Build Your Business On Your Own Land

How many of you were around when Myspace was all the rage?  Before Facebook there was Myspace.  After Facebook runs its course something new and more exciting will arrive likely causing a mass exodus from Facebook . That may already be underway as many users have soured on Facebook with their constantly changing functionality and privacy settings.

Ten years ago Blockbuster Video stores were the place to be on any weekend night. Who would have imagined that a decade later they would be closing their doors for good trumped by a better, more efficient business model?

The point is that things in the business world change and evolve; which is a good thing. In our online world things change so fast that three months in cyberspace is equal to a year in real world time.  This is a key concept to understand for any internet marketing, including the affiliate model, to succeed.

All of this leads to why I highly recommend that you build your own website on your own self-hosted account. Welcome to the concept of digital sharecropping.

“We have a great bookstore in my town — the kind of place you picture in your mind when you think of a great independent bookshop.

It’s perfect for browsing, with lots of comfy chairs to relax in. The books are displayed enticingly. There’s a little coffee shop so you can relax with an espresso. They get your favorite writers to come in for readings, so there’s always a sense of event and excitement.

They do everything right, and they’ve always had plenty of customers.

But they still closed their doors last year….”

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