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Best Affiliate Marketing Tips For Online Success In 2019

If you’re reading this you are at the right place at the right time.

And in the right industry.

Affiliate marketing is poised to become a $7 Billion industry by the time we reach earth year 2020 and beyond. As we presently navigate into 2019 it’s already well on its way. The opportunity in front of us has never looked more exciting than it does now.

And there is plenty of room to accommodate beginners whom have yet to get started making money online.  BTW, if you’re a newbie please take advantage of my free 7 day fast start guide by clicking here: getting started with affiliate marketing. You can always come back to this page. 

But, as with everything else in this world, there will be some bumps along the way. So let me share some actionable tips to help you steer your affiliate marketing vessel into the new year to maximize your income, minimize your risk and increase your chances for long-term online success. 

Affiliate Tips Section Outline:

  1. Strategic planning, discipline and momentum
  2. Pitfalls to avoid in 2019
  3. Pro tips to maximize your affiliate marketing success this year
  4. Never give up. Take it from an old gold prospector

Tip Section 1) Strategic Planning, Discipline & Momentum:

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  • Make a list of everything you want to accomplish in 2019 and complete your list in the next 24 hours from right now. If you don’t accomplish this first step, odds are that you’ll never make this list and thus have no plan to draw from. It’s like having a ship with no rudder. I know because I’ve been there. Start your list right now
  • Take your newly completed list and assign goals and firm deadlines to complete each one. Now, and this is absolutely critical, make a detailed list of the tasks that you need to perform to complete your goals on or before your deadline. That’s right, this year focus on tasks, not just your goals. And enforce your deadlines ruthlessly 
  • Break down your newly created list of tasks into daily segments and work each one to completion. This will create unstoppable momentum and a new sense of accomplishment that you may have never experienced before
  • Avoid procrastination by starting with your easiest tasks first followed by the 2nd easiest. It doesn’t matter what it is, just get started and start building momentum at the start of each day
  • Analyze your strengths and weaknesses so you can focus only on your strengths. Try to outsource your weaknesses to those who are better at it. You would be amazed what people around the world will do for only $5-$25 at
  • Eliminate or at least minimize negativity. Avoid news broadcasts which are absolutely poisonous to both your attitude and your success
  • Work smarter by eliminating the things you’re spending time on that aren’t making you money 
  • Clean and organize your workspace and keep it that way. Be a filer and not a piler. This ushers in organization, efficiency, confidence, and a sense of positive change
  • Remain flexible and recognize when you need to implement changes in your goals, plans and tasks. Then sit down and rewrite them
  • Cut down on TV time. Fill that time by reading books on self-improvement and motivation. Try to read one book a week. Achieve this by dividing the total number of pages in each book by 7 and read one segment per day. If you do just this, you’ll be absolutely amazed by your own personal transformation this year
  • Work extended periods of time without interruption. Try to do things in one sitting and don’t stop until each task is done to completion
  • At every opportunity, try to create additional income streams to augment your present income. This is your insurance policy against anything outside of your control, which will inevitably occur, destroying your only income  
  • Plan your work and use time-blocking to make sure you commit to it. Have a start time and an end time for each task and use a timer to stay on track. You can find free timers online and on your smartphone. This will improve your discipline
  • While were on that topic, become more disciplined this year. Discipline accelerates your rate of success and improves your morale
  • Use lists to keep yourself organized. Have a separate list for each project you’re working on and make a checkmark when you finish each task for the project
  • Avoid distractions by doing only one thing at a time. Silence your phones, close your email apps and focus only on the task at hand. Multitasking effectively is a myth and unless you’re a robot frankly impossible
  • Work fast. Perfectionism is a curse, not a blessing; so good enough is good enough. Perfectionism also leads to increased stress, anxiety and other unwanted mental distractions 
  • Increase the number of offers you make to your prospects and customers. The number of offers you put into the marketplace is directly proportional to the amount of income you’ll make this year
  • Determine what will make you money the fastest and prioritize that
  • Track your income on a daily basis. With today’s automation tools this is so easy to do. I use a simple app on my phone called iXpenseIt
  • Avoid fear of failure. Fear, stress, and worry all make you tired both mentally and physically. You cannot afford to be too tired to succeed
  • Select only a few times a day to return email messages and phone calls. Don’t reply to them as they come in. Be proactive not reactive
  • Plan your day the night before so you can get right to it each morning with a plan of action and a deadline
  • Do not just ‘wing it’. Know what you need to do each step of the way. If you don’t know, learn it thru a book or online tutorial
  • Be a giver. Your income will continue to increase every time you give first and ask second
  • Have fun and enjoy the ride. After all; life is very short

