Affiliate Marketing News August 2017

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August 31, 2017:

Should Your Office Be More Like A Casino?

“Casinos are known for creating an inviting atmosphere to maximize customer satisfaction, using everything from the layout of the gaming floor to the creative positioning of digital signage to boost profits throughout their massive, complex hospitality operations...”

Healthcare Marketing 101

“Unlike many marketing disciplines, professional healthcare marketers have a unique opportunity that extends beyond traditional marketing strategies and tactics. Healthcare marketing communications campaigns may very well change – or even save – a life…”

August 30, 2017:

How To Market On A Tight Budget

“Creating an effective marketing campaign is the goal of every successful marketer. While this can be wrought with challenges on the best of days, adding budgetary constraints to the mix increases the complexity of your efforts. With marketing expenses likely to top $103 billion nationwide by 2019, according to Forrester research, it is crucial for marketers to determine the right budget for their campaigns...”

21 Ways To Better Manage Your Money

“A slideshow…”

August 29, 2017:

Is Marketing Entering A New Age?

“Is marketing on its way to being irrelevant? Or is it about to become more important and effective than it ever has been?

The September issue of Fast Company asked a panel of experts a variety of questions about branding. One question was, “What are the major challenges for marketers right now?” The marketing-oriented panelists mentioned things like platform proliferation, voice interaction, and communicating company values. The one CEO on the panel gave a markedly different response..”

How Real Experts Market On Instagram

“When you think of social media marketing, you probably think of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn or GooglePlus. These have long been the standard networks for marketers at the top of the competition. They’ve proven valuable tools for making real connections with customers…”

August 28, 2017:

The No-BS Truth About Making Money Online

“A video…”

Seven Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurs may be short on time, but the most successful are still usually voracious readers. Bill Gates is known to read 50 books a year, making his rate of consumption nearly a book a week. Meanwhile, billionaire David Rubenstein reads six books a week and a staggering eight newspapers a day. But if you personally can’t commit to reading dozens of books a year, commit to just that short list of books every entrepreneur must read. Here are seven of my own top picks to start with…”

August 27, 2017:

Has Marketing Lost Its Direction?

“What if everything we know to be true about marketing is actually what’s holding back our businesses? This isn’t a hypothetical question; it’s the modern-day reality. P&G just cut $140 million in ad spend, Coke fired its CMO and the current ad blocking trend is possibly the largest consumer boycott in history at 600 million devices and growing. Marketing has changed. Here’s what you need to know…”

How To Handle Your Business While On Vacation

“Running a startup is a herculean task. That’s why most business owners tend to avoid taking vacation and build up anxiety as a result…”

August 26, 2017:

Jason Akatiff To Keynote Affiliate Summit West

“Even after $500,000,000 in online sales across 100 verticals, Jason still loves to learn and grow every day.

He started as an affiliate back in 2003 after stumbling across a business opportunity (bizopp) ebook and its forum community. He started with Blackhat SEO and media buying based on what this ebook and community taught…”

How Data Drives Affiliate Marketing Decisions

“Using data to drive marketing decisions is more important than ever, and there is a huge amount of value to be unlocked within the affiliate marketing channel. The model is evolving, enabling brands to better recognise partners that are delivering the type of customer that is valuable to their business…”

August 25, 2017:

How To Avoid Failure

“Learning to develop flexibility isn’t just about bending the rules as circumstances change. Being flexible can also include changing the way you run your business day-to-day when something isn’t working….”

Is Amazon Recruiting YouTube Influencers?

“YouTube influencers can now sign up for Amazon’s Influencer Program, a tool that allows popular social personalities to make money from products they endorse, according to TechCrunch…”

August 24, 2017:

Productivity Hacks

“I’m always trying to find ways to get more done. I’m currently working on 7 projects and have 5 blogs of my own needing content published, a solid SEO campaign, and organization. If I don’t continually work on these projects, I’ll lose my clients, and my businesses won’t grow…”

Ten Facebook Marketing Hacks

“When I first started diving into Facebook marketing for business I was happy to simply send out an error-free post. No typos? No poorly-cropped images? No negative feedback? Perfect!..”

August 23, 2017:

How To Start Your Own Business

“Starting your own business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s stressful and pretty much demands your complete focus. On the plus side, it can also be a fulfilling experience professionally and personally…”

Should You Use Direct Mail Marketing?

