Affiliate News November 2017

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November 30, 2017:

Digital Marketing Trends That Are Quickly Evolving

“Marketing has always been on the move in terms both of how it’s both defined and executed. From the early days of the telephone and wireless transmission to the “huge TV” trend, radio and billboard commercials and the internet, to social media platforms, IoT — and more — businesses and brands have always had to be on their toes to figure out what’s coming next…

Why The Internet Of Things Will Change Everything

“I recently spent time in China, learning about how contemporary marketing theory (created in Western, first-world markets) largely doesn’t work in some of the rapidly evolving Asian markets. One of the reasons is because as a mobile first—not TV/PC-first—economy, the sophistication of an integrated experience all connected through the phone is farther ahead in China…”

November 29, 2017:

How To Qualify Your Leads And Increase Your Conversion Rates

“Whether you’re selling something for $10 or $100,000, you’re going to get a bunch of bad leads. Every business has them. But, a good business will learn how to qualify its leads to make sure it doesn’t waste time chasing those bad leads…

Content Marketing Trends Coming in 2018

“The line, if there is one, between content marketing and publishing will continue to blur in 2018, as businesses produce high-quality articles, books, and broadcasts to attract, engage, and retain customers. Content marketing has always sought to emulate the best things about magazines or movies or television shows…”

November 28, 2017:

How To Use Google’s Keyword Tool Effectively

“After you’ve created your initial list of keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner to add a few more and then begin the refining process. To get started, you need an AdWords account. If you haven’t opened one yet, now’s the time…

Marketing Automation Myths

“Automation is a hot-button word that elicits a wide variety of emotions in people, such as feelings of curiosity, confusion and even fear. The promise of automation can be seen in classic 1960s cartoons, where beloved robotic maids perform pesky household chores with impressive efficiency. One can also cynically view automation through the lens of popular 1980s and 1990s science-fiction movies in which advanced technology, once designed to improve our lives, eventually turns against all of mankind…”

November 27, 2017:

How To Make Big Bucks On Social Media By A Guy That Does

“Think about how you use social media. Is it simply a method to connect with people? A distraction from boredom at work? Or is it a tool to reach thousands—even millions—of qualified customers?…

SEO Enabling Trends Beyond The Obvious

“Ecommerce sites with the strongest natural search performance drive visits to every page, not just the home page and not just for searches for the brand.
A search engine optimization channel cannot thrive on a steady diet of queries for the company’s name that send consumers to its home page. But that’s what most sites subsist on…”

November 26, 2017:

The No-Work Income Model… Huh?

“A video…

Creating A Winning Marketing Story

“In my role as a mentor to entrepreneurs and an angel investor, I find that too many are stuck in this myth that a good pitch, and good marketing content, should consist of more product features, and more hype on customer benefits. Naturally, these are important, but real winning content has to start with a story that excites people’s imagination, and pulls them in emotionally…”

November 25, 2017:

Eighteen Marketing Trends To Look For Next Year

“This year saw the release of new technologies like Google Home and the iPhone X. Digital advertising expanded gains made last year over television advertising, and markets rewarded brands that bet big on innovation and customer service (think Tesla and Amazon)…

Internet Marketing Trends To Watch in 2018

“As 2017 enters it’s final phase, it’s the perfect time to look ahead and predict the Digital Marketing trends of 2018. There are a clear number of industry trends that have exploded onto the scene this year. Trends that are bound to flourish further into 2018…”

November 24, 2017:

People Open Emails On Thanksgiving Than On Black Friday

“With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday among the biggest sales days for businesses, research from small business email marketing solution Constant Contact shows consumers are opening less and less email marketing messages on Black Friday. However, these same consumers aren’t shy about checking those emails on Thanksgiving…

How To Blow Your Customers Away Keeping Them Coming Back For More

“Gone are the days when troubleshooting and call centers were enough to make your customers brand-loyal. Today, with so many ways to connect and establish relationships online, combined with the noise of competitors vying for attention, standing out in the crowd means you’ll need to not just help customers when they need it, but wow them throughout their experience…”

November 23, 2017:

Ecommerce Site Design Trends For 2018

“New techniques, technologies, and user behaviors drive ecommerce website and application design every year. In 2018, expect ecommerce sites to employ the CSS Grid Layout, use mobile-friendly full-screen modal windows, offer a lot more video, and include microinteractions and guided selling…

How To Write Content Faster


November 22, 2017:

Digital Marketing Predictions For 2018

“The following is a guest contributed post from Todd Crawford, Co-Founder and VP of Strategic Initiatives at Impact Radius. Nearly all brands are now looking to affiliate marketing as a viable and cost-effective channel not only to close, but grow sales. Traditionally, players in the…

