Affiliate Marketing Tips In A Rapidly Changing World

Making money is not a complex feat. Although, the typical scenario seems to be waking up at an ungodly hour, driving to the office through complete gridlock and streets jammed with almost sleepy commuters slog through emails and wait until getting a sweet release at sweet 5 o’clock.

However, if you get a bit smarter, you can earn a significant amount of bucks without much trouble. Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with the monotony and stupor of the rat race to earn money.

How is it possible?

The concept of Affiliate Marketing comes of help here. This is the best tactic to drive sales and earn significant online revenue. Pushing behind the entire idea of traditional marketing, affiliate marketing programs are earning huge popularity nowadays.

Have a sneak peek at some interesting Affiliate Marketing statistics:

  • It is a known fact that 81% brands and 84% publishers use affiliate marketing for their benefits.
  • Affiliate marketing spending has increased by 10% in the United States each year. It clearly indicates that the number is going to reach up to $ 6.8 billion by 2020.
  • Recently, the affiliate structure of Amazon has completely changed. It is now offering 1-10% rates of product revenue for creators while allowing affiliates to increase their passive income on the vertical that they are selling on.

Moreover, the affiliate marketing industry is undergoing some massive changes. High-end advances in digital technology and continuous changes are taking the work of affiliate marketers to the next level. The experts are anticipating that and figuring out new applications of artificial intelligence and implementing the EU’s new GDPR guidelines are going to bring a ray of sunshine in the Affiliate Marketing industry. It is also expected that a new model which is completely based on decentralization is also going to make a huge impact through this profession soon.

In this piece of writing, you will get a comprehensive idea of how affiliate marketing revolutionizing the world altogether.

Implementation of decentralized data in online marketing

The inception and rise of blockchain happened to authenticate bitcoin transactions. This technology is highly used in the affiliate marketing industry. Attrace seems to be the first affiliate network which is responsible for finding an application for this technology.

It makes use of blockchain to get rid of fraud and improve transparency. Also, it is used for minimizing the bureaucratic infrastructure of its network and generate payment in real-time. This decentralized solution based on blockchain technology can successfully deliver services at a 95% lesser rate when compared to other networks.

When there will be at least one organization which would try to relish the advantages of blockchain and decentralized technology to the online marketing world, it will start spreading with just a matter of time and the entire process will go smarter.

Artificial intelligence offers attractive new facts

Affiliate marketing beginners often tend to work in a highly detail-oriented approach. They consider it as their responsibility to spend a significant duration of time while testing new offers, curating high-end content and finding new traffic sources. However, when it comes to affiliate marketing experts, they understand the value of the bigger picture.

They rather choose to observe trends for anticipating new changes. This gives them a clear idea of different types of offers which will prove to be profitable to them in the future. For instance, Performance Horizon can be considered as a pioneering example in this regard.

In the last year, they announced crafting a new and innovative AI platform to help brands understand forecast various future changes while simply tracking, optimizing and brokering traffic.

A yet another lucrative example has been laid by ContentSquare. This platform acted pretty smartly while using AI to get an extensive idea about the role of customer behaviour for digital marketing. Doing that, they were successful in achieving $ 20 million in seed funding just a few years ago.

Well, it is not the right time yet to make any significant comment on the impact of artificial intelligence on the affiliate marketing industry because the technology is still evolving at a rapid pace. Howbeit, it is clear that this technology is going to change the artificial intelligence industry in the most smarter way.

Importance of GDPR

Recently, the European Union has finally brought GDPR into enactment. This can be considered as a new data protection framework which is responsible for replacing the entire Data Protection Directive that was valid in 1995.

In the new law, there is the number of data protection guidelines which affiliate marketers must know. There are several policies that affiliate marketers must understand regarding the new law of GDPR.

A few of them are mentioned below:

  • The GDPR has boosted up the rules of consent for marketers who are approaching EU companies. If you are any such marketer who wants to deliver personalized ads, you must get permission from the customers whom you want to sell your products.
  • In the past, the scenario was like marketers don’t use to spend much of their time finding out the location of their customers who shared personal data with them. They used to simply provide a general consent form to customers who visited their webpage. However, policies are much stricter under the GDPR now. Organizations which collect data must let their customers know what kind of data they are requesting and how they are planning to use it.
  • The affiliate marketers shouldn’t think that these new standards are not going to impact them. They might not be the final brand that customers might be interacting with but it is important for them to understand. If they have been using various third-party tracking software to collect personally identifiable information of customers, they must delete these entries from CPVLab. It might not be easy to meet the standards if you are leading various direct linking campaigns as an affiliate. Thus, make sure that you are making use of simple approaches to collect data reports and deletion request. It will ensure you respond in a simple, effective, and concise manner.

Affiliate marketers: Embracing new changes with open arms

The profession of affiliate marketing is definitely facing some of the significant changes lately. The new digital technologies and the EU’s smart data protection guidelines are going to have some serious effects on the future of Affiliate Marketing. Thus, the need of the moment is that savvy marketers must take out some extra time out to explore the implications that these changes can lead to.