“Direct mail regularly gets a bad rap as an exclusively outbound-focused tactic that doesn’t keep up with the ways buyers want to consume content…”

August 22, 2017:

How To Build Analytical Marketing Machine

“To better inform and provide guidance to customers and prospects, you need to use your customer data (the right elements) to full effect. Rather than just using the same third-party data used by your competitors, you need to create unique analytical insight about yourcustomers and prospects based on what they are researching on your website, their social media interactions and more – and tailor your interactions accordingly…”

How To Earn Income Online Without Investment

“Working from home is an excellent and convenient way of making money while staying in the comfort of your home. The Internet is a good platform because it allows you to make use of your skills and earn money. The internet is so vast that it has something to offer to everyone. There is always something that suits your skill set. Here are some great ways of earning money online…”

August 21, 2017:

How To Become A Master Delegator

“Doing money angels in a giant pile of cash? Moving to Bangkok and partying with Nickycakes at Funkyvilla? The freedom to do what you want (kitesurfing, competitive roller derby, go cart racing, etc.) when you want?..”

Successful Blogging In Four Steps

“I detailed the 4 steps. If you skip any of the steps it’s like skipping 1 or all of the steps from the 2nd floor of the NYC apartment where we are living now down to the street level. Skip 1 step, I could break an ankle. Skip all the steps and I’d likely die from the injuries…”

August 20, 2017:

Excellent Affiliate Marketing Ideas You Can Implement Immediately

“It’s never too soon to start monetizing your content with affiliate marketing. You just never know when a piece of content might go viral and send boatloads of traffic your way….”

Why You Should Set Up An S-Corp

“a video..”

August 19, 2017:

The IOT Will Be A Game Changer

“The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the next Industrial Revolution, and it will have a profound effect on how marketers will need to understand, market and track consumers in the years ahead…”

Excellent SEO Tutorial

“What happens in an internet minute? One year ago. The answer would have been 2.4 million searches on Google performed per minute. Yes. Per minute. This year, 3.5 million per minute. Considering that there are 1,440 minutes in any given day, the sheer vastness of that number, along with the endless petabytes of data it represents, should shock and awe even the most scarcity-minded individual….”

August 18, 2017:

American Marketing?

“Earlier this month, cylinder-shaped packages containing posters depicting a solar eclipse arrived at the desks of several journalists. In the illustration, the black disk of the moon obscures most of the sun, leaving a curved slice of sunlight shining against the darkness. There, smack in the middle of the yellow crescent, is a familiar blue sticker usually worn by grocery-store produce…”

How To Avoid Burnout

“A video…”

August 17, 2017:

The Skinny On Digital Marketing Agencies

“Whether you’re leading a social-driven startup or a long-running full-service firm, your agency needs to be digitally connected. It takes more than luck to succeed in today’s competitive market, and reaching potential consumers on social media isn’t limited to placing ads across social platforms and boosting them with a large budget…”

How To Delight Your Fans

“Gone are the days when troubleshooting and call centers were enough to make your customers brand-loyal. Today, with so many ways to connect and establish relationships online, combined with the noise of competitors vying for attention, standing out in the crowd means you’ll need to not just help customers when they need it, but wow them throughout their experience…”

August 16, 2017:

How To Foolproof Your Next Marketing Campaign

“Have you ever had a marketing campaign completely flop? Of course, we all have, and when it happens, it stinks! All that time, money and energy wasted. If there was a rulebook for improving the chances that your next campaign will knock it out of the park, would you be interested?..”

Google Chrome Extensions Highjacked

“Attackers have been phishing developers as a way of compromising Chrome extensions into spreading affiliate program ads that scare victims into paying for PC repairs. Proofpoint researcher Kafeine has identified six compromised Chrome extensions that have been recently modified by an attacker after phishing a developer’s Google Account credentials…”

August 15, 2017:

Is MLM Dying (Finally)

“A report from China’s Phoenix New Media said four government departments will start “to carry out special rectification activities: resolutely eradicate all kinds of MLM organizations,” according to a Google translation...”

Four Good Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

“Is your affiliate site struggling to make money? It’s frustrating to put countless hours of work into your website, only to see little or no return for your effort…”

August 14, 2017:

Can Social Media Sink Your Business? –

“It’s easy to scroll through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed and look at a dozen posts in under a minute. We’ve trained our minds to flit between topics, ideas and sources quickly to keep up with the constant stream of news and social media we now have at our fingertips. That’s a powerful tool…”

Worldwide Affiliate Revenue Predicted To Be Up 16% This Coming Winter

Revenue from affiliate marketing within global publishers and advertisers increased by 16% year-on-year, with an average 4% increase in the number of orders, according to new research...”

