Affiliate Marketing News February 2017

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February 28, 2017:

More Work In Less Time –

“On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I explain a time management trick that will allow you to do more and more work in less and less time. How? You put the big rocks in the jar first.

If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all. What are the big rocks in your life? Your children; your loved ones; your education; your dreams; a worthy cause; teaching or mentoring others; doing things that you love; time for yourself; your health; your significant other…”

LinkedIn Marketing Infographic –

“If you’ve applied for a job within the last several years, you’ve probably used LinkedIn somewhere along the way. Whether you’re updating your resume, applying for a role, or communicating with a recruiter, LinkedIn has become a huge part of the modern job search…”

February 27, 2017:

Full-Funnel Marketing Comes Of Age –

Evolving business applications open new opportunities for marketing across all industries, creating exponentially more potential touch points with customers, whose expectations grow as they arm themselves with more knowledge than ever before...”

Building Trust Online Is ALL That Matters –

“Regardless of the type of business you’re talking about, the importance of building trust cannot be overstated enough. In many ways, it’s the most powerful weapon that an organization has — it’s what separates your brand from your closest competitor…”

February 26, 2017:

Why You Need Business Mobility –

“Mobile usage, employee mobility and remote workers are a way of life in today’s workforce. If you don’t believe it, here are a few supporting facts. From 2010 to 2015, internet usage on desktop and laptop devices stayed fairly flat while mobile usage increased by 600 percent…”

Four Common Email Marketing Mistakes

“Not long ago, I received an email from my health club. I’ve been member there for 13 years, and this was the first of its kind. It said, in part:
“Dear Chris,
We’ve noticed you haven’t been in as regularly in recent weeks. I understand there may be many reasons for not being able to make it in, but I just wanted to send a quick note to check if you’re happy with the service we’ve been providing. Let me know if I can be of any assistance and I hope to see you very soon!…”

February 25, 2017:

How To Avoid A Cyber Attack By Email –

“Messaging apps and company policies that allow employees to “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) or work remotely can increase job satisfaction and boost productivity, but there’s a flip side to this flexibility: They could threaten business security…”

The Top SubReddits For Marketing

“Reddit is a powerful social network to connect with like-minded people, discuss ideas and views, and of course, share amazing content that the community finds useful. Launched in June 2005, Reddit has over 230 million unique users and gets close to 8 billion page views in a month…”

February 24, 2017:

Create Videos That Sell Without Actually Selling –

“In this Dynamic Communication interview, author Jill Schiefelbein chats with Alex Charfen, CEO of Charfen, who gives a tip that can help you grow your business. Perfect for entrepreneurs, small businesses, sales teams, marketing teams, livestreamers, video creators and more...”

The Empathy Approach

“In 2015, branded content output climbed 35% per channel, but content engagement decreased by 17%. What does that say? More content doesn’t mean more engagement....”

February 23, 2017:

Trust Is The New Online Cash –

“In 2016, Affiliate marketing was responsible for billions of dollars in sales for vendors.

It was also responsible for billions of dollars of revenue for the affiliates that promoted the offers. Instead of shrinking, the industry is growing. The problem is a few super affiliates are taking home most of the earnings...”

Approaching Mobile Marketing Trends

“Interest in mobile apps (with the exception of messaging app) appears to be fading. Location-based marketing may help retailers and other brands bring in customers. And the speed at which your mobile website loads is only going to become more important...”

February 22, 2017:

Nineteen Cool Affiliate Marketing Tools –

“In 2016, Affiliate marketing was responsible for billions of dollars in sales for vendors.

It was also responsible for billions of dollars of revenue for the affiliates that promoted the offers. Instead of shrinking, the industry is growing. The problem is a few super affiliates are taking home most of the earnings...”

How To Monetize Your Apps As A Microsoft Affiliate

“Developers who want a new way to boost their revenue for Universal Windows Apps can do so through combining the Microsoft Affiliate Program with app extensibility. New monetization opportunities open up on the Windows platform that just aren’t available on other app platforms...”

February 21, 2017:

Get Your Digital Sense On –

“It’s hard to be a digital marketer.

Using Snapchat doesn’t make you a digital marketer. Tweeting about bots and messaging doesn’t make you an expert on conversational commerce. And while sharing Alexa stories to your Facebook friends might make you look hip and smart, it’s not a sign that you know how to design marketing interactions for a voice-first future...”

The Fundamental Pillars Of Marketing

“Early in our careers, marketers are taught the “laws of advertising,” time-honored pearls of wisdom that help us make sense of a world filled with near-constant technological and cultural changes. The laws evolve and change, coming from innovators and business leaders like Ogilvy & Mather’s David Ogilvy, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Chiat/Day’s Jay Chiat and Apple’s Steve Jobs, but the foundational principles remain the same...”

