Affiliate Marketing News July 2017

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July 31, 2017:

Content Vs. Roi

“We are in a time where brands must act as media companies to manage perception, build loyalty, engage users and proactively affect revenue. And with the information overload epidemic growing, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd no matter how great or innovative your product may be...”

Organizations In The Martech Age

“At MarTech Today, we often delve into the difficulties faced by CMOs in identifying the skills needed, and the talent required in staffing departments to support omni-channel campaigns, and manage diverse marketing technology stacks. We’ve also explored hiring challenges recruiters encounter when assessing candidates for these roles...”

July 30, 2017:

Are Successful Bloggers Just Lucky?

“A video..”

Tools To Build A Killer WordPress Site

“Making your site through WordPress allows you to do lots of technical things even if you consider yourself a non-techie. While it’s easy to build one, a great website needs tools that are a perfect fit to what your site is about. Fortunately, there are countless of tools available to help you improve your site’s performance...”

July 29, 2017:

How To Get Your Name Out There

“In this busy world, it’s more important than ever to find unique ways for you and your business to stand out...”

Using The Law Of Attraction

“Entrepreneur are born when they silence their self-doubt and realize that with enough dedication, they can move mountains. National Speakers Hall of Fame professional speaker and New York Times bestselling author Dan Clark has rewritten the rules of leadership in his new book, The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success...”

July 28, 2017:

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

“Affiliate marketing has its pros and cons — advocates and detractors. The industry is booming but there are many merchants that have negative opinions of the channel. They have seen fraud or low return on investment. Sometimes consumers don’t want or need their product. Often, merchants just haven’t put the right resources into the channel...”

The Brutal Reality Of Marketing

“Marketing isn’t all a bed of roses. If we are to succeed, it’s time we face a few harsh truths so we can use online marketing and social media as it was intended – to help others and build relationships. Here are some harsh truths we need to face..”

July 27, 2017:

The Key To Finding High-Converting eCommerce Products To Sell

“Remember GI Joe? Sure you do.

You probably watched the cartoon and played with the action figures as a kid. Maybe you still play with the action figures. Hey, I’m not judging. At the end of every show, GI Joe would say, “Knowing is half the battle…”

How To Improve Your Site Content

“Sometimes, content marketing is a numbers game. And this week on Copyblogger, we have lots of ideas for well-defined, specific actions you can take to improve your website and create some excellent content...”

July 26, 2017:

Killer Marketing Expert Insights

“Looking for guidance as you build your brand and connect with customers? There’s a lot of marketing wisdom out there if you just know where to look. And, in this regard 11 industry veterans stand out in particular: Through their books, blogs and public speaking engagements, these experts are helping others make sense of today’s marketing landscape…”

How To Cash In From Your Blog Within 6 Months

“Do you dream of earning a living from your blog? While making money blogging is not a quick rich scheme, with a clear strategy and perseverance, it’s totally possible to make a solid income from blogging. Here are some basic steps to follow to start earning an income from your blog…”

July 25, 2017:

Ethical Ways To Spy On Your Competition

“Way before people entered the cut-throat world of business; they were spying on their competition. At the time, it was all about “checking” your neighbor’s backyard and doing something better in your own…”

WebMD Sold For An Amazing $2.8 Billion

“WebMD Health Corp., operators of the popular WebMD website, is being acquired by Internet Brands, a portfolio company of KKR, for about $2.8 billion…”

July 24, 2017:

Steps Needed To Jump Into Influencer Marketing

“New channels, technology, and marketing trends are springing up left and right. While 95 percent of marketers know that multichannel targeting is crucial to their campaigns, fewer than half have the technology to capitalize on new methods that could help their campaigns stand out against the competition…”

3 Rocking Marketing Trends To Check Out

“Influencer marketing is all the rage in today’s day and age. As the name suggests, this is nothing more than relying on key players in your industry to push your message to a larger market…”

July 23, 2017:

Four Steps To More eCommerce Revenue

“There are several reasons why launching an e-commerce website is such an attractive option for those wanting to start an online business. From the ability to build an inventory-free business that uses a dropshipping model, to having unlimited scaling potential, an e-commerce business can be extremely lucrative…”

Amazon Paying People To Post On New Social Network “Spark”

“Ecommerce-oriented social network Spark launched Tuesday…”

July 22, 2017:

How To Keep Your Site Visitors Engaged

“Holding the attention of your online prospects isn’t always easy to do. Did you know that the average prospect will leave your page after 10 to 20 seconds? Given customers’ short attention spans, it’s important to focus on ways you keep your clients engaged and on the page…”

A Cool Marketing Hack Cheat Sheet

“Entrepreneurs have no choice but to become marketing experts. These days, that means you need to become a bit of a tech expert, too. It also entails understanding how user behavior, media consumption and advertising tactics are changing...”

July 21, 2017:

A Simple But Common Mistake That Keeps Some Companies From Growing

“A video…”

Amazon’s Crazy New Campaign Is Cool

“For the past couple of years, Amazon has been trying out a new marketing gimmick on the streets of Seattle — what it calls the Treasure Truck. The Treasure Truck is a specially outfitted truck stocked with flash deals for sale to local customers via the Amazon smartphone app. The truck drives around town dispensing its hot deals — and more — wherever it goes...”

July 20, 2017:

How To Make Online Reviews Work For (Instead Of Against) You

“Study after study finds that reviews have a major influence on potential customers’ buying decisions. Nearly 90 percent of customers surveyed have said they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from their family and friends, and positive reviews make customers more inclined to trust in the business that’s selling to them…”

Advanced Methods To Find Out More About Your Customers

“Getting to know your potential customers is crucial for any type of business. Whether you’re running a newly founded start-up or you’re the boss of a multinational company, customers are the ones who drive your sales. The more customers you have, the bigger the revenue and the higher the profits...”

July 19, 2017:

From Side-Hustle To Full-Time Business


Long-Term Affiliate Software Market Forecast

“The report provides a basic overview of the industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure...”

July 18, 2017:

Why You Should Embrace The Upcoming Robot Takeover

A slideshow…

Several Methods To Make Money Online

“Have you ever had a thought that went something along these lines: ‘Man, I wish I knew how to make some quick cash!’ If so – or if you’re still wondering the very same thing – here’s some good news: thanks to the almighty internet, it’s surprisingly easy to snag some cash online nowadays...”

July 17, 2017:

Are You Productive Enough?

“There’s a difference between being busy and being productive. While it’s true that both are able to check items off of their to-do-lists, productive check off the right items. Instead of just doing things to get them done, productive people focus on the ways that are going to have to biggest impact in both their personal and professional lives…”

Marketing Trends Making A Comeback

“A marketing renaissance is occurring for some old trends that may have once become tiresome but are now starting to appear fresh again. Email, direct mail and videos all fall into the category of areas that slowly grew stale as newer digital trends emerged and old ones evolved...”

July 16, 2017:

Will Sleeping Naked Help You Become More Wealthy?

“What if I told you in just 10 seconds a day, you can sleep better, make more money, reduce stress and lose weight? Sleeping naked can do all these things and more. All you have to do is take off your clothes…”

Why You Should Never SPAM

“The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) imposed the penalty after an investigation found that Upside.Digital sent, and caused to be sent, a significant number of marketing emails that did not clearly contain the name and contact details of its clients who authorised the sending of the messages...”

July 15, 2017:

Storytelling Is Always Good Marketing

“Storytelling is an effective marketing tactic to reach consumers who are being bombarded with marketing messages every day. Cheryl Barnett, a speaker at the recent Mobile & Content Marketing Conference, believes every South African brand has something to gain from telling stories…”

How To Protect Your Brand From Fraud

“A marketing renaissance is occurring for some old trends that may have once become tiresome but are now starting to appear fresh again. Email, direct mail and videos all fall into the category of areas that slowly grew stale as newer digital trends emerged and old ones evolved...”

July 14, 2017:

Three Tools To More Efficiency


The Keys To Strong Content Marketing

“Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to content marketing to draw in potential customers, without directly selling or advertising to them...”