August 13, 2017:

Solid Takeaways From The Affiliate Summit East 2017 –

“At the end of July, I was invited to attend Affiliate Summit East in New York City, one of the affiliate marketing industry’s top events. This event provides an opportunity for top affiliate marketers to meet, mingle and network while keeping up with the latest trends for agencies, bloggers, podcasters, startups and others who are taking advantage of affiliate marketing…”

Four Good Methods To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Site

“Is your affiliate site struggling to make money? It’s frustrating to put countless hours of work into your website, only to see little or no return for your effort…”

August 12, 2017:

Keynote Speech From Affiliate Summit East 2017 –


Exciting Digital Marketing Stats From This Week

“This week’s roundup includes news about CRM, affiliate marketing, and mobile UX. As always, the Internet Statistics Compendium includes lots more, so why not head on over and give it a look-see?..”

August 11, 2017:

Are You Utilizing The 2 Most Important Hours Of Each Day?

“A video…”

Is THIS The Future Of Marketing? –

“In the past decade no other department/component in the enterprise has changed more than Marketing. What used to be a function based on creativity and an almost comical lack of measurability is now a complex, multi-discipline, metrics-driven, function with direct bottom-line impact…”

Creative Ways To Keep Your Buyers From Coming Back Again And Again

“Gone are the days when troubleshooting and call centers were enough to make your customers brand-loyal. Today, with so many ways to connect and establish relationships online, combined with the noise of competitors vying for attention, standing out in the crowd means you’ll need to not just help customers when they need it, but wow them throughout their experience…”

August 10, 2017:

How To Work Authentic Storytelling Into Your Marketing –

“Authenticity is attractive. While most people are inherently suspicious of brands, 80 percent of consumers say that authentic content can compel them to engage with a company. In a world increasingly filled with “fake news,” “alternative facts,” and a deluge of marketing messages, people yearn for what’s real. As a brand, you have the opportunity to cut through the noise and reach audiences by telling an authentic story…”

How To Make Six Figures By Freelancing

“Recently, I wrote about how to become a full-time copywriter. But maybe you have no interest in copywriting. Maybe you’re a part-time web developer, amateur graphic designer or aspiring life coach who wants to know how you can do that — your chosen profession — for a living…”

August 9, 2017:

What Makes A Marketing Leader?

“From sales and commercial acumen to strategic vision and a commitment to empowering their teams, marketers must possess a diverse range of skills to succeed as a leader in 2017…”

Smaller Email Lists = Higher Engagement

“New research from GetResponse suggests that marketers should “go small or go home” when it comes to email list size and segmentation.

The email marketing automation platform analyzed almost two billion emails sent by its customers over a two-month period in 2017 in its report, Email Marketing Benchmarks. The data is derived from email marketers across the world, located in 126 different countries and across 19 industries…”

August 8, 2017:

The Science That Explains Success –

“We live in an unprecedented age. There have never been so many tools and opportunities for an individual, regardless of upbringing or wealth, to become an entrepreneur. Thanks to the internet, we have access to knowledge on any topic…”

Why An Affiliate Program Should Be More Than Just A Platform

“When I look at the affiliate business, I see it has truly grown in prominence over the last 10 years. Today, affiliate marketing gives brands nearly limitless opportunities to expand their partnerships, diversify distribution and reach new consumers…”

August 7, 2017:

Motorhomes And Today’s Marketing –

“Driving a rented RV is a bit like being at the helm of a poorly fitted 1980s kitchen on wheels. Every extravagant turn, sudden stop, or highway pothole dislodges an unstowed frying pan, discarded spoon or the four mysterious screws we found rolling around the floor of our recreation vehicle when we returned it at the end of a recent 1,300-mile tour of California…”

The New Reality Of B2B Marketing

“What is the new B2B marketing reality? It’s the fact that in today’s busy world, rife with distractions and fierce competition for attention and dollars, it takes significantly more marketing touches to close a deal…”

August 6, 2017:

How To Set Up An Email Account On A Sub Domain –

“Recently I was working on a project where I used G Suite for my primary domain but needed server-side email functionality for a script I was running.