February 20, 2017:

How To Stop Paralysis By Nonstop Analysis –

“Here’s some of the best advice I could ever give you…

The biggest mistake you can make as a new Affiliate Marketer is to get stuck in the learning acquisition mode. But unfortunately, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ happens to most people who start with Affiliate Marketing...”

How To Get Your First 1000 Fans

“What if you had 1,000 true fans for your blog or business? Not just visitors, but TRUE FANS and customers…

How would that affect your business – and your revenue?

It would have a HUGE impact. I can say that with full confidence, from my own personal experience. Every one of those people have friends, family and even “fans” of their own…”

February 19, 2017:

Top Challenges For Digital Markeing This Year –

“Augmented reality, live video streaming, data visualization: There’s plenty of hype about which digital marketing trends will hit the big time in 2017. But, in your rush to jump onto the latest trend bandwagon, don’t overlook the importance of battle-tested strategies, like local listing optimization, or online reputation management...”

How To Unify Marketing And Sales To Boost Your Income

“In most businesses, there’s a huge disconnect between sales and marketing. Because sales teams usually exist as an island, content marketing teams have no way to influence sales. And then apart from sending leads to the conversion funnel, marketing never knows what happens to those leads once they’re sent...”

February 18, 2017:

NECTAR Launches High End Affiliate Program –

“Called, “perhaps the best mattress money can buy,” by professional reviewers, NECTAR – “The Most Comfortable Bed,” has launched the highest paying affiliate program in the mattress industry. Managed exclusively by AM Navigator, this program is now available through ShareASale affiliate network, offering payouts up to $150.00 per referred sale within as long as 365 days since the click on the affiliate link...”

The Proper Use Of Online Marketing Memes

“On the surface, memes seem like an exciting way to connect with a new audience, enhance the value of your content, and reinvigorate the energy of your brand. They can certainly do all these things, but there are “right” ways and “wrong” ways to use them in the context of your content marketing campaign (or social media presence)...”

February 17, 2017:

Is Mobile Marketing Dead? –

Opinion A recent study conducted and released by MobileBridge indicates that mobile marketing tools, though accepted by the marketing community, have been slow to receive updates and delayed in expanding their current mobile apps. It seems that mobile technology is way ahead of marketing applications and perhaps ahead of the understanding of this potentially beneficial technology as well...”

The Key To Turning Hard Work Into Massive Success

“What defines an Elite Performer isn’t how they show up when everything is going well. It’s the way they deliver when their best laid plans are falling apart. Peak productivity is less about luck, and more about intention and awareness. Regardless of your current situation, what business you’re in or what your goals are, productivity is crucial to improved results...”

February 16, 2017:

Who Are The Real Online Marketing Experts? –

“In an industry where many people claim to be a guru, influencer, or thought leader, how does a business owner figure out who the real experts are? It’s extremely hard to tell. Business owners may be led to believe they are working with experts when in reality the person is merely winging it by imitating the market trends they read on blogs and social media posts...”

Veteran Digital Marketing Firm Puts Down Roots In Manhattan Beach

“MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — A marketing firm, looking to tap into the expanding tech industry in Los Angeles, has set up shop in Manhattan Beach.

Heather Paulson Consulting Inc. is putting its new office in Manhattan Beach to be centrally located in the heart of the new tech start-up atmosphere that is growing in Los Angeles, the company said…”

February 15, 2017:

Simple Ways To Explode Your Website Traffic –

“Why is it so hard to create a successful online business and get traffic? The reason for this is simple… way too many people are focusing on ‘just creating content’ and calling it quits! Guess what… when you are only creating content, you are putting yourself into a world of competition with another billion-plus sites doing exactly the same thing.

If you want to compete (and rank), you need to come up with some new and creative ways to not only create better content than the competition… but also get more attention in the process. This is especially true if you don’t have a big marketing budget to play around with...”

The State Of The Global Digital Advertising Market

“Digital advertising technology has the potential to reach consumers based on their online behavior, show them relevant advertising, monitor click-through rates and even attribute those clicks to sales...”

February 14, 2017:

When Its Time To Cut Your (Marketing Campaign) Losses –

“Okay. So you’ve spent a few months and thousands of dollars on a new marketing campaign, but you aren’t seeing any meaningful results. Your top marketing advisors insist that this is only because you haven’t spent enough time to get to the strategy’s true potential, but you’re worried that investing more will result in an even greater loss...”