July 13, 2017:

Profiting On Facebook With Chatbots?

“The possibilities available to brands that have built a unique messaging experience with bots are breathtaking in terms of results. Big brands have leveraged launches, contests, and much more using bots, and the possibilities have yet to be tapped. Businesses that truly want to see results are jumping at the chance to add Messenger-powered bots into their marketing and sales strategies…”

Cross-Border Ecommerce Is Hot

“While domestic online sales in the United States and the European Union will continue to increase — taking sales away from brick-and-mortar stores — growth rates will flatten out over the next 10 years...”

July 12, 2017:

The Evolving Affiliate Model

“One aspect of the tech world that is definitely on the up is affiliate marketing. This type of commercial enterprise has been growing in popularity for some time but is reaching the stage where 90% of companies have stated they now rely on affiliate marketing programs to generate business streams…”

What’s The Future Of Marketing?

“My father used to say, “A novel technology, never fear, it will be a necessity by the end of the year.”

When I think about the future of marketing, I think of my grandfather. He grew up in a time when there were three ruts in the country roads: two for the wagon wheels and one for the horse…”

July 11, 2017:

The Role Of Affiliate Networks

“Email marketing is still king of the digital marketing and advertising space.  However, given the great strides that the affiliate-marketing sector has taken over the past two decades, it could soon usurp email’s coveted position at the top of the heap…”

Introduction To BitterStrawberry Network

“In the old days of Internet marketing, advertising could oftentimes take on more of a blanket approach. The same static banner could be shown to every visitor to a website, regardless of that visitor’s individual characteristics…”

July 10, 2017:

Digital Ad Platforms You May Not Know About

“It seems like these days everyone is running  Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns. Those networks are great at producing results, but they aren’t the only good digital ad networks available…”

A Shortcut To Your First $1 Mil Online

“While it is widely predicted that cyber space will expand further with more and more companies making an entry into the digital fray, some opine that a total makeover may be expected regarding how surfers and leading search engines would prefer the humongous data prevalent on the Web…”

July 9, 2017:

How To Manage Your Inbox

“It’s easy for emails to quickly pile up — one minute you’ve got five unread emails and the next 20. And going through emails is no simple task. In fact, 28 percent of the average person’s workweek is spent managing emails. However, with certain strategies and tricks, managing your email could be easier…”

Basic Marketing Strategies For Newbies

“Not every small business has a marketing budget like the bigger companies. More often than not, entrepreneurs don’t even have a lot of extra time to get the word out on their goods and services. These basic marketing strategies for novices have been designed to fill that gap…”

July 8, 2017:

Top Online Marketing Strategies This Year

“If your business has plateaued, it’s time to change things up. The key to thriving success is to constantly introduce new ideas within your strategies to increase your profits and continue growing into a successful company…”

Do You Think Marketing To Millennials Is Tough?

“For the past few years, one of the most dominant topics in business and entrepreneurship has been what the hell to do with Millennials. Some companies love them, some can’t stand them. Some advocate for them, some find them entitled. And some, actually a good many, were started by Millennials, with almost all of their employees falling within that age range…”

July 7, 2017:

How Important Is Social Proof?

“It’s a question that confounds many new and young startups, and even big, established businesses these days: “With all the competition and noise out there, how can I gain the attention of new, potential buyers?.”

Common Reasons Why Businesses Fail –

“Entrepreneurship is no walk in the park. In fact, the amount of new businesses that fail exceed the number that succeed. That’s why it’s more important than ever to create a unique product or service that helps you stand out from the rest…”

July 6, 2017:

Thirty Strong Affiliate Networks

“Affiliate marketing is a simple way for bloggers and website owners to make money out of their blog. Rather than having to develop their own products, affiliates only have to place promotions on their blogs for the products of other merchants. The great news is that even the owners of small blogs can make money from their content writing efforts…”

What The Heck Is Earned Media?

