will keep on getting better with time. Hence, individual marketing is going to make it a simpler episode for the e-commerce retailers to sell their products online rapidly.

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2. Virtual Assistants will be popular Advancing technical support has given a boost to voice search. Starting with phone assistants like Siri and now embracing the smart devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice search, the world is concentrating on virtual assistants more. Google has even recognized that voice is the fastest growing form of search and has further invested in it. If you want to raise your online presence, you have to start implementing this SEO strategy to avoid falling wayside. So, it is time to put Voice service into practice and this Affiliate Marketing tool can boost up your business rapidly.

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3. More focus on Images and Video Content

Affiliate Marketing has become creative than ever. It’s not only about the written words now, it a marketing trend that has been using tools like messaging, videos, GIF’s, demos, slideshows and much more to promote their products. Using visual contents like images and videos proves to expand more and make money by creating a clear picture in the mind of the buyers. So, in 2019, it is expected that images and video content will be more effective in building trust between the customers and the marketer.

Video and Images graph bar

Video and Images graph bar

4. E-commerce retailers will be more involved

E-commerce retailers are getting into affiliate marketing strategies to increase their sales. Affiliate marketing has become one of the most important parts of the lead generation episode. Due to which many of the retailers are expanding their platform by taking up different affiliate marketing programs. The experts anticipate that it is going to be an even bigger picture in the coming year. Affiliate marketing will soon become an integral part of e-commerce in 2019.

5. Facebook Ads and Remarketing tools are on the top You will certainly find in the upcoming year that Facebook ads will help to increase Affiliate marketing. Not only Facebook but also other social media platforms can encourage you to bring the ability to connect a brand directly to the customers. Some of the affiliate marketers are even turning towards Facebook Messengers tool to increase their efforts. You should be even doing the same in the coming year, if not done yet. Nevertheless, it is important to drill down the details before promoting anything on the social media to assure that the Affiliate Marketing programs produce desired results. It becomes crucial to continually optimize for those. Hence, it is proven to be an extremely important tool for marketing and promotion.

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6. Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Mobile is a great source to track a user easily. It has been the most underestimated part of affiliate marketing till now but the scenario is expected to change in 2019. Furthermore, you need to have the right mobile strategy to track the mobile activity. Some users will compare the online and offline prices if they see different amount. They will lose their trust in you. Thus, you need to know this affiliate marketing tip and tbe right constant marketing strategy. You merely have to learn the correct way and it will bring you great opportunities.

Got these amazing affiliate marketing trends of 2019?

You are set on your way to have a well-prepared year ahead in the business. Even if you are an affiliate marketing beginner, these will help you to learn in detail about marketing and promotions. Start implementing these policies in the coming year and get success.

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