How To Show Your Customers Love All Year Round

“For most of us, Valentine’s Day is all about showing loved ones how much we care. Of course, the best relationships show love year-round. Brands, like people, should treat every day like Valentine’s Day. Consumers want to feel love from their favorite brands each and every day, not just when it’s time to break out the red flyers and heart-shaped decorations once a year...”

February 13, 2017:

Reinvent Your Content Marketing  –

““Put out content!” “Put out content!” This is the cry that you hear shouted from the rooftops of marketing thought-leaders all around the world. But between all the demands for blogs, YouTube videos, infographics, backlinks and more, it’s easy to engage in “content marketing” just so you can check it off the list....”

Crush Procrastination And Achieve Your Goals


February 12, 2017:

How Emerging Technology Is Improving Influencer Marketing –

If there’s one area of digital marketing that’s on the uphill swing, it’s influencer marketing. Some of the biggest brands in the world regularly leverage top influencers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to reach new customers and raise brand identity, and as of 2015, 75% of marketers reported using influencers in their campaigns...”

Tools To Boost Your Productivity

“You’ve heard it time and time again: You’ve got to work smarter, not harder. The best way for any entrepreneur to work smarter is to have the best organization and time management tools at their disposal. There are lots of tools to choose from these days, and since many of the newer ones work on a smartphone, you can stay on top of your productivity without being chained to your desk...”

February 11, 2017:

Little Known Ways To Monetize Your Website –

“For the online entrepreneur, earning income from one or more websites is a requirement. Whether you’re writing about something you’re passionate about, or working to help other people, it’s the monetization of that effort that allows you to continue and prosper...”

How To Overcome Procrastination

“Decisiveness is one of the most important qualities entrepreneurs need. Being decisive means being able to make decisions firmly and relatively quickly, rather than sitting on them indefinitely or changing your mind later...”

February 10, 2017:

5 Steps To AI Marketing –

Brands might not be replacing their existing ad-tech and martech stacks with artificial intelligence just yet, but many are experimenting with AI solutions that focus on isolated tasks, like recommendations, targeted ad buying, sentiment-driven actions and so on...”

How To Market Effectively Using Only Free Tools

“As an entrepreneur, it is more important than ever for you to create an efficient marketing strategy. Because startups often have low budgets, finding the right marketing stack that covers the variety of different sectors within a marketing strategy is crucial. Today, it is possible for you to access these tools without spending a dime...”

February 9, 2017:

Affiliate Marketing Myths And Trends –

“2016 was the year that US digital ad spending surpassed TV ad spending. A 2016 survey Rakuten Affiliate Network commissioned to Forrester Consulting shows that US affiliate marketing spend will increase by a compound annual growth rate of 10.1 percent between 2015 and 2020, to an estimated $6.8 billion industry...”

Keys To Persistence

“Entrepreneurship is a labor of love, and like any great love, that often means a lot of passion and a lot of persistence to reach your happily ever after. There are set-backs and failures and successes and triumphs, but it just may be that all those peaks and valleys are what make being an entrepreneur so great...”

February 8, 2017:

Five Big Time Marketing Trends To Watch For This Year

“Last year brought about seismic shifts in technology, consumer behavior and content, and it all happened at the speed of light. As a branding expert, I’m often asked what marketing trends are going to take off in 2017. To answer this, I always turn to a queen of the marketing world, Natacha Hildebrand...”

How A Made-Up Bacon Shortage Lead To A Great Marketing Lesson

“It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book of marketing: doing a stunt. Shock and awe. Surprise and delight. Catch ‘em off guard. Knock their socks off.

You get the idea…”

February 7, 2017:

Understanding Advertising Buy-In’s –

“Last year, Forrester predicted that affiliate marketing spend would hit $4.5 billion by year’s end with other predictions that affiliate affects 14% of all e-commerce purchases in the US. Yet, despite this success, the affiliate channel remains an often overlooked marketing avenue within the greater digital space...”

How To Find Big Ideas Inside Other Ones

“A December article in the Wall Street Journal carried the headline “The Economy’s Hidden Problem: We’re Out of Big Ideas.” Interesting article, but I disagree with the premise. I don’t think it’s big ideas or even new ideas that we need. What we need is to reinvent the things we’ve already tried...”

February 6, 2017:

This Year’s Social Media Marketing Trends –

“As a marketing director, I’ve been focused on planning our company’s social media marketing strategy for 2017. In doing so, I’ve been paying attention to areas of social media marketing that are trending for the upcoming year. Here’s what I’ve gathered that may help inform your own company’s social media strategy...”

