Is Ranking First In Google Search The EndGame?

I used to think so. In fact I used to rely on that position to drive traffic to my first website selling the very first product I produced – the natural anti-anxiety and panic supplement Panicyl.  I must have been lucky too because I knew nothing about SEO at the time and yet my site was near the top of the first page of Google for my best search terms for nearly five years.

All of that changed with Google’s sweeping algorithm changes of Panda and Penguin. Link strategies that once worked to propel my site high on the first page of Google search were now suddenly frowned upon and my website was Google-slapped hard. In fact, all the way down to the seldom-searched page seven overnight. At first I was very pissed off about the whole thing since the free traffic I once relied upon was now gone. But as time passed and reality set in I realized that Google in fact had done me a favor.

You see, I had become lazy and complacent in my marketing not fully appreciating how rapidly the online world changes and how I should never have put all of my eggs in one basket. It forced me to learn new traffic generating methods. Methods that I controlled and not somebody else, such as Google. This is exactly what I was referring to in yesterdays post about building on your own land. To be a successful online marketer you must be in control of as many factors as possible.

“Let’s face it, when it comes to online marketing and improving search results, there’s one Holy Grail for businesses and marketers: Ranking #1 on a Google Search. Achieving that first organic result is what everyone hopes and dreams and works for. It’s the pinnacle of success, particularly for the SEO consultant. And there’s little doubt that higher and higher search results are better for a website and business.

But is ranking first on Google all that matters?”

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