What You Need To Know About Black Friday

“Grouped together, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday make for the busiest shopping week of the entire year. They’re critical to retailers who count on fourth-quarter sales could account for up to 40% of the yearly total…”

November 21, 2017:

Productivity Hacks From Very Successful Folks

“Productivity hacks are shortcuts, tricks or strategies that help you get more done in the same amount of time. We all know some of the basic hacks, like drinking coffee in the morning to get a caffeine boost, or planning your day the night before. But there are far more hacks and strategies worth exploring than any one person can imagine…

How To Know You’re Making Bad Decisions

“Starting your own business is a labor of love. You’ve made a commitment to go out on your own. Then the hard part starts: figuring out how to generate revenue, pay the bills on time and over-deliver value to your clients…”

November 20, 2017:

The State Of Marketing Tech

“The rise of marketing technology has created many questions regarding its status in the industry, but also its future. We attended MarTech Festival on Thursday to hear the latest trends from some of the leaders in marketing technology…

Want To Be A Millionaire? Do This –


November 19, 2017:

Influencer Marketing Trends To Look For In 2018


Important Lessons Learned By Entrepreneurs

“The entrepreneur’s journey is full of challenging and enlightening lessons. If paid attention to, these lessons can take your business to the next level…”

November 18, 2017:

Prepping For Cyber Monday

“The last couple months of the year are crucial for many consumer-focused companies. People are in the mood to buy during the holiday season, and there is a lot of competition for their attention…

How To Generate LinkedIn Leads

“If your business is struggling to generate leads through your existing social media marketing strategies, it might be time to expand your reach. After all, social media consists of more than Facebook and Twitter. In fact, from a professional point of view…”

November 17, 2017:

Must-See Movies For Entrepreneurs

“From setup and rising conflict to the crisis and ultimate resolution, movies mirror our personal journeys in life and business. These top entrepreneurs and members of The Oracles share the movie moments that inspired them to fulfill their greatest aspirations…

An Island Surrounded By Mirrors?

“The mission of marketing is to build brands that stand the test of time, not to build brands for the sake of it. By building strong, preferred and differentiated brands, sustainable business results will follow…”

November 16, 2017:

Instagram Marketing Hacks

“The introduction of Instagram’s algorithm rewrote the rules of the platform and sparked outrage from influencers who deem the algorithm as creatively debilitating. Despite the outcries, Instagram hasn’t changed its stance on showing audiences what the platform thinks they want to see, rather than what has been most recently posted in the network…

How To Market Organically On Instagram

“Instagram has proven to be the marketing platform of the future, catapulting many brands to new heights with millions of followers scrolling every day. Since the social media app allows companies to promote their brand without buying expensive and often ineffective ads, marketing is not only cheaper but feels more organic to consumers — but only when done right…”

November 15, 2017:

The Increasing Cost Of Customer Acquisition

“Remember when direct response advertising meant billboards with phone numbers? Or late-night infomercials imploring night owls to “call now!”? Direct mail, anyone? While “offline” direct response marketing is still very much a thing, digital is today’s acquisition marketer’s go-to. Automatic, neat, reporting on demand, what’s not to like?..

Is This A Better Marketing Formula?

“Brands spend a lot of money every year in an attempt to reach more customers. A recent survey said brands over $5 billion in revenue spend an average of 13% of their revenue on marketing, and those numbers continue to rise. According to the same survey, this is the third consecutive year that marketing budgets have increased. ..”

November 14, 2017:

eCommerce Startups To Watch Next Year

“Robotics and big data have already revolutionized e-commerce. These companies are helping to distribute that revolution evenly.
Drone Delivery: Flytrex Drone delivery is already available, albeit in limited markets. Flytrex, a drone logistics company, is well on the way to changing that. The company launched the world’s first fully autonomous drone delivery system in Iceland this year, cutting average delivery times for e-commerce company AHA by over 75 percent on certain items while saving 60 percent in delivery costs…

GOTRAX Launches Affiliate Program

“GOTRAX™, a Denver-based brand of hoverboards and electric rideables driven by imagination and innovation with a focus on science and education, today announces its official GOTRAX™ Affiliate Program designed to incentivize and strengthen relationships with influencers, content producers and retail marketing partners…”

November 13, 2017:

How To Set Up A Successful Affiliate Program

“In today’s competitive world, small businesses generally need multiple ways to generate revenue, and creative entrepreneurs are able to establish multiple streams. Especially early on in the life of your company…

Influence Marketing Changes Due To FTC Crackdown

“Changes in social media brand affiliation are upon us as the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) recent crackdown on two YouTubers proves that influencers need to make their brand relationship clear to followers. With 21 warning letters also sent to a flurry of social media influencers requesting brand affiliation clarification, a new FTC Endorsement Guide has been issued as a result…”

November 12, 2017:

Is Social Media Falling Out Of Favor With Marketers?

“The number one social media challenge for marketers according to Mary Meeker’s 2017 report is measuring ROI (61%). Why are so many marketers finding social ROI challenging? As marketers have leapt into social media they’ve been keen to embrace new metrics, but haven’t probably correlated them to figure out what they indicate...”

How To Build Trust

“From your creditors to your employees, good business relationships are built on trust. Can the people who depend on you, confidently rely on you to treat them fairly? Once you have proven your dependability, they will make allowances for you and extend their level cooperation. This is essential to your business success…”

November 11, 2017:

Are Your Marketing Efforts Falling Short? –

“For many years, businesses have been talking about the need to develop systems to tie every aspect of marketing together from developing marketing communications through recording sales and providing after-sale customer service. The problem is that very few have invested the resources to develop such systems...”

Three Hard Lessons To Learn

“Ask any leading entrepreneur about the secrets to their success and you’ll more than likely find that it’s often the valuable lessons that come through hardships, trials and challenges that best serve their long game. Statistically, 90 percent of startups fail…”

November 10, 2017:

Is Weed The New ‘Craft Beer’?

“‘This bud’s for you’ has taken on a whole new meaning for Chris Burggraeve.

The former chief marketing officer for Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewer of Budweiser beer, is moving from barley and hops to cannabis as the alcohol industry casts its sights on the burgeoning market for state-sanctioned marijuana…”

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Target Everyone

“‘It’s a very, very challenging thing to put your heart and soul into your very first product,” Merrigan says. “You know it’s awesome. You know it’s groundbreaking. But then to listen to the things that aren’t right and to listen to feedback that’s not positive, and take that not as an insult to your idea but as prompt to make some change’…”

November 9, 2017:

Amazon Expands Their Influencer Program

“Amazon is expanding its efforts to woo high-profile personalities across the social media landscape. The retailer has announced that its seven-month-old Influencer Program, which offers commissions and vanity URLs to creators who link to Amazon product pages, is now open to Instagram and Twitter users in addition to those on YouTube...”

How To Cash In With Amazon Associates

“You must be aware of loads of overemphasis about how you can earn from doing amazon affiliate marketing. Or, you would have set up a website with the objective of earning money from affiliate marketing and would have used up money to buy a domain, paid for hosting the site, used the services of a web designer to construct your website only to discover the money earned is insufficient to cover up your capital investment…”

November 8, 2017:

Adopt Fast Or Get Smoked By The Field

“The pace of change in today’s corporate world is astonishing. A quick glance at the most highly valued companies of 2017 compared to those in 1990 will make obvious how rapidly things have changed on Wall Street and board rooms across the nation....”

What Marketing Will Look Like In The Post-Phone Era

“I have a hypothesis: once everyone gets their hands on an iPhone X, it won’t just mark the device’s 10th year of incremental evolution; it will also represent “peak iPhone”—the point at which it will never be more influential, ubiquitous, or dominant…”

November 7, 2017:

How Some Forward-Thinking Companies Are Using AI Marketing Now

“Marketing professionals across the board are facing an unprecedented moment.
Never before have brand specialists and advertisers had access to such monumental amounts of data as well as insights and metrics from artificial intelligence platforms.

How To Design Your Own Life On Your Terms

“Years ago, my father shared a simple bit of wisdom with me that you’ve probably heard before: Life is too short, he said. Too short to do something you’re not passionate about, that is.
My father loved his job at General Electric. In fact, he didn’t even think of it as work…”

November 6, 2017:

Don’t Be A Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

“Travis Merrigan knows how difficult the process is. He’s the co-founder of Grayl, a company that makes a bottle that also filters water — but when it hit the marketplace, sales weren’t what they’d hoped for, and many customers and retailers said the product line was confusing...”

Trying To Go BIG Online

“On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, it’s her bread and butter: a post about clothes and shopping. Wednesdays are for spotlighting a brand or product she loves. Friday’s posts usually are about a trend. The formula for a week’s worth of content has been tweaked a bit over the years, but this is what it is now and it’s working…”

November 5, 2017:

Why Video Marketing Still Has A Bright Future

“Throughout the past 10 years, personal and desktop computers, laptops have been slowly evaporating from the market. People often turn to mobile phones or tablets to reach or even to create the content they desire...”

10 Must-Read Books By Tim Ferriss

“Tim Ferriss, the productivity expert, author and inspirational speaker, is an avid reader, and has highlighted many books on his show and through his blog, seeking to share some of the same wisdom that inspires him…”

November 4, 2017:

Ecommerce Product Releases For November 2017

“Here is a list of product releases and updates for late October from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on augmented reality tools, image-recognition for search, shipping tools, payment security, and affiliate programs...”

Five Surefire Ways To Make Money Online

“In 1994, the internet went mainstream. This is the year the first AOL discs came out to let people “dial up” to the internet. They were everywhere. You could get them at the grocery store, and they came in the mail. People made art out of these shiny discs. I’m not kidding…”

November 3, 2017:

How To Build Your Brand With Facebook Business Marketing

“Facebook is a wonderful way to grow your brand, create brand awareness and attract and engage with customers, but if your primary reason for creating a Facebook business page is because other companies have one, you need to stop and think more strategically. Marketing on Facebook is a completely different entity compared to a general Facebook profile. Learn how to make the most out of Facebook for your business with these helpful tips...”

Jon Taffer’s Keys To Massive Bar Rescue Success

“Entrepreneurs don’t have time for fluff and sugar-coated advice that makes them feel good but doesn’t help them move their business forward…”

November 2, 2017:

What Affluent Chinese Men Are Buying

“The rapid expansion of China’s wealth in recent decades has given birth to the country’s mass affluent male class (M.A.C), which wields massive purchasing power and directly affects luxury brands. However, research focusing on uncovering this group’s tastes and habits of luxury consumption is scarce...”

7 Important Global Trends In Affiliate Marketing

“Affiliate marketing is a unique marketing tactic. In fact, to go further, it is probably fair to say that it is uniquely unique. Every digital advertising model has its own individual characteristics, but what sets affiliate marketing apart is the fact that it has no universal template that is rolled out across the world at scale…”

November 1, 2017:

How To Turn Your Social Media Fans Into Buyers

“Got a sizeable social media following that’s just sitting there? There is money in it. In this article, we take a look at an untapped way of making money online while leveraging your social media followers. When a social media follower becomes a customer, the next step is for them to become a loyal customer. From there, you can’t lose. But unless you get wise to how to do this, your social media platforms are a case of you leaving money on the table for someone else to nab...”

How To Choose The Best SEO Keywords For Your Business

“One of the best ways to grow a business is through search engine optimization (SEO), the process of making changes to increase a website’s likelihood of being ranked for relevant searches within Google and other search engines…”

The Top Email Marketing Tools

“With a huge flock of people on social media these days, the revival of email might come as a shocker to you. However, we got data to back it up. After performing multiple analysis between non-identical user groups, it seems like emails have always lived and been building on their strengths by preserving tranquility in the dark. We are coexisting with some of the pace setters who transmuted our online world into something fascinating: From Facebook ad models to hyper-personalised omnichannel marketing…”

The Coming Marketing Wave Of AI

“It has been a bleak year for print advertising. This month the Daily Mail and General Trust, Britain’s biggest news industry company, announced that ad revenues for this year have slipped by £15million in its print components, but rose sharply by £19million from its website. Advertising giant WPP dramatically cut its growth forecast over the summer, highlighted the challenges that traditional conventional companies face as they continue to struggle in the new marketing climate...”

What AI Will Do To Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be the current business hot topic, including in marketing. It seems nearly impossible for any kind of marketing/advertising industry event or conference to not have at least one (or likely more!) session or panel discussion on the subject. (I should know, in the last month or so I’ve been a panelist four times at different industry events on both sides of the Atlantic talking about how AI will impact marketing, advertising, consumers, and the futures of business and work…”

How To Build Your First Mobile App Step-By-Step

“Why do you want to build a mobile app? Do you want to ride the wave of other entrepreneurs, or did you come across a problem that you feel you can resolve? The answer to this question will determine whether your app will be successful or not...”

Is Walmart Screwing Up Their Marketing To Millennials?

“The first rule about marketing to millennials is that you should not talk about marketing to millennials.
There’s nothing less cool than trying to be cool, but that hasn’t stopped numerous companies from doing it. Countless brands have slapped emojis on their ads, tried to create clever memes, or used no-longer-clever text abbreviations (LOL, IMO, YOLO) to try to appear hip in an effort to woo millennials…

FTC Settles With Tech Support Scammers

“The FTC has announced that the operators of two alleged tech support scams have agreed to settle agency charges that they deceived consumers into believing their computers were infected with viruses and malware, and then charged them hundreds of dollars for unnecessary repairs…”