To accomplish this, I simply setup a couple of email addresses on a sub domain. This is also the perfect solution for those of you wanting to install WHMCS on a sub domain (i.e. so you can pipe support and sales request right into the WHMCS sales desk all while retaining your same email settings on your primary domain…”

The Ten Best Marketing Conferences For Entrepreneurs

“Marketing conferences offer a resplendent escape into the ether of visibility. It’s a chance to glean firsthand knowledge and information from some of the leading minds in marketing and search. From SEO to SEM and conversion analytics and optimizations, digital marketers from around the world rush to these conferences to absorb the critical knowledge needed to propel their businesses into the stratosphere…”

August 5, 2017:

Social Media Marketing Tips For Gen Zers –

“Social media is one of the most effective marketing channels for companies of any size. In fact, it works so well that more than half of U.S. small businesses are planning to increase their social media marketing budget this year…”

Incorporating Design Thinking Into Your Marketing

“Apple’s iPad, Nike’s Flyknit sneakers, Hint Water. Creative design delivered the breakthrough success of all of these products. Instead of starting with an existing formula already in the market, the designers focused on an unmet need: to work and surf the web on a portable screen that’s less cumbersome than a computer, to have a lighter shoe that leaves a smaller carbon footprint or to get a flavorful drink that isn’t full of sugar or artificial sweeteners…”

August 4, 2017:

Publishers Are Higher Than Ever On Affiliate Marketing –

“The ad tech industry has been in flux the last couple of years. Many publishers have been looking to other marketing and ad options in order to bring in revenue. Merchants are tapping into alternatives to display advertising as the digital content landscape has recently been stifled by ad blockers…”

Four CEO’s Share How They Dominate Their Markets

“The marketplace is a volatile place. Like a field built on a fault line, it can crack at any moment. Sometimes, that results in economic anxiety, but at others, the cracks can reveal some stupendously profitable new market…”

August 3, 2017:

How To Create Online Business Training Courses –

“There are plenty of ways to make money online, but selling online courses and training material has to be one of the best methods. The reasons for this are many, such as low overhead costs when getting started, digital products have an extremely high-profit margin and there is a never ending need for good quality training material online — and lastly, people and brands are willing to pay good money for them as well!..”

The Negatives Of Meeting For Coffee?

“First off, I need to make clear that I am not against meeting people for coffee or even drinking coffee. My issue is that I’ve learned that the offer to go get coffee usually means that somebody wants something from me…”

August 2, 2017:

Tips To Boost Your Persuasive Skills –

“Persuasive people rule this world. They rise in every company in a way that seems effortless, without putting pressure or strain on the people around them. They’re able to implement more of their ideas and get more help on projects...”

How To Get Your Content Featured On Big Time Blogs

“Did you know I am a huge basketball fan? See me rocking the Celtics T-shirt above? Not as much as when I was a homebody, since I can’t follow the game quite like I used to, being a world traveler now. But I am a hoops nut. Still. I followed high school hoops in New Jersey. Mainly, St, Patrick. This high school produced NBA players…”

August 1, 2017:

How To Dial In Your Business Message –

“Do you feel like your business is going unnoticed? Is your message not reaching the right people or anyone at all? Do you wonder why some people have 10,000 likes on their article and you only have 100?...”

Content Vs. Roi

“We are in a time where brands must act as media companies to manage perception, build loyalty, engage users and proactively affect revenue. And with the information overload epidemic growing, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd no matter how great or innovative your product may be...”

Why Marketing Tools Are More Critical To Your Success Than Ever

“By now, information about marketing strategies is so widespread, it can feel like you know all there is to know about designing the perfect push. From SEO to visual infographics, most aspiring and current marketers have pretty well-stocked advertising toolkits...”

How To Repair Your Influencer Marketing Mistakes

“Influencer marketing is now more common than ever. Businesses, both large and small, are tapping into this marketing strategy to help increase their online and offline presence by enhancing their brand awareness. However, you need to understand that influencer marketing is only effective when done in the right way…

How To Get Your Name Out There

“A video...”

Hacking Expert Explains How To Keep Your Business Safe From Infiltration

“Many companies use incentives such as bonuses and equity to boost employee engagement and satisfaction. However, this might be the wrong approach, according to a new study. A study by The Harvard Business Review examined how incentive pay affects employee well-being, job satisfaction, organizational commitment and more...”

Last Week’s Compelling Marketing Stats

“There was a ton of newsworthy stats and research revealed in the last several days around digital advertising, social media marketing and other topics. Check out the eight digital marketing stats this week that grabbed our attention...”

How To Crush Your Online Store Using Social Media Platforms

“When you own, run, or look after the marketing for an online store, there are plenty of strategies you can implement to generate interest, build a brand, increase conversions, boost referrals and encourage repeat business…”

Components To An Effective Content Marketing Campaign

“By now, you’ve heard about all the amazing benefits of content marketing. You know that with the right strategy, you can earn more traffic, build a better reputation and see compound growth in both areas over time without greatly increasing your budget...”

Tesla Model 3 Marketing Focuses On Output

“When I did a by-the-numbers comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and the Chevrolet Bolt EV, I noted that Tesla had not yet released several key Model 3 specs. Now, it appears those numbers may never arrive...”