“There are few things in digital marketing that are as valuable as earned media, search engine optimization could be considered one of the components. That is because earned media can be very hard to come by — after all, you have to earn it (hence the name). Businesses in certain industries may find earned media easier to attain, while others struggle immensely to get just the smallest taste of it. But even that small taste may bring value that your business can’t replicate for all the money in the world…”

July 5, 2017:

How To Earn More Conversions On Social Media

“Advertisers frequently reference the magic of social media as a way to boost conversions and engagement in consumers. And, in fact, social media has evolved into the go-to solution for helping users locate niche products and be persuaded to take the plunge (convert)…”

Old School Marketing Ideas That Still Work

“Let’s face it: Many things that helped earn trust and attention a few decades ago aren’t as effective anymore. As the business landscape evolves, the ways in which we communicate with prospective customers and drive demand for our products and services should, too. However, that doesn’t mean we should toss out every single marketing tactic or idea from the past…”

July 4, 2017:







July 3, 2017:

How To Turn Prospects Into Clients

“You may have heard me say in the past that people are ready to buy when they are ready to buy–not when you’re ready to sell to them. This is correct, but does that mean you are at the mercy of the prospect to make a sale?..”

Shoestring Marketing Tips

“One of the most critical, and most challenging, aspects of running a small business is marketing it.  Most entrepreneurs have little to no background in marketing, and often lack the resources to hire the talent that could make a difference in this area, especially early on.  Failing to market your business and its products effectively can be costly; poor marketing can limit your company’s exposure to new customers, and can leave you vulnerable to more market-savvy competitors…”

July 2, 2017:

How To Make Money With Your Blog

“Have you ever wanted to make money online? If so, one of the best ways to learn the process is through the use of a blog. Through the use of a free software called WordPress, it’s easy enough for anyone to go live with a site of their own in just minutes…”

5 Online Business Ideas

“The internet is the modern entrepreneurial petri dish from which great ideas can come to life. And with e-commerce sales boasting a 15.6% growth rate in 2016, it’s clear that if you’re not already doing business online, now may be the time to start…”

July 1, 2017:

Why Entrepreneurs Don’t Do Well In School

“My brother Adam and I, like a lot of really successful entrepreneurs, never finished college. Our grades in school were very good, but we didn’t go on to college after high school. We simply had too many ambitions to put them on hold for several years while earning degrees…”

Potential Impacts Of AI On Marketing

“The headlines say ad tech is dying or even proclaim that it’s dead. Consolidation is inevitable, no doubt, but I suggest that ad tech is evolving. Anyone who says that ad tech is dying is simply looking in the wrong place…”

Characteristics Of A Successful Business

“People always want to know what makes a good leader. It’s normally because they’re trying to become a leader, or they’re trying to find a leader to work for their company…”

How To Avoid The Worst Type Of Marketing

“This speaks to me on so many levels that I had to share it with you. It comes courtesy of an internet marketer I’ve bought software from in the past. His latest product is one that produces “fake” Facebook Live viewers, likes, and so on…”What To Know Before Listing On Amazon –

“Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce marketplaces in the world. But, if you’re thinking about listing your products there, you may be wondering what the experience will be like…”

How To Travel Like A Millionaire –

“On a Wednesday afternoon in June, Brian Kelly, better known as the travel guru the Points Guy, left his office, on Park Avenue, and boarded a helicopter on East 34th Street. Six minutes after takeoff, he touched down at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and approximately seven minutes after that, with the help of his T.S.A…”

How To Avoid The Inevitable Blogger Burnout

“I am visiting with family and friends for a few days. Busy bee on the social side of things. I can only do so much business-wise through this weekend. Just the way it is. If I wanted to go mad I would stay up until 2 AM, wake at 5 AM and get all of my normal workload done. Been there. Done that. This always leads to some mental or physical breakdown…”

How To Grow Your Blog Fast –

“I  clung to a poisonous limiting belief. For years. A crippling limiting belief.

I recall seeing a collection of high profile bloggers succeeding during my lean years. Big time successful. But I was a bit hamstrung by a really venomous limiting belief when I observed these hyper successful bloggers…”