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More and more people every day are getting interested in online money making. This actually has long ago turned into a legitimate way of earning. However because of the abundance of articles on this topic and seminars or webinars promising you a fast buck, people got a wrong image of the whole idea. Making money online is not an easy and effortless process. It requires patience, hard and regular work, ability to manage your time. Very often people having heard plenty of seminars give it a try, expecting an instant pay off. When they fail to get it they lose their heart and give up the whole idea of online money making, considering everyone to be a sham. The reality is that, like any business, this one needs some efforts to be put into it before it starts bearing the fruit.

There are different ways to start. If you have some special skills, like web designing, programming, teaching, writing whatever, you can become a freelancer and pick up projects up to your liking on online marketplaces. We are not going to analyze them now. This would be a topic for another article. Now we are going to discuss how you can earn without any particular skills. So, our top 5 ways of online money making.


Everyone who has a website at some stage comes to the idea of affiliate marketing. No wonder. This scheme is quite working and can bring you a lot of money if approached properly. But you should be aware, this is not one of these get-rich-quick ways. It requires diligent regular work and dedication to the process. Affiliate marketing is not limited only to web design niche, but in the this area your chances of success are the highest. Online business is constantly developing and evolving, so there will always be demand for the templates. It is not hard to find the company to work with. All big template providers offer affiliate programs on different terms. You just need to study the market to find out what is better for you. We are going to consider this question on the example of TemplateMonster’s affiliate program.

For those who don’t know, TemplateMonster is one of the world’s biggest and oldest template providers with more than 14 year experience and 26K+ collection of templates. If you join their affiliate program you are going to promote their products with your affiliate link, getting commission from every sale made through this link.

The commission rate varies from 30% to 50% and depends on the number of sales you make per month. The more sales you make the higher commission you get. Average cost of the template is about $90. So performing simple calculation we discover that you can get from $27 to $45 per sale. The company even provides all the affiliate tools that may help you. If you run a blog, you can post roundups with the themes, put banners of landing page to provide constant presence of the brand on your website. There are some more ambitious options, like ready-made shop, for example. Further development depends on you. You can make 2 sales a month and be happy with that. But if you really want to earn on affiliate marketing, you should get involved into the process. You need to follow all the news and updates of the company, write honest reviews for your readers, keep track of all the sales and get your visitors informed about them. The main thing you need to be patient and do the work regularly. Turning to affiliate marketing from time to time you will never get any sufficient results.


Social Stock is a new project from TemplateMonster team, but it numbers over 10K participants already. Actually you don’t earn money directly here, but get some valuable prizes. An obvious advantage of Social Stock is that you don’t need to have a website to take part in it. If you are an active social network user, then this option is for you. The rules are quite simple and it won’t take you longer than a couple of minutes to start. You just need to enter your email address and you are in. After that you will get your personal 10% promo code for all TemplateMonster products. Now you need to share the promo code with your friends and get points for every usage. 1 usage equals 1 point. The more points you have the more valuable prize you can exchange them for. Here is the full list of what you can get:

  • 10 points: $100 on PayPal;
  • 20 points: SmartWatch Pebble;
  • 50 points: iPad Mini 2;
  • 100 points: iPhone 6;
  • 250 points: Camera Canon EOS 6D;
  • 500 points: MacBook Pro;
  • 1000 points: Harley-Davidson Street;
  • 10 000 points: Tesla Model S;

To make it easy for you to spread the word and to share the promo code, you are provided with all necessary tools. After registration you get access to a wide library of memes, funny texts and other stuff so appreciated by social networks audience. However if you really want to get the main prize you should show some imagination.


MotoCMS 3.0 Landing Page is a powerful tool that expands you possibilities as an affiliate partner. A well-though landing page is the key to success. MotoCMS 3.0 landing page was designed by professional web developers and marketers, who honed it to perfection. You just get a fully-optimized ready-made solution that is installed to your website and helps to convert traffic into leads.

Why is it efficient? First of all, because of the high quality of the promoted product. MotoCMS themes are highly professional and intuitive and don’t need much presentation. However the landing page highlights all the benefits and provides handy and stylish preview of the products. The main benefit that distinguishes MotoCMS themes from all the others is 14-day free trial period. So you have a possibility to try the theme before buying it. MotoCMS 3.0 is an absolutely new version, which boasts advanced functionality and is enhanced with eCommerce functionality. All you need to do to get MotoCMS 3.0 Landing Page is to contact the manager and follow all further instructions.


CPA (cost-per-action) networks are another popular option of making money online. A doubtless advantage of working with CPA is that you don’t really need any marketing skills and even a website, however owning one it would be easier for you to work. Long story short, your task is to making the leads to complete some action, for example submit an email. Here is the list of top CPA networks and you can choose any of them.

The main difficulty however lies in the very beginning. First of all you need to apply to the network as an affiliate and to be approved. It would be easier for you to receive approval if you have your own website and were honest in your application form. Once this stage is completed, you should choose an offer. If this is your first try, you’d better start with email or zip submits, as they usually convert the best. However if you are confident enough you can choose any proposition you want. Now you need to guide relevant traffic to this offer. There are lots of ways to generate traffic and you can choose any of them.

Don’t get upset if your first campaign doesn’t pay off. Just invest what you have earned into the next campaign. With every next try you will perform better and earn more, improving your campaigns and determining methods that work better for you. It is hard to predict how much you can earn. The sum totally depends on the offers you are going to choose.


We decided to put this option in the list, because that’s an absolutely different way of making money online. You don’t need to have a website or generate leads. All you need to do is to shoot a video and to upload it to YouTube. You don’t even need to be a famous director or own professional equipment. There are enough examples when a simple home video got millions of views. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to earn money with YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular and fast growing video sharing websites. Thousands of people watch it every day and there is hardly anyone who has never heard of YouTube. Becoming a part of this community you get a real chance not only to earn money, but to become popular. And if you are skillful in some area and have what to share with the audience, this is 100% your way.

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