How To Validate Your Big Idea

“Last year, I embarked upon a personal challenge to validate a business idea in 30 days.

To make it even more difficult, it was a random idea chosen by my readers. They asked me to do it without using my existing website, traffic and business connections and without spending more than 20 hours per week on the project. On top of that, I limited myself to spending no more than $500 validating this idea…”

February 5, 2017:

The Coming Smart App Impact On Mobile Marketing

“Understanding how customers interact with their favorite apps is crucial for predicting engagement — and with prediction comes personalization. With this intelligence, mobile-savvy brands can communicate more effectively with users...”

Best Ways To Make Money Online

“Back in the day, before I was recording any of The School of Greatness episodes on video, I made a random video about the top 10 ways to make money online.

Now this was two years ago, but the feedback was awesome — people loved it, watched it, shared it and keep watching it to this day…”

February 4, 2017:

Signs You Need To Get Better At Marketing –

“It takes a strong person to admit that their marketing isn’t up to par. But it’s far better to admit it than to keep using outdated, ineffective or harmful strategies.

This post will look at 15 signs your marketing is failing, and what you need to do about it...”

Powerful Marketing Tips For Your Small Business

“There’s so many ways to develop a brand, and so much advice on how to do it. It can be hard to distill the enormous amount of information available to small businesses who need help letting people know why their company is so important. Here are my four best tips for growing your business and your brand...”

February 3, 2017:

Why Email Still Rules The Roost –

“I used to think that email marketing’s days were numbered. But, as a recent study from marketing technology pioneer Zeta Global and market research firm The Relevancy Group found, there’s even more value for email marketing today than in years past. Why? Mobile trends have brought new life and relevance to the dated technology...”

Agile Marketing By The Avengers

“Much like the Avengers, the gruesome work of marketers is never done and often thankless. Just ask a marketer how much behind-the-scenes stuff they go through to do their job and it’ll be enough to make you stab yourself with one of the Black Widow’s daggers. Marketers have witnessed huge changes to their jobs in the past few years that will make for an interesting future. To illustrate our point, we’ve called on our favorite Marvel superheroes as stellar examples of how to tackle your agile marketing quests for now and beyond...”

February 2, 2017:

What’s A Power Niche?

“This column has a very simple purpose: to teach marketing to lawyers and other professional service providers.

Astonishingly, all of us lawyers need clients in order to survive, yet when we go to law school and start our careers and our careers move forward, there is simply no one teaching us how to get these clients!..”

How To Make Money When You’re Sleeping –

“Do you remember in the past we were warned to be careful about being in debt because interest never stopped charging us, interest never slept, never took a day off, never took a holiday. Well the reverse is true, as well.

Is your money making money while you sleep? Does it sound too good to be true? Since we still live in the age of the internet, it’s not that difficult to earn extra money on the side...”

February 1, 2017:

What’s Ahead For Attribution?

“Retailers don’t want affiliate marketing. What they want is to know how they can attract new customers, how they can increase customer loyalty, or how they can increase customer lifetime value.

These are the conversations that are happening in board rooms throughout the industry. But affiliate marketers themselves don’t necessarily have the strategic view that their seniors do to enable them to answer these questions…”

The Art Of The One Page Business Plan –

“Starting a business is no easy feat, and at the backbone of every business is a solid business plan. Before those words scare you, you’ll be happy to know there’s a simple way to do this. 

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Patrick Det-David explains how to write a one-page business plan...”

Some Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From Last Week

“It’s been a white-hot week so far for digital marketing statistics. We’ve seen numbers roll in about Reddit viewers, digital-media growth, bad ads, web bots, Amazon Echo, ecommerce and the hit film La La Land.

Check out these dozen data points that grabbed our attention..”

Motivational Tips Video From Some Diverse Big Earners –

“From success secrets to interviews with celebrities, Entrepreneur TV provides you the resources and tools that will get you motivated and inspired to succeed.

On the second episode of Entrepreneur TV, learn from stars like:

  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Tony Hawk
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Amar’e Stoudemire...”

App Buttons For Mobile Marketing?

“The best advertising provides a service. Imagine reading an article about the best places to travel in 2017 and, lo, a hotel app on the page allows you to book a room on the spot. Ever on the lookout for new revenue streams, publishers are increasingly letting servicey apps put buttons on relevant editorial.

Condé Nast Traveler, for example, has been running buttons from Uber and on its mobile sites since last October to put in front of its 4.2 million monthly mobile users, using mobile-commerce firm Button. This is Condé Nast Traveler’s first affiliate marketing partnership, meaning it earns a commission by promoting others’ products…”