Tip Section 2) Pitfalls To Avoid In 2019:

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  • Hoping’ that you are performing affiliate marketing activities legally. “Compliance is your #1 word for 2019 if you want to stay in business” – Chris Hitman. Absolutely. Right now many internet-heavy industries and companies (including Paypal) are cracking down on compliance, claims and disclosure. If you don’t know the laws and rules of selling online, you better make it your priority #1 going forward. A simple Google search can lead you to all of the legalize you need to make sure the hat you’re wearing is white instead of black this year. Be as transparent as you possibly can in all communication with your audience
  • Ignoring the continuing growth of the mobile market. If your websites aren’t mobile-friendly yet (yikes) this would be your second most important task in January 2019
  • Following the herd. People online are looking for genuineness these days. They’ve seen just about every approach, pitch, tricky upsell and closing technique out there and can sniff BS from a mile away. Be real with people and show a genuine interest in their success, not just yours  
  • Not building a subscriber list. Email marketing continues to be one of the most lucrative methods of making money online and if you’re not doing it you’re literally self-sabotaging your success

Tip Section 3) Pro Tips To Maximize Your Affiliate Marketing Success This Year:

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  • Utilize automation tools to increase your efficiency. All of the top performing affiliate marketers use affiliate tools to save time and effort. Especially when scaling their income. Simply put, if you’re not using these tools, you are working way too hard. I think its important enough that I recently created an entire website just on this topic located here
  • Do what your competitors refuse to do for their customers. Perhaps making yourself available to them at all times like I do. Contact me personally any time here. I will continue to answer every email and inquiry until it becomes impossible to do so and be forced to enlist some help
  • Become the go-to person in your niche and wonderful things will begin to happen to you
  • Know your numbers. Like Marcus Lemonis (Host of CNBC’s The Profit) says “you don’t know your numbers; you don’t know your business”. Use these analytics to dial-in your marketing to improve your conversions and income
  • If you fail, fail as fast as you can and keep moving to something else that you won’t fail in
  • If you’re low on cash flow either get some working capital or bootstrap your way to success
  • When you start to experience success, beware of the gravy-trainers who will inevitably try to steal your content and your ideas
  • Always take care of your customers however painful and expensive it might be. Once you spoil your reputation online, its nearly impossible to regain
  • If you’re in the game for the long haul, avoid get-rich-quick schemes and black hat strategies that can get you banned or banished from the interwebs forever
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people who have similar goals to your own. Avoid anyone who questions what you do for a living. Make allies and do joint ventures to learn how other people work and think
  • Don’t sell any products online that you haven’t used or believe in yourself. This is a fast way to burn trust
I interrupt this post to make an important point.

All of these observations thus far are my own.

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Tip Section 4) Never Give Up. Ever:

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How Close Are You To Striking Gold?

Perhaps you’ve read one of the best books on achieving success ever written: Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

If not, go order it now because it will give you all the motivation you need, along with you taking action of course, to turbocharge your success this year. If you have read it, perhaps you remember the story about the gold prospector named R. U. Darby.

Mr. Darby was a gold prospector in Colorado that gave up on his mine when he was a mere three feet away from discovering a multi-million dollar gold ore producing vein. 3 measly feet.

Darby found some gold on his mining claim but never took the time to actually learn about how gold veins actually formed and developed. (Another good lesson here and a few more to come). After he discovered the initial gold he continued digging but in the wrong direction. After months of back-breaking hard work he grew frustrated and decided to quit.

He sold both his claim and remaining mining equipment to a local ‘junk man’ for just a few hundred dollars which was only a fraction of what it was worth. The junk man, also knowing little to nothing about gold mining, hired an expert in mine engineering to survey his newly acquired digs. The mining engineer quickly discovered the fault lines inside mine where the gold developed. Something Darby never figured out. 

With his smartly acquired expert knowledge, the junk man had to dig only 3 feet in one of the spots where Darby left off to find an enormous bonanza of gold that made him very rich. 

I’m telling you this story because it contains so many valuable lessons. In the last decade that I’ve been working online, I’ve seen so many affiliate marketers quit their internet-based business (and dreams) when they were actually much closer to success than they were to failure. If they would have searched for some outside help when they needed it and/or just persevered they would likely be doing very well right now. 

To be fair to the unfortunate Mr. Darby, his story ended well despite this setback. He went on to make a fortune selling life insurance. He credited his own perseverance and ultimate success to the lessons he learned from the gold mining venture. Never again did he allow his lack of knowledge and persistence keep him from what he wanted to achieve.

One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another – Napoleon Hill 

Now go get what is yours. 

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