A Simple Traffic Solution

Abandoned Traffic Marauder

Overview: This is a simple, but brilliant solution to traffic generation using abandoned domain names that you can set up and implement in about 10 minutes even if you’re new to internet marketing.

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Targeted Niche Traffic That’s All Yours

Once implemented, you will be able to completely command traffic from high authority properties such as Pinterest, Google, YouTube, Reddit and more.

You can literally bring all the dead links (on the resurrected domain) back to life and never have to tell the search engines the content has been redirected. If you don’t understand what this means… we’ll show you.

Begin Receiving Laser-Targeted Organic Traffic That The Search Engines Love

As old links and organically ranked content pages begin to appear in the search engines, the content pages are rendered on-the-fly.

The search engines (or SERPS) will NEVER be told a page is not found or should be redirected. It simply generates the page on-demand and delivers the visitor straight to your offers

Over-The-Shoulder Training Videos That Walk You Through It Step By Step

You’ll learn how to leverage this traffic and quickly build a real business around it.

Through Google Analytics, You’ll Quickly See An Increase In Organic Searches

What started as a strong YouTube presence and traffic being delivered, resulted in organic searches from Google taking over and surpassing the YouTube traffic.

This is just one strategy I use. In it, I show you how to build out the niche blog with the proper automation, we are able to harvest and use the existing YouTube videos and descriptions to build an SEO powerhouse that runs on autopilot.

Longtail Keyword Searches Begin To Flow In

As content grows, the keyword searches from the SERPS begins to deliver highly targeted search traffic.

As long as there are YouTube videos in existence for your niche, you will never run out of new content from domains that others threw out with the trash and abandoned!

All You Have To Worry About Is What Offers To Promote

Once built, the content takes care of itself and you only have to concern yourself with selecting what offers to promote.

I show you how to build your own Ad server for free and implement it so that you can manage it all in one place.

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