8 Marketing Campaign Essentials to Drive Success

Marketing is a powerful tool, but if you’re going to get the most out of your efforts, you need to have a plan. To ensure you’re headed in the right direction, we’ve put together 8 essentials that every business needs to know.

Define what success looks like for your brand

The first thing you need to do is to define what success looks like in terms of your business. Too often projects lose their direction because no one is willing to commit to what the campaign is designed to do.

Be specific, be quantitative, and set realistic targets. Only then will you be able to measure your return on investment in a meaningful way, and determine whether you have everything under control

Align your marketing campaign with your long term branding strategy

Every marketing campaign should be designed to project the core aspects of your brand in a new and engaging way. Don’t attempt to rebrand and create a whole new ethos every time you launch a new campaign. All this will do is disconnect you from a rather confused target audience.

“For me, marketing is really an extension of my brand. Too often people will launch a tangential campaign that doesn’t build on their core offering. I always go back to basics and ask myself whether what we’re doing pushes the core branding forward” — says Christopher Spencer, Digital Marketer at GetGoodGrade.com.

Understand who your audience is, and what they’re looking for

Connecting with your audience is all about finding the right words and the correct tone of voice for the task at hand. It can be a subtle art, but one that will make all the difference when you strike the right note.

You need to find the right words to connect with your target audience. The success of your marketing campaign depends on how good you will be at explaining your products’ benefits and corresponding them with the pain points of your customers.

Set Up an overarching strategy that will guide you every step of the way

Implementing tools like email marketing software will allow you to centralize and streamline your efforts so that you can focus on strategic decisions. The important thing to remember is that you need to have a reason and a purpose behind every single piece of content that you distribute.

The moment you start throwing stuff out there to try and get instant traction is the moment that your campaign effectively derails itself. Stick to the strategy you developed at the beginning and give it the necessary time to get going if you want to see sustainable long-term results.

Choose the right channels, and plan for each of them individually

Social media, email marketing, direct marketing, you name it people have tried it. There are no categorical right and wrong channels to implement because it depends on the specific nature of your business, and what you’re hoping to achieve.

What you do need to do, however, is decide on all of them at the start. “Chopping and changing the way you distribute content is never a good thing,” warns Lilah Lutz, a managing editor at Essay services. “Nor is adopting a one size fits all approach,” she adds.

Clearly what works for email marketing, won’t translate to social media. You need to tailor your marketing efforts so that your content fits within the well-defined ecosystem of each specific channel.

Use testimonials and social media feedback to demonstrate social proof

Testimonials are a great way to turn existing customers into a free marketing team. Simply by telling prospective customers what they liked about your services, they’re helping you to establish credibility in the mind of the reader. Something which is vital if you want to be able to reach an ever-growing audience.

“Social proof is the next big thing. In the era of paid-for reviews, it gives credibility and authority to what you’re saying”— says Luke Rockman, Content Marketer at Best Writers Canada.

Have a clear timeline that shows how your campaign will progress

Launching a campaign is the fun part because it’s where everything seems to get done all at once. Once everything is in motion, you then need to keep it rolling at a steady pace. Posting sporadically is no good because it will alienate and confuse your audience.

Stick to a well thought out timeline so that it’s clear to everyone how the campaign will progress. With the timeline taking care of the long-term strategy, you’ll be able to make the daily and weekly tactical decisions which make it a reality.

Focus on the big picture and stay the course

The big picture is what drives the success of any long-term campaign. You need to give it a chance to work, rather than second-guessing yourself and changing things every week. If you’ve put sufficient planning and preparation in earlier on, then trust yourself that you’ve created an approach that will drive the success of your business.

You need to focus on the longer-term picture and believe in what you’ve set out to do. Otherwise, it looks all too much like trial and error.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is all about laying out a vision for where you want to take your business, and then filling in the gaps with intermediate deliverables. Stay true to your brand, get to know your target audience, and create a clear message that resonates with your customers. Do each of these things, and you’ll be well on your way to success.