Ten Blogging Tips For The Entrepreneurial-Minded

I found this post by Darren Rowse at the excellent site Problogger last week that I felt compelled to share it with you. This is especially relevant if your either just starting out or are an established blogger who’s lost your way.  It will take you only a few minutes to read them all since they’re simply short snippets of wisdom that Darren has assembled from past tweets and statements he’s made over the years:


10 More Blogging Tips:

  1. Know Your Audience: When I created this site one of the first things I did was place a survey on the front page to find out who was visiting the site. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t veteran affiliate marketers as I expected, but mostly newbies. This key bit of information led me to completely change my approach to cater to this unexpected audience.  You need to know who your talking to.
  2. Be Different:  Discover what other bloggers in your niche are writing about (and the style they use) and create your own unique voice on your topic. Don’t follow the herd because its too hard to get noticed.
  3. Always Be Building An Email List:  You email list of readers is the single most valuable asset you’ll own. Why?  Because its one of the only elements of affiliate marketing that you have 100% control of. To learn more about the vital skill of list building please click here.
  4. Use Catchy Headlines:  Don’t just focus on keywords. Make it compelling and interesting. The only goal of the headline is to get your reader to click on your article to read more.
  5. Strong Simple Content:  Make sure you know what you’re talking about and keep things simple. Readers love simple step-by-step or list-type articles that are fast and easy to read.
  6. Ask Your Audience What They Want:  Want to know what your audience wants?  Ask them. Use a simple free survey such as surveymonkey to get the answers you need.
  7. Write Like You Talk:  You don’t have to be Ernest Hemingway and your readers don’t expect perfection either.  They’re more interested in your content then your delivery. Write like you talk and keep it simple. 
  8. Use Multi-Media:  Use videos, images, podcasts, infographics, and other multi-media to make your content more interesting. Plus the search engines love multi-media and will rank your site higher if you consistently use it. Make sure you use ‘Alt’ tags to make your media even more search engine friendly. 
  9. Give Away Free Stuff:  It doesn’t even have to be your own free stuff. (although that’s best). You can find a ton of free ebooks, whitepapers, reports, software, trial-offers, etc to offer your readers.  Become the go-to person for freebies in your niche. 
  10. Make Your Content Easy To Share:  Use social-share buttons to make it easy for your readers to share your content across the huge array of social platforms. This will help you build your audience and gain you valuable backlinks to your site.  

Photo Credit: rawpixel.com Flickr via Compfight cc

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  1. Nate

    Know your audience is always the first thing to do.

    • bill

      Nate: Agreed. Otherwise your message will be lost. Thanks for your comment – Bill