Affiliate Marketing News June 2017

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June 30, 2017:

$7 Mil From Social Media Marketing?

“Father’s Day is usually a day for celebration. But on this particular Father’s Day in 2014, Jason Stone’s home was burglarized. It was only a year prior that he had embarked on his social media marketing journey, creating a personal profile that he then built up to 10,000 followers, a number that seemed dizzying to him at the time…”

Fifty Awesome Free Marketing Tools

“You’re a small business. You need to market your products and services to establish yourself on the market and edge ahead of competitors. Though your marketing budget doesn’t stretch too far. Fortunately, there is a whole host of free marketing tools that small businesses can benefit from. Here’s 50!…”

June 29, 2017:

B2B DM’s Looking For A New Approach

“Business-to-business decision makers don’t just go to a website, add a data center to their shopping cart and check out. They research, ask questions, ask more questions and spend countless hours online before deciding. The typical sales cycle for technology software is 12 to 18 months…”

Why Did Amazon Buy Whole Foods?

“Two of the biggest retailers in the world are getting together. This morning,, the juggernaut that continues to put massive pressure on brick-and-mortar retailers, announced that it is buying Whole Foods, the popular, high-end organic foods grocer.

Both companies are major stakeholders in the Drupal ecosystem: Amazon made an investment in Acquia in 2014, and much of Acquia’s hosting infrastructure relies on Amazon Web Services…”

June 28, 2017:

How To Gain Trust From Your Content –

“Any time we hop on our phones or laptops, we just might feel that the glut of content there is suffocating us. How does that happen?..”

How To Make The Perfect Facebook Page –

“What does the perfect Facebook Page look like? How can you ensure success with your new Page? Depending on your niche and audience, Facebook Pages will have some differences in how they attract engagement…”

June 27, 2017:

How To Get Subscribers When You’re Still Unknown In Your Niche

“The early days of a new blog, podcast, or video channel are actually a sort of magical time. It’s quiet. No one has shown up yet. You can say or do nearly anything. You have the opportunity to experiment and play without fear…”

Marketing Discipline

“Our award winning editorial team and columnists will ask the biggest questions about the biggest issues on everything from strategy through to execution to help you navigate the fast moving modern marketing landscape...”

June 26, 2017:

Google To Fight Massive Fine

“Google looks likely to appeal the hefty $2.7 billion fine it has been ordered to pay by the European Commission today…”

TopBetta Launches New Affiliate Program

Australia ASX-listed horseracing specialist bookmaker TopBetta has announced that it will relaunch its affiliate partnership program utilising NetRefer performance marketing software. TopBetta becomes the latest industry operator to integrate NetRefer’s 360 Unified Performance Marketing Platform, with a view to optimise its horseracing markets across a number of affiliate portals...”

June 25, 2017:

How To Work With 300 Influencers


Lessons From Intel’s Olympic Marketing

“Long-running Olympics sponsor McDonald’s ended its partnership with the IOC in a surprise move last week only to be swiftly replaced by Intel. But, on closer inspection, was it an inevitability given the shifting nature of sports sponsorship?..”

June 24, 2017:

Lucrative Marketing Tweaks

“It took me quite a long time to figure out one profound truth: Multi-tasking won’t always help your business grow. So, for the entrepreneurs who are just starting: Start small. Don’t try to do everything at once. Instead, focus on developing good habits you can fall back on later...”

Mobile Marketing Tips

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of mobile in today’s digital marketing landscape. The fact is, if you aren’t focusing on how to appeal to audiences on mobile, you’re already falling behind the competition...”

June 23, 2017:

Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?

“The first marketing email was sent nearly 40 years ago by a marketer named Gary Thuerk from Digital Equipment Corporation. Thuerk sent an email promoting his company to roughly 400 people with an ARPANET address. ..”

India’s e-Commerce Boom

“On the Internet, nothing travels faster than a tip on how to score a bargain.

With online sales growing in India, and price-sensitive Indian consumers looking at ways to shave costs, Internet merchants are offering discounts to anyone willing to punch in a secret coupon code and sign up as a member on their sites…”

June 22, 2017:

The Keys To Good Content Creation

“Content development is an art. It’s a lot more than starting with a topic, writing down some words and hitting publish. When writers start out developing a new piece of content, it’s a process...”

Marketing Lessons From Liquor Brands

A few years ago, alcohol-beverage giant Diageo realized it had a problem. When Fireball-loving millennials wanted to take a shot, they weren’t downing the company’s Captain Morgan rum..”

June 21, 2017:

What’s Coming In AI-Powered Marketing

“As a longstanding staple of science fiction and academic research, AI isn’t new. What’s different today is its shift into practical, consumer-facing applications. AI does real things for real people.For example, it quietly makes many of our daily tasks possible, such as shopping on Amazon, listening to music on Spotify, and requesting driving directions from an iPhone. AI is big business, and tech firms, enterprises, investors, and the media all want in on the action...”

The Latest Marketing Trends And Statistics

“As marketers, we all want to know the numbers. What is working, which strategies are driving conversions, and where can I get the most bang for my buck? Below is a list of 50 incredible marketing statistics that every marketer should know and live by in 2017...”

June 20, 2017:

What Is Gamification In Marketing?

“Although gamification has been around for a few years, it is still positioned as a marketing trend going forward and, if anything, is gaining more attention as an ideal way to create engagement with a consumer audience. That’s because the concept of playing a game and possibly winning something stimulates the creative, playful and competitive spirit in pretty much all of us...”

On-Page SEO Tactics

“There are two types of bloggers in the world today: passion bloggers who treat their site as an online diary, and professional bloggers who aim to promote or monetize their hard work...”

June 19, 2017:

Did Google Analytics Ruin Marketing?

“Marketers in the high-tech world who use phrases such as “social media marketing,” “Facebook marketing” and “content marketing” do not understand the basic difference between marketing strategies, marketing channels and marketing content. And Google Analytics is to blame...”

Jobs You Can Do Online From Home

“Whether you’re looking for a respite from your 9 to 5, are unable to commute to work, are a stay at-home parent, or have some other constraint that prevents you from finding a full-time job, there’s no need to waste your earning potential...”

June 18, 2017:

Seven Good Digital Marketing Tips

“Digital marketing is a generic term used for your online marketing efforts. Google search is the main focus of most online businesses. Social media is important as well. People spend a huge amount of time online, so having a digital marketing strategy essential in today’s competitive marketplace.

Digital marketing is an impulsive industry. You must be able to grab your customers attention quickly and hold for long enough to interest them. If you recognize current trends, have an effective plan of action, and move on it, you should be able to achieve success…”

Cool Ways To Generate More Website Traffic

“Millions of businesses join Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day for the sole purpose of generating traffic. Many set up Google ads. Because of this increasing participation in social media, however, success with conventional online advertising has become harder to come by...”

June 17, 2017:

How To Grow Your Affiliate Program

“This is the real and transparent story of how we more than tripled our Affiliate Program in less than a year.

If you are not familiar with what an Affiliate Program is and how powerful it can be for increasing your inbound leads, I put together this EPIC guide that can help get you started with affiliate marketing…”

Should You Aim To Fail?

“Here’s a viewpoint that might cause you to do a double take: Activelyseeking rejection means you’re learning, adapting and getting that much closer to your destination...”

June 16, 2017:

How Will AI Impact Marketing?

Students of marketing are worried. They fear that they will already have been replaced by the time they graduate and look for career positions. And some of this fear is warranted, of course. AI has become the new “darling” of marketing, as an ever-increasing number of uses keep being discovered…

What’s The Future Of Email Marketing?

“If you want to successfully make money online and run a business that lasts for years to come, you need to be focusing on your email marketing. Over the past 20 years, I’ve been able to see firsthand the massive power of email marketing and how it’s gone from it’s most simple form of “You’ve Got Mail” on AOL, to now being used for list building, automation and retargeting. ...”

June 15, 2017:

Selling To Millennials

“Millennials, born between 1981 and 1997, now number greater than 75 million and have become the largest living population, according to recent estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau. Needless to say, they are a very important retail segment...

Instagram Is Dropping The Hammer On Marketing Spam

“Popular photo app Instagram is cracking down on an annoying form of marketing spam that has appeared on the service for years. It is blocking services that try to help users get more followers by automatically responding to other users’ posts, according to The New York Times…”

June 14, 2017:

The Key To Mental Toughness

“If I had to pick just one quality and characteristic I was able to take away from the game of football that greatly impacted my life as an entrepreneur, it would be mental toughness, without a doubt. Playing the game of football since I was a little kid and then eventually getting the wonderful opportunity to play at the highest level in the NFL has transformed my mindset more than anything else...

Is Anyone Listening To Your Marketing Message?

“Marie seemed to have it all figured out.

She had a really well-defined niche in ghostwriting nonfiction books for entrepreneurs. She was consistently writing blog posts about the benefits and challenges of writing a book to promote your business. She had a really engaging Instagram profile with thousands of followers and hundreds of fans. She had recently completed some ideal projects that were hugely profitable…”

June 13, 2017:

Build And Promote Your Affiliate Program

One of the best ways to increase your amount of inbound leads is by building a robust and active Affiliate Program. First things first…what exactly is an affiliate program?..

Promote Your Affiliate Program

“The most powerful, effective, efficient and economical way to market your Canadian products or services online is through an affiliate program (also known as associate programs or partner programs). Affiliate programs are based on performance, allowing you to advertise on countless websites around the world, yet only pay for it when a sale is made...”

June 12, 2017:

What’s Rocking In Digital Marketing Right Now

“Digital marketers are frequently subjected to the constant changes and innovations of the digital arena. The pace can be brutal and is often relentless. If recent business history is anything to go by, the only way to thrive in an ever-changing environment is to evolve and adapt…

WorldWideMarkets Kicks Off New Affiliate Program

“Foreign exchange and CFDs brokerage WorldWideMarkets has announced a new affiliate program on its website. The FCA and BVI regulated company is offering CPA and Revenue Share plans with various tiers...”

June 11, 2017:

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Content

“As content curators and marketers strive to keep up with this rapidly evolving industry, it is critical to produce pieces that both resonate with the audience and provide a return on investment. By engaging visitors, you build trust, which makes it easier to snag qualified leads and close sales…

How To Keep Your Brand On Track

“Ensuring your messaging and communications stay on brand as your business grows is crucial. But growth, especially rapid growth, may mean you have new staff members who are unclear on what the message is, or how to best convey it...”

June 10, 2017:

Why You Need To Spy On Your Competition

“When strategizing and contemplating your next business endeavor, it’s easy to think you know everything about your product or service. After all, you’ve probably been perfecting your venture for a substantial amount of time…

Spending Analysis On Marketing Knowledge

“Investments in knowledge are often heralded as important seeds for organizational success. Yet the intangible nature of knowledge means it is also often undervalued when it comes to budgetary allocations compared to more visible contributors to company performance. Fortunately, reports from the most recent CMO Survey indicate that knowledge investments are on the rise...”

June 9, 2017:

18 Weird Jobs That Are Out There

An infographic..

Maximize Both Your Social And Mobile Performance –

“If you have an affiliate program as part of your marketing strategy, it may have been serving you well when your traffic was focused on one channel: websites. The definitive shift in channel preference to mobile and social has meant that your affiliate program may not be performing and delivering the results it once had...”

June 8, 2017:

How To Meet And Exceed Your Deadlines –

“A lot of us are usually overcome with excitement at the prospect of a new job or taking on a new challenge. Unfortunately, the novelty does not last very long when we get hit with wave after wave of deadlines…

Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

“It’s been a busy, busy, busy week in online media and marketing stats, and we’ve put together 13 figures that were definitely worth sharing:

1. Facebook, the media buyer
Kantar Media analyzed the $117.9 million spent on marketing in the U.S. last year by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. Facebook by far outspent its competitors in 2016, running campaigns to the tune of $80.7 million, which represents a 260 percent year-over-year increase…”

June 7, 2017:

Do-It-Yourself Mobile Marketing SEO Tips

“Mobile online marketing is now synonymous with online marketing. More users consistently use mobile devices today than connected ones. In late 2016, Google began testing a mobile-first index. When they rollout and begin using the index, search engines will look to the mobile version of your website before the desktop version to determine ranking…

Is Text Messaging Facing Further Legal Challenges?

“Attorneys are now using SMS (short message service) to communicate with clients and prospects. Before you start thinking that lawyers are on the cusp of a cutting-edge communications style, let me remind you that SMS is also known as text messaging. You may be wondering, “how does an article about texting fit into a discussion regarding the legal profession?” Because the law doesn’t always keep up with reality...”

June 6, 2017:

7 Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success

“For a long time affiliate marketing has been viewed as something of an anomaly in the business world. Just as monster returns were realized in the early days of the internet (most notably with the dot com bubble), so have some affiliate marketers bought in a huge amount of money, often for very simple and, in all honesty, relatively uninspiring systems and Ideas…

SegPay Launches New Affiliate Platform

“SegPay, a global leader in digital payment processing solutions, has launched a new affiliate management platform, providing a complimentary, fully-customizable affiliate system for SegPay merchants. The platform simplifies the process of recruiting affiliates, as well as creating affiliate programs and tracking their performance...”

June 5, 2017:

How To Write Better Sentences

“While the goal of “improving your content writing” may seem complex, it’s not necessarily more complicated than improving each sentence you write…

Want To Work With Influencers?

“How much digital content do you consume on a daily basis?

It’s tough to put a number on that, isn’t it? Here’s an even tougher question: How much of that content do you genuinely trust — especially when it comes to an investment in a product or a service?..”

June 4, 2017:

Simple To Make Money Mistakes To Avoid

“Too often, young entrepreneurs make egregious mistakes that end up costing their business thousands of dollars. This is especially true when they’re focused on generating more leads and driving new business, a situation in which many tend to ignore their expenses and end up accruing a scary amount of debt…

Psychological Triggers To Boost Your Sales

“Businesses these days are spending an awful lot of time generating leads. While most marketers have learned the ropes and are generating a lot of leads through their efforts, the conversion rates illustrate a different picture. A survey conducted in 2016 revealed that only 22% of marketers are satisfied with their conversion rates…”

June 3, 2017:

How To Turn Your Passion Into A Real Business

“As a high school teacher and even later as a school principal, Sharon Tung never considered owning her own business. What she was certain of was her love for working with children and helping them succeed…

Great WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketing

“Are you looking for the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing? Most WordPress themes are designed for blogging or businesses which makes it difficult to choose the perfect theme for an affiliate marketing website. In this article, we will show you some of the best WordPress themes for affiliate marketing…”

June 2, 2017:

eCommerce Startup First Steps

“‘If you build it, they will come” couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to eCommerce.

As many eCommerce merchants find out the hard way, without adequate marketing there is often a lengthy and sometimes interminable lack of traffic after they launch their site. Fortunately, marketing your eCommerce startup doesn’t have to be time consuming or hard. In fact, it can be quick and—dare I say it—fun. This guide will help you learn how to take your eCommerce startup marketing strategy from zero to hero…”

Why Mobile Marketing Is Becoming More Important

“Businesses need to start adapting their marketing efforts to keep up with the advances in technology. Mobile device adoption rates are increasing at an incredible rate, surpassing 80% in 2016 alone. Even more importantly, average smartphone conversion rates are up 64% compared to the average desktop conversion rates for e-commerce alone. In today’s digital and interconnected world, the importance of tailoring marketing efforts so they are mobile-friendly cannot be overstated…”

June 1, 2017:

How To Create A Perfect Online Marketing Website

“In the world of digital marketing, we are seeing affiliate marketing as a great revenue generator. Many people are moving towards affiliate marketing but most of them don’t know about the correct approach that must be followed. The first step to start your affiliate marketing business is to develop a most competitive website that will serve as a platform for your business. The better the site the more revenue you will earn. Here are some of the tips that will help you in creating an up-to-the-mark website…”

How To Keep Your Ideas Flexible

“ is the fastest growing online consignment store in the United States. With over 1.5 million unique items available from its inventory, offers the largest selection of pre-owned baby, kid’s, maternity, women’s and men’s apparel and accessories. CEO and Co-Founder Juha Koponen says he and his team are always working towards making sure the selection of items fits the needs of his customers. Koponen knows that it’s going to take lots of time, and if the first thing doesn’t work, change it. How is Koponen’s company unique from the rest? Click play to find out…”

The Ins And Outs Of Internet Marketing

“Every business has its own pros and cons. It’s just the way it is. A business that may be perfect for one person may be terrible for someone else. The same goes for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where a person creates a product and has others market that product for a percentage of the profits for each product sold. Here are some positives to this type of marketing…”

State of Affiliate Marketing

“The ad tech industry has been under the spotlight this past year, but while most companies are fixated on issues that are plaguing the industry, affiliate marketing is carving out a piece of the digital advertising pie. To get a better understanding of just how much of that pie affiliate services take up, VigLink conducted a survey of 500 publishers and 100 merchants that currently use an affiliate marketing program. The survey also explored the current industry sentiment, and expectations for the future. The results showcase how well affiliate services have been performing, and how publishers and merchants plan to increase their usage and spending over the next few years…” Affiliate Marketing Review

“Merchants can achieve growth through affiliate marketing by learning from the successes and failures of others. In this “Affiliate Marketing Report Card,” a new quarterly series, I will critique an affiliate program by focusing on three areas: the affiliate networks, the infrastructure, and the management style...”

Money Mistakes Millennial Entrepreneurs Make

“Building a new company isn’t easy. Only a fraction of the startups founded each year survive for five years, and even fewer are run by young entrepreneurs. Business leaders who have experience running companies tend to be more likely to found a successful startup than first-timers — which